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When dreams become reality ♡
When I was in Japan i went to Maidreamin and did their “Moe Change” IT WAS SO CUTE AND AAA x3 
They kept calling me a “Moe Dakota rose” xD
I found that highly amusing ww~ えへへへ( ∩´ω`*∩)♡

Video of the Day


Hey everyone! Woooooo I finally uploaded another video!
 I really hope you like my Kawaii disney Room tour~! 

it took me months to clear out my room , re-paint things and get everything ready to make videos again~!! :333 I am so happy with it right now!

Maybe Leave a comment telling me what you was your favourite part of my room was~!♪



Hello Everyone~!!

I have a treat for all you guys!!


A brand new video~~!! It’s a HUGEEE Japan haul!! But this time all of the things I bought from Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney sea and the Japanese Disney Store~!!♪
I really hope you enjoy this video!! ^-^ ( & sorry it’s a little late… my router died and had to go to my sisters xD)
What was your favourite Disney things I bought~? I’d love to know!!
Abi pop


2 DAYS IN 1 VIDEO? YES!! - DAY 8 & 9

Cat Café + Kiddyland + Akiba idol live show + Kelsey’s and I’s guest appearance & Performance in Tokyo~!


In this video Kelsey and I head to the cutest forest themed cat café for lunch~! head to Harajuku and go to Kiddyland! Kiddyland is the cutest toy shop ever~!!♪ Rilakkuma & figures & more! Then we rush back to our hotel to eat and get ready for an Akiba Idol live show and met up with cherry~!! We wotagei so hard and have tones of fun! then day 9 comes along where it was Kelsey’s and I guest appearances at the AniCrush Live show! Kelsey performed some anime and her own songs whilst I came in Cure Melody Cosplay~!!♪

I hope you guys enjoy it~!
Abi pop


Aaaa~~! I found my old Cure Melody Cosplay~♪!! So I thought I’d try it on for size and still fits pretty well xD haha♪It makes me feel like a magical girl idol haha~♪  I really loved this outfit ww

Do you guys ever just try on random old cosplays and go THIS IS CUTE? LOL 

p.s. Selfie sticks are cool oki? 


So This happened.. See you at London MCM Expo x3 www~~


Aaaa~~~♪ When I was at Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s London concert my adorable friends and I got a interviewed by a few Japanese TV companies and we failed but in an fashionably cute way at the Kyary ANAN ANAN Tune www♪ So cute :3

This was on ZIP! Also~♪ 



Here we go again~!! (YAY) 

Brand New Japan 2015 vlog~!♪
I really hope you guy’s enjoy it~! It was the best time of my life so far T^T 
And I really hope you enjoy watching our whole holiday :3

I hope you are excited for more in 2 days time~!! ^-^