Line: Abioye

Location: The Netherlands

How long have you been locd?
3 and a half years

What made you decide to loc your hair?

I decided to loc my hair because I live in the Netherlands and I saw all the statues around the country of historical political people, slave traders like Alexander The Great etc who have been murdering and cheating people for ages, people in this country look up to them. From that moment on I decided to grow my locs to be a living statue for my own people showing them how to do good live humble and righteous instead of doing bad. Also people like Bob Marley and friends of mine inspired me to grow my locs too.

Tell me about your clothing line?

Its called Abioye. The name comes from the yoruba tribe in africa and literally means “born into royalty” What i want to tell the people that every body is a king or queen !! A special being of this universe and that its not a coincidence that you are here on this planet : god chose you to be here so live like it !

At the moment i sell tshirts and sweaters with the logo on it. On the logo you see the name abioye and you find 3 adinkra symbols which stand for unity life and battleship in a short time custom designs will come out as well combined with royal cloths like kente.

The people can purchase abioye in various stores in rotterdam (the netherlands) like the gorilli concepts store sober concept store and urban unit. Right now I’m working on the website/webshop when this is ready you can find us on www.abioye.com We will also place weekly video items, interviews, and documentaries on the website. Like last week abioye did the first interview with sista Erykah Badu who was here to perform and represent abioye many other kings and queens like her will follow!

spring, year 1

characters: dove, abioye [ mentions of jahi and raiya ]

He wasn’t exactly sure what to think of the scrawny child that they brought in front of him.  As the Keeper’s First it wasn’t uncommon for Abioye, affectionately known as Abi to practically no one in the clan, to have to deal with situations involving unruly children from both inside and outside the group.  The Keeper had said it was important for him to learn how to handle everything, since he was going to be taking over one day, but Abi was fairly certain that was her way of saying she couldn’t be bothered to deal with it and therefore was passing the buck.  He was barely in his teens, as if he knew anything about dealing with children.  More often than not half the clan called him a child anyway, him and his usual group of his younger sister and his basically adopted older sister, so when it came to handling kids he was basically a fish out of water.

The child in front of him seemed to be able to smell his fear, or maybe the expression on his face was enough to let her know he was completely at a loss for her, and she took it upon herself to grin widely.  She couldn’t have been more than three or four summers old, her scuffed up legs and awkward frame more than enough evidence.  Also, she was tiny, like a small little chick with unruly hair that remind him of a discarded nest.  A glance to the left and right only showed Abi that the adults around him were watching, like hawks to a deceased Halla, and he frowned at their expressions as he turned back to the little girl.

After letting out a long sigh, one he exaggerated to the point of nearly getting light-headed, he decided to speak. “What do you want from me?  I mean what am I supposed to do with you?”  A few adults frowned.  He wasn’t doing this right, or at least not how they wanted him to.  "Er, that is, how can I help you?  What seems to be the problem?“  The little girl only looked up at him, the grin not leaving her face.  Part of him wondered if she was fade-touched, seeing as she just stood there smiling, but that was hardly the case.  If it was something as simple as that they wouldn’t require the Keeper or the First - someone else in the clan would take the child in and raise her as their own.  The Clan took care of one another, even a screw up like him was most welcome.  "Can you even talk?”

“Lil.” Came the voice, soft and unsteady.  If she could talk it was obvious she didn’t do it enough, and now Abi wore the frown that he’d seen on his elders.  "Not good, but try.“

Kneeling down to her height, as he was getting tired of staring at her, Abi motioned for the little girl to come closer.  Her steps were a waddle, slow but steady and almost as if she was unaware how to properly keep her balance.  "Why can’t you talk good?  Didn’t anyone try to teach you?”  Behind him someone cleared their throat, and he looked to see them shake their head.  Either they were saying no one bothered, or they were saying he shouldn’t ask.  Whatever.  "My name’s Abioye.  Can you say that at least?“

"Boe.” She looked so proud of herself.

