abita save our shore a charitable pilsner

If there is one thing I miss about living in Texas it’s queso and I know all about Velveeta and Rotel (God, who doesn’t know and love Velveeta and Rotel) but it’s not the same. So this weekend, while brewing up some beer I tried to make my own authentic queso and while it may look legit in the photo, I can assure you that beneath that layer of liquid is one giant lump of cheese. Sigh. Hopefully the beer won’t be an equal disaster. Odds are good, though, given that I activated the yeast (the only part that interested me since it involved slamming my fist against the package) and then let it sit out in the heat despite the giant warning on the package: KEEP AT 75 DEGREES OR LOWER. When I finally read the instructions I was all, don’t yell at me yeast, and then I punched it again. Yet more proof that when the apocalypse comes I won’t be in charge of food production.

That beer there is the Abita Save Our Shore Charitable Pilsner because even with the lump of cheese clogging my arteries, my heart, it bleeds for the stupid shores.