The sounds of heavy breathing was barely notable above the sounds of the waves that crashed against the shore of Santa Monica at night, above on the docks some people still walked around, lingering a tad too long and under beneath the docks hid away a man in his mid 40’s of what seemed to be African decent, breathing heavily as he tried to stop the bleeding from a wound on his upper thigh, a gunshot wound.

The man had barely escaped the twins who now walked above on the docks, trying to follow his scent and waiting for more people to clear out. There was a small trail of blood from where the man had dragged himself here, though the waters were starting to cover up most evidence of this on the beach.

He man felt his time was almost up, if they found him he was done for but he had to get back to his Master, had to tell of these two traitors that so conspired against him and those loyal to him. He had no idea how they broke their blood bond without being noticed an felt he could not allow this to continue. If only he had encountered only one of them alone or off guard. Then they would have paid, but together the two were dangerous and the Reverant underestimated just how cruel and uncaring they could be.

Above Wilhelm now crossed his arms in annoyance, the fabric of his shirt had to stretch and seemed stressed as it tried to hold, there was a good chance he had stolen another of his brothers shirts instead of washing his own. Kamilah had seen this a few times, where his shirts just seemed a taaad too small for him, though every time she tried to offer to retailer the short the Reverant just stared, folded up his sleeves to the elbow and crossed his arms at her. It always made her stop and stare, seeming flustered with a small ‘oh, I see your point’ before leaving him be. At least it was amusing.

“See anything?” Abioye now asked, looking annoyed as he now stood beside his brother, hands on his hips as he tapped a foot impatiently on the ground, not knowing that they were simply standing above their target. Wilhelm shook his head and soon the two split up, Wilhelm going to search the beach while Abioye checked the local shops again.

“Aren’t humans groovy, Abi! They have such odd and adorable quirks.”  

“What ever you say, Ana, they are still humans.”

One down four more to go, woo!

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She asked for our monster ocs, Abioye and Anastacia talking before their night classes. I decided to do it during a passing period instead where they just finished Humans 101. They have differing opinions on them, but Abi lets Ana speak her heart out.

Blood bond

The air was thick with such a tension as in a certain Toreadors haven three Bello’s stood. Abioye leaned against the couch, arms rested against the back and logs crossed at the ankles, carefully watching Ashanti who stood tall a few feet away from him and of course ‘Asha’ or better known as Wilhelm these days, stuck to the back and near the door to make sure no one tried to get in.

“Your words have ‘possibility’” The Lasombra spoke in Swahili, hell they all would be speaking their native tongue as it came easier to them and there was no need to speak English when no one around needed it.”

On the inside Abioye was sweating bullets, who knows how he managed to stay calm o the outside as he simply nodded. His tongue seemed to be getting him out of this one, already speaking of a Sabbat scapegoat.

Which honestly was not all that surprising that another higher ranking Sabbat member might want their family dead as their dear Master had a reason to be in Africa, too many enemies here.

“Last time I saw Amara was when we went separate ways on the docks, he said he had a lead near Sabbat territory. But let us be honest sister, ghouls are not safe here. We have to play by strict rules just to stay alive, and most of those sent had a bad habit of not keeping their tongues tied, especially Abe. Plus our family is a bit of a shit show, if it wasn’t kindred that did away with the others it could have very well have been the addiction…The Master has not yet breed it out, especially not in our generation”

Needed more ghouls for that, more genes. The Master was running out of breeding tools, things were starting to get a little…Too closely related. Plus the breeding mothers were starting to grow old, too old. New breeding mothers would be needed, maybe Abioye would send one back just to make it seem like he was still 100% team Tzimisce master.

“Hm, you are missing a point though” Ashanti spoke, her eyes narrowing. “You mean I, not we. I am not like you and Asha, I am not a pathetic tool to be used and thrown away. I am better

Ashanti no grinned, there was obviously no love in this family for each other. really only the twins felt a close connection to one other, everyone else in the Bello family would rather see the other dead, less competition, and those lucky few who gained their Master’s love…Those ones got Embraced.

Anyways, it is nearing months end, do you not think it is time we take our blood

Those words made Abioye and Wilhelm noticeably tense up, swallow hard as Ashanti not pulled out her small blood vial from her dear sweet master. The twins were even still sent blood, though they never drank it. They just stored it away, hoping they could one day use it against their Master, or two bond those they send over to him to make things easier.