He winced. “Not even close.  Try again, or just call me Abi if that’s easier.”

There was a pause, and she opened her mouth.  "Abi.“  Now it was his turn to give her the goofy grin, and a pat on that mound of curl.  "Abi.”

“That’s right.  What’s your name?”  Another cough from behind him, and Abi turned on the elder.  "Look, unless you’ve got a cold you need to either quit coughing or go see the healer.  I’m trying to have a conversation here.“ All he got for his trouble was a tug on his ear from the Keeper, who magically seemed to appear just in time to scold him, and he cursed under his breath as he rubbed the offended spot.

"She doesn’t have a name.  One of our hunters found her wandering in the woods, no far from where we set up camp.”  The way the Keeper spoke had a mixture of pity and concern behind each word.  It made Abi suspicious, not that he was already doubtful of this whole deal to begin with.  "Apparently she was cast out from her clan.  Probably has been living alone for a while, from the looks of things that is.“

Abi cleared his throat.  The only reason a child would be out and about alone boiled down to two things: her clan was attacked and wiped clean, or she was gifted with magic and her clan already had too many mages to keep her in.  The second seemed more likely, sicne she wasn’t injured in any way, and it disgusted him to think they’d so easily turn out a child this young. "We’ve already got three here.”

The little girl looked up at him and he was pretty sure he’d never seen such beautiful blue eyes. Aside from his own, of course. "I am aware. That’s why I’m leaving this to you.“  The Keeper reached down and touched the child’s face, causing her to draw back and closer to Abi.

"That’s cruel.  Why’d you even bring her if it’d make too many?”  The Keeper sighed as she watched Abi repeat her motion, though his pale hand on the child’s face didn’t result in her pulling away.  Instead she practically dropped into his arms, a small chirp of either sadness or comfort escaping her lips.  "You know I’m not going to let you turn her out.  You brought me into this clan when I was about her age, or so you say.“ The Keeper smiled.  Abi wasn’t sure what that meant.  "You’re being creepy.”

“We hadn’t planned on turning her out. Our clan can handle more than three mages, thank you very much.” So had he passed her test or what? Was this even a test?  Her words had Abi confused, but the Keeper continued.  "If we can handle you than one more won’t even begin to be a problem.“  She chuckled at the end of her sentence.  He wasn’t amused.  "For the time being it looks like she’s going to be attached at your hip.  As my First, I charge you with taking care of her until she’s properly settled and we can find someone to take her in." 

"How long is that going to be?”  The Keeper shrugged and Abi was sure he wanted to light her on fire.  "Okay, fine.  I’ll take care of her for now.  Only for now though.“

The Keeper shrugged again.  "Considering you basically raised Raiya until you were both taken in by another I think you’ll be fine with caring for a child.”  If he had anything else to say to her it was pointless, and the Keeper turned and walked away into the dispersing crowd.  Everyone had gathered to watch him and he bitterly cursed at how quickly they scattered when he needed help.  Maybe after it was over he’d find Jahi and her mother, or at least Raiya, and see what to do.

But for now?  "You planning on sleeping on me?“  During the conversation, as brief as it had been, Abi was sure he’d felt her weight change.  It went from light to heavy, like a sleeping body, and sure enough to tiny frame that was clinging to his chest emitted a few snores here and there as she slept in his arms.  "Fine, whatever.”  It was no trouble to scoop her into his arms, her little head of golden hair tucking neatly under his chin, and he couldn’t help but blush happily as she squeezed her tiny fingers against his tunic.  "You know, I think you need a name.“

She didn’t reply, clearly asleep, and Abi paused for a moment.  "I think I’ll call you Dove.  You flew right into my arms little bird, and I suppose I’ll take care of you.”

