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The Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You

Speaking out about your experience of disability can be an uncomfortable thing. I often find myself beset with the question, ‘am I disabled enough to advocate as a disabled person?’ ‘Am I qualified to speak here?’ ‘Maybe I’m a fraud. I was diagnosed so long ago, maybe I’m making excuses and not trying hard enough?’ And, the ever-annoying, ‘What about the Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than Me?’

Just as disabled people face pressure to attain an abled ideal, we’re also often haunted by the Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You. You’re not that disabled, stop whining, just think about someone else who has all your difficulties plus this other one that you don’t have! Shut up about your amputation, what about the quadriplegics of the world! You should be grateful. It could be worse. Don’t ask for accommodations, that’s for REAL disabled people who are So Much More Disabled Than You. Don’t look into the disability benefit, that’s for Properly Disabled People Who Are So Much More Disabled Than You. Don’t park in the disability space, that’s for REAL PROPER disabled people! Yes I know you can’t walk further than 5 metres but YOU JUST NEED TO TRY HARDER.

These messages come from the outside, then, all too often, become our inner talk. We’re indoctrinated with an ‘ability hierarchy’. There are the abled people above you, people similar to you, and below you are the People More Disabled Than You. You figure you’re supposed to spend your life trying to become like the abled people above you, and in this eternal quest you’re supposed to think about how much easier you have it than the People More Disabled Than You and then feel guilty about every struggle you ever have. 

The problem is, this ability hierarchy has no basis in the lived realities of disabled people. It’s used against us in ways that harm us. Because we are all wedged in the awkward middle, where we don’t sail through the world like the normal folks but we’re made to  feel like any assistance, empathy or compassion should be reserved for the Real Disabled People Who Are So Much More Disabled. 

The ability hierarchy makes us feel ashamed to ask for services and accommodations that we need and qualify for. It alienates us from each other. And, like so many other disability myths, it frames disability as an inherent negative. You’re expected to feel grateful you’re not More Disabled. And since you’re not More Disabled, surely Normality is within reach? Maybe you’re not trying hard enough. Just THINK of the MYTHICAL DISABLED PERSON who’s SO MUCH MORE DISABLED THAN YOU!!! You should feel LUCKY!!!! 

The Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You actually doesn’t exist. There’s always going to be someone facing more challenges. Or different challenges. There is always the possibility of another difficulty cropping up. For every disabled person on the planet, there is that Mythical Disabled Person So Much More Disabled Than Them. It’s really just a myth used to dismiss the needs of disabled people. What right do you have to speak up about your needs, in light of this Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You? What right have you to argue that disability should be more accepted? What authority do you have? You’re not the Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You, so you’re just speaking from a place of whining. 

There is no real ‘ability hierarchy’-disability is diverse and complex. You might be able to get up on stage in front of thousands of people to tell jokes but have a panic attack over a cinnamon cookie (hi, that would be me). Your difficulties might not be easily condensed and summed up. There may be days when you’re completely ‘normal’ and days you’re completely not. None of this invalidates your struggles. Instead of thinking in terms of ‘more disabled’ or ‘less disabled’, try to think in terms of meeting people’s needs, taking them seriously, and banishing the stigma of disability. No disabled person is ever going to win this game-it’s time we all stopped playing.

I hate seeing ACOTAR and TOG on my timeline. Despite all the call outs, the discussion from minority groups saying those books are heteronormative, acephobic, homophobic, misogynistic, ableist and racist (nothing says representation quite like dead PoC), y'all continue to support and promo to the best of your ability. For every diverse book I see a cute photo of, I see 20 photos of those books. It’s ridiculous. Do better, Tumblr.


Johnny is obviously amazing in so many ways, but what really astonishes me is his ability to create diverse characters with so much development, and whom we can relate to on such an epic scale. He makes it seem so effortless and easy but it most likely really isn’t.

These characters, Jack, Edward, Sweeney, The Hatter, Barnabas and so many more, are like home, they are home. That sounds like a cliche line but guess what? I know so many people will relate to this so, so much. I can put on say, Ed wood, and I forget it’s Johnny, I forget that I’m sitting in my lounge on the sofa. That’s also the incredible thing about his work; it makes me forget about everything and I mean, everything. That’s what a home feels like to me, and I’m forever thankful for it, because my home life isn’t the best at the moment, but Johnny makes me feel like I am home.

[Al-Muqit/The Sustainer/The Nourisher] “And Allah is the sustainer of everything.” ‎﴾4.85‬‎﴿‬ Allah gives strength and diverse abilities to all His creatures. For every creature He provides the right sustenance: “and He blessed it (the earth) and determined therein its [creatures’] sustenance in four days without distinction” ﴾41.10‬‎﴿‬ To provide food for everybody is no simple matter; to grasp the magnitude of the fact, consider only the number of all the species in existence and how they are preserved and balanced. “It is Allah who created the heavens and the earth and sent down rain from the sky and produced thereby some fruits as provision for you” ‎﴾‬‎14.32﴿‬ “No living creature is there moving on the earth but its provision depends on Allah.” ‎﴾11.6‬‎﴿‬ To Allah we owe the satisfaction of all needs, but He is independent of all needs. “And He feeds all, and is fed by none.” ‎﴾6.14‬‎﴿‬‎ A servant’s heart is attached to Allah seeking sustenance from Him only, and from no one else.


Before we begin, what you must know is that you are more than just a fleshy human being. Your body exists inside of you, the true you is not bound by any measurable means of space or time. You are awareness, and awareness is a void space, a medium in which an infinite variety of experiences can take place.