“Of course, I have it right here” Abioye spoke as a bead of sweat ran down his cheek, reaching into his pocket to pull out a vial very similar to Ashanti’s, he knew what she was playing here…She was giving him a second change, that if he had done something wrong he would surely never do it again once he was bonded.

She didn’t even look at Wilhem to see if he was going to join their toast, she knew that without Abioye, Wilhelm would self destruct into addictions, lose himself to the void.

The two siblings now popped the cap to their vials, Wilhelm watched closely as they both raised it to their lips…And drank.

But this was not his Master’s blood…No, he and Wilhelm had faked Sir Anibals death recently, pretended their bonds were suddenly broken from Kamilah’s sire.

This was not The Tzimisces blood.

This was Kamilah’s.

Name: Abioye
Nicknames: Abs, Abi, Onee (Only used by Su-mi
Age: 17
Species of monster/mythical creature: Nandi Bear
Eye Color:
Glasses or contacts? No but he actually should be.
Hair color length and style: Short and wiry/curly. A one long section with beads in it.
Weight and height: 6'0" 198 lbs
Type of body (build): He is very large with broad shoulder, long arms, slim waist and shorter legs. He has large muscles and very very strong. Abioye has many features resembling a bear, such as his ears, forearms, hands, and he even has a short tail.
Skin tone and type (i.e., hairy, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): Dark and hairy
Shape of face: He has a squarish face, square jaw and chin. Also with thick and defined neck.
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): He actually has a tattoo on his right shoulder, with many different tribal signs meaning strength
Predominant feature: His large forearms that are in the form of a bears along with his tattoo

Greatest Strength: His strength 
Greatest Weakness: he is not really fast and lumbers around.
Soft spot: Cute soft things, he really does like stuffed animals.
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: Not really because he tries to contain those emotions if around others.
Biggest Vulnerability: He is slow, and not very quick on his feet and can easily be caught off guard
Most at ease when: When he is outside in the sun with close friend.
Most ill at ease when: Being contained in a small place  like a cage.
Priorities: Be the ‘good guy’ protecting smaller creatures from being bullied or harmed by larger ones.
Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit: He once was actually captured and tranquilized by hunters, he only remembers that it ended badly for the hunters.
Optimist or pessimist? Why? In between because he keeps an open mind to everything.
Introvert or extrovert? Why? Bit of an introvert, he likes it better with small groups of people

Mother: Tuma
Father: Oni
Siblings: He has two younger brothers, Rashidi and Jabari
Crush: None yet
Friends: Su-mi(He also considers her to be a younger sister)
Enemies: None really except those who abuse others.

Dorm: (The one without elemental abilities, I forgot what it was called)
Roommate: None yet
Night/Day classes?: Day
Most liked subject: Controlling you inner monster
Most hated subject: Elemental classes.
Grade average (A+ - F-): B student just enough to keep him in sports.

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Frottage for all of them

Saaleha just loudly wriggles her eyesbrows, since somehow it didn’t feel like she was breaking the rules as hard if it was above the clothes. This was surely safe grounds. Still harem, but not too harem.

Kamilah sighs as she goes to google whatever this is and the silently puts phone down, trying to think if she would like this…She really had no experience in anything outside of very very vanilla sex. Maybe?? Hard to tell..What if they wrinkle her clothes? “No.”

Abioye just drinks his coffee, hiding a little grin behind the cup, as this meant he didn’t have to take off his clothes, didn’t have to expose his back. This was safe, very very safe.

“I like most everything” Wilhelm speaks, looking bored, but like with Abioye this meant his back was safe…Not that he took off his clothes to begin with when diddling.

“No” Ashanti speaks. “I have no time for such teasing and touches. Do not touch me” Well…at this current stage in her life she wasn’t real big on anything sexual. She really doesn’t like being touched. Such acts took time away from her mission, and taking time away from the  mission risked disappointing the Master…Unless the mission was to give herself to her Master, then she felt she would enjoy whatever made him happy. He could use her as he wished.

Abioye Clothing spent two inspiring days with the lovely, incomparable Ms. Erykah Badu while she visited Amsterdam.  Our staff, Patrick Marcelino (co-founder), Brantley MacDonald, Bouba Dola, and Esperanzah Denswil interviewed her for our upcoming website.  Details on the website and interview coming soon!  

Pictured above:  Ms. Badu, Patrick Marcelino, and Brantley MacDonald

Abioye…born into royalty.