We pray, not only when we want something, but to tell Allah that we are very thankful for everything! We should thank Allah even for our bad days, since everything has a reason and allah does everything for the best for you! 

So always say AlHamdilAllah before you go to bed to remind allah how thankful you are, always say Inshallah when your hoping for something, and always say BismAllah (al rahman al raheem) to be reminded by Allahs name, (the most merciful, the most gracious) 



Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna + deleted scene: Missed Calls

Rishi: You are in great demand. Who is it now?
Maya: Only Mr. Naran.
Rishi: Mr Naran! A secret admirer?
Maya: Don´t talk nonsense.

This is a scene I wished they had kept in. Dev´s anger in the subsequent scene when the weekend is over is much more understandable, just like his jealousy. It´s like a puzzle they put together when he acrimoniously comments her plans to go to the ballet with her husband (which causes even more anger/jealousy on his part).


This movie has such an incredible soundtrack. I.Can’t.Stop.Listening.