Chief, Son Arrested For Alleged Involvement In Alhaji Gay's Murder

Chief, Son Arrested For Alleged Involvement In Alhaji Gay’s Murder

The Baale of Temidire Alagbado, Chief Nojeem Abioye, his son, and nine others have been arrested in connection with the murder of Alhaji Olatunji Rasaq, alias Alaso, who was killed penultimate Monday in Alagbado area of Lagos. As at Friday, 11 suspects, including the Baale, Chief Abioye, and his son, who were detained over the weekend, were still being interrogated at the State Department of…

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Name: Abioye
Nicknames: Abs, Abi, Onee (Only used by Su-mi
Age: 17
Species of monster/mythical creature: Nandi Bear
Eye Color:
Glasses or contacts? No but he actually should be.
Hair color length and style: Short and wiry/curly. A one long section with beads in it.
Weight and height: 6'0" 198 lbs
Type of body (build): He is very large with broad shoulder, long arms, slim waist and shorter legs. He has large muscles and very very strong. Abioye has many features resembling a bear, such as his ears, forearms, hands, and he even has a short tail.
Skin tone and type (i.e., hairy, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): Dark and hairy
Shape of face: He has a squarish face, square jaw and chin. Also with thick and defined neck.
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): He actually has a tattoo on his right shoulder, with many different tribal signs meaning strength
Predominant feature: His large forearms that are in the form of a bears along with his tattoo

Greatest Strength: His strength 
Greatest Weakness: he is not really fast and lumbers around.
Soft spot: Cute soft things, he really does like stuffed animals.
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: Not really because he tries to contain those emotions if around others.
Biggest Vulnerability: He is slow, and not very quick on his feet and can easily be caught off guard
Most at ease when: When he is outside in the sun with close friend.
Most ill at ease when: Being contained in a small place  like a cage.
Priorities: Be the ‘good guy’ protecting smaller creatures from being bullied or harmed by larger ones.
Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit: He once was actually captured and tranquilized by hunters, he only remembers that it ended badly for the hunters.
Optimist or pessimist? Why? In between because he keeps an open mind to everything.
Introvert or extrovert? Why? Bit of an introvert, he likes it better with small groups of people

Mother: Tuma
Father: Oni
Siblings: He has two younger brothers, Rashidi and Jabari
Crush: None yet
Friends: Su-mi(He also considers her to be a younger sister)
Enemies: None really except those who abuse others.

Dorm: (The one without elemental abilities, I forgot what it was called)
Roommate: None yet
Night/Day classes?: Day
Most liked subject: Controlling you inner monster
Most hated subject: Elemental classes.
Grade average (A+ - F-): B student just enough to keep him in sports.

Traditional Ruler Detained In Connection With Alhaji Gay's Murder

Traditional Ruler Detained In Connection With Alhaji Gay’s Murder

A traditional ruler linked with the murder of Rasaq a.k.a Alhaji Gay has been arrested and detained. Abioye, the Baale of Temidire Alagbado, his son, and nine others have been arrested and detained over the weekend. This was confirmed by the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, who said 10 suspects, including Chief Abioye, were in Police custody at SDCII, Yaba, adding…

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David Abioye - Apostolic humility and loyalty in the service of Bishop Oyedepo and Winners Chapel - Pastor Series 4 - The Neighbourhood Newspaper
David Abioye , the Ist Vice President of Living Faith Church, aka, Winners Chapel, has displayed rare qualities of humility, loyalty and faithfulness in his service to God through Bishop David Oyedepo and Winners Chapel family. It is prophetically discernible that Bishop David Oyedepo is the current Apostle of faith and in his extraordinary work of faith he has mentored many sons of the prophet, o
By The Neighbourhood Newspaper
Seed funding: Perseverance pays off for Africa’s entrepreneurs

Seed funding: Perseverance pays off for Africa’s entrepreneurs

Hands on: the start-up iCow supplies Kenyan dairy farmers with agricultural and market data

Samson Abioye found himself in what is familiar territory for most African entrepreneurs towards the second half of last year: he was struggling to find anyone to finance his “great idea”. Banks would not touch pass.ng, his mobile app to help Nigerian students cram for an important university exam.

Then in…

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