In case anyone wants to know just how far down the rabbit hole I’ve gone today

I present to to you the Crosshairs masterlist of the Normandy SR1 Crew Roster (post Eden Prime and the subsequent Spectre Promotion and Shepard gaining command of the Normandy):

I’m working on a “the ranks explained” post, because I’ve sat here for a good portion of the day working it out myself. BioWare’s ranking system on the wikipedia is not only… lacking, it’s not even complete itself as there are military personnel in the games with ranks not included on their list. So I took liberties, melding Navy, Air Force, and Marine ranks into one ‘Alliance Military’ system, accounting for career paths - some of which are not marked for command paths, despite being of ‘equal rank’. Anyway, that will be a post of it’s own in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy my insanity:

Ranking Personnel:

  • CO: Lieutenant Commander Olivia Shepard
  • XO:  Master Sergeant (Navigator) Charles Pressly
  • Head of Marine Detail: Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
  • Helmsman: Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau
  • Navigator: Sergeant Gali Groves
  • Comms Specialist: Technical Sergeant Andy Shaw
  • Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Greg Adams
  • Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Karin Chakwas
  • Mess Sergeant: Serviceman First Class Orden Laflamme
  • Armory Chief: Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams / Service Chief Brooke Buchanan
  • Requisitions Officer: Petty Officer 1st Class Raymond Tanaka
  • Yeoman: Chief Petty Officer Hector Emerson


  • Ground Team: 
    • Lieutenant Commander Olivia Shepard
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
    • Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams
    • Garrus Vakarian (given rank clearance of Operations Chief)
    • Wrex (given rank clearance of Corporal)
    • Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (given rank clearance of Chief Petty Officer)
    • Liara T’Soni (given rank clearance of Corporal)
  • Engineering Team: 
    • Lieutenant Greg Adams
    • Technical Sergeant Addison Chase (propulsion)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Grieco (power)
    • Technical Sergeant Mandira Rahmin (shields)
    • Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (power and shields)
  • Medical Team: 
    • Chief Medical Officer Doctor Karin Chakwas
    • Medical Officer Doctor Jamin Bakari
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko (field medic)
  • Navigators: 
    • Master Sergeant Charles Pressly
    • Sergeant Gali Groves
  • Pilots: 
    • Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau
    • Airman Alexei Dubyansky
    • Airman First Class Monica Negulesco
  • Comms: 
    • Technical Sergeant Andy Shaw
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
    • Ensign Caroline Grenado
    • Sergeant Robert Felawa
  • Overnight Deck Watch Roster: 
    • Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko
    • Sergeant Gali Groves
    • Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams
    • Airman First Class Monica Negulesco
    • Master Sergeant Charles Pressly
    • Chief Sergeant Marshall Kim
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Lynne Gibson
    • Technical Sergeant Andy Shaw
  • Bridge Technicians / CIC Officers previously unmentioned:
    • Sergeant Rosamund Draven
    • Staff Sergeant Helen Lowe
    • Staff Sergeant Adah Cho
    • Ensign Kami Pitre
    • Technical Sergeant Loria Lawler
    • Chief Petty Officer Jasmine Allison
    • Ensign Abishek Pakti
  • Marines serving Ship Security: *
    • Private First Class Evan Fredericks
    • Private First Class Silas Crosby
    • Corporal Laure Dougherty
    • Service Chief Brooke Buchanan
  • Enlisted / NCO Crewmen: 
    • Serviceman Second Class Talitha Draven
    • Serviceman First Class Carlton Tucks
    • Serviceman First Class Lee Mcdaniel
    • Petty Officer First Class Germeen Barret
    • Petty Officer Second Class Harvey Gladstone
    • Petty Officer First Class Amina Waaberi

* these marines may go ground-side if the situation calls for it

Devgn’s lines in this movie, had me in pain from laughing!
“My chest has become blouse”
“When elders get cosy, young don’t get nosy”
His presence on screen has become powerfully noticeable. 
(which could also be for his muscles, lucky Kajol!)

Abhishek was brilliant as ever. Reminded me of the Dostana days!
Despite him playing a role we have already seen him do, this film had
something new to it, that clearly announced Abhishek’s glorious return!

Big B’s special appearance, just added that zing!

I have never really been a fan of Asin.
She did wonderfully in Ghajini, but I feel her role in BB was of no importance whatsoever.
With her capability, as is shown in her previous films, she could have done thoda sa more.

Desai played her character well, though there wasn’t really much for her to do.
Her kidnapping scene focussed more on the visual stunts and effects of Devgn and Bachchan taking on Vikrant’s ‘army’, rather than her being a 'hostage’.
One thing is certain, her hair stylist is amazing! I could not keep my eyes off those gorgeous curls!

The return of Archana Puran Singh! We all remember her as Mrs Braganza, but she surely showed off her youthfulness in BB. You will all know what I’m talking about once you see the movie!

The jokers who surrounded the main characters gave the movie its glory.
The dialogue, expressions and reactions developed the humour element, and gave it just what it needed: fun!

Bachchan and Devgn stole the show for sure, and left the audiences roaring in laughter.
Let’s wait and see its opening week crores!

Loooooved it :) 


Kajra Re - Song - Bunty Aur Babli (by YRFsongs)