To illustrate what I mean, close your eyes for 15 seconds and imagine a blue ball. It can be made of anything, you can personalize it if you wish, just think of the best damn blue ball you ever thought.

It’s okay, I can wait, visualize it now!

So what you just did here, is you generated a visual experience without any input from your eye’s! (nice looking ball by the way, very blue, good job :D) now I’m sure that ball wasn’t as solid as a ball in reality, it may have even been fuzzy/transparent or transformed(idk how your mind works), but the fact is you visually experienced SOMETHING in your mind. Close your eyes again for 30-60 seconds but this time instead of trying to visualize a ball, simply listen to all your physical senses, your sense of touch, your hearing, the feeling of the ground beneath your feet, take the information from all these senses and see how much of it you can be aware of at one time.

Go ahead I’ll be here when you get back!

So this time while you had your eyes closed, you may have begun to visualize the information you received from your senses. Perhaps you became aware of flatness of the floor, maybe there was a draft of air wafting between your arm and your body, possibly you attributed a distance or direction to whatever sounds you may have been hearing. In whatever form it manifested, dim or detailed, vague or acute, you were aware of the space around you without stimuli from your eyes. This void space you experience when you close your eyes, that space things happen ‘Within’ is you, thusly this void space never vanishes, rather what happens when you open your eyes is you allow a specific bandwidth of information to continually decode into a visual experience within the void.

Think you have the general idea? then let’s continue to the final exercise.

It’s one thing to know the void and be aware of its permeation, but it is another to feel/see it as part of your being. Beware, once you start doing this it becomes addicting ;P

Take your dominant arm and raise it slightly in the air and outward(you can experiment with different angles but the position isn’t important, don’t strain yourself, relax). For the next several minutes you can either close your eyes or look away from your arm, but what you are attempting to do is completely disregard any visual stimuli and see your hand based solely off the feeling of its location. As you let go of your eyes and become aware of your arm visualize a cloud of energy engulfing your entire arm and give it a colour(the energy I visualize is typically reminiscent of blue fire). After a few moments you should actually be able to feel/see this energy using the sight of your mind rather than your eyes. The longer you concentrate on this visual the more intense the sensation will become.

So I can trip myself out and make myself feel cool weird fire stuff around my arms, what good does any of this actually do for me? Well, you won’t gain any superpowers over night, nor does the expanded energy around your arm do anything in particular. The purpose of this exercise is to give you an introduction to a new sense and is by no means the only exercise one can use to access it. Seeing without your eyes is a gateway to an infinite amount of information. Via this platform one can gain access to astral projection, telepathy, telekenesis, and much more. The world of psychic abilities is as diverse as it is simple, as all these abilities of consciousness begin with visualization through the minds eye.

It was 50 years ago today… 

50 years ago today the legendary album that is ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ was released by The Beatles. I received the album as a gift about 6 or 7 years ago, and being about 11 years old at the time I had no idea of the impact this album, or indeed this band, would have on my life. I listened to it a couple of times and tapped my foot along to the beat, but didn’t think any more of it. But when the melodies started to become more familiar to me, when the lyrics started to reveal themselves to me as the intricate stories and ideas that they had been all that time without me realising it, it dawned on me. This band would go on to change my musical passions forever, in a way that even now is incomprehensible to me. I suppose this album taught me one particular thing that I’d thought was impossible before: a band from another century being able to possess the ability to produce wacky, diverse music that still sparkles and shines today as if it had been written yesterday. So I’d like to thank this album for nudging me into the direction my life has taken since, and I’d mainly like to thank this band for dazzling my senses with their genius that had developed before and after this creation. I’ll celebrate this momentous occasion with another close listening to ‘Sgt Pepper’, to truly cherish its appeal once again and to see if there are any quirks that I’d missed before. How will you celebrate?

5 Hot Breakout Actors You Need To Know

5 Hot Breakout Actors You Need To Know

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Recent dramas have blessed us with new eye candy through talented and handsome actors. These breakout actors have had smaller roles and projects before, but are now gaining some well-deserved attention and are poised to be the next big stars.

Check out these hot scene and heart stealers below!

1. Dong Ha

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The 25-year-old actor has impressed with his unique looks and ability to portray diverse…

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How To: Part 1

Okay so I’ve gotten a number of people asking me to clarify the process to “be a doctor”. To answer all the questions at once, I decided to make a post. This is the first part: What do you do to get into medical school?

1. Decide you want to explore medicine as a career. You don’t have to have a firm commitment from the very start, but you should have serious interest before embarking on the physician path. Shadow a doctor if at all possible. I did this step in high school. 

2. Go to a major university (community college is okay but the core classes should be at a major university). Take all the pre-req courses to apply for medical school. This usually includes semesters of biology, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, a semester of biochemistry, stats, and a social science, and all the associated labs. You might also need a certain number of upper division science classes. Check individual medical schools for specifics. Do well in these classes and visit office hours! You will need a good relationship with your professors later. Your grades in these classes will be calculated as part of your “science GPA” and are extremely important. Aim for a 3.5+ GPA here. 
Edit: on the suggestion of @runner-kat : major in anything you want!

2b. While in undergrad, shadow doctors, volunteer in hospitals and out of hospitals, and challenge yourself as a person with interesting classes and situations. Really examine whether or not medicine is right for you. I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to be a doctor until I went on a tour of a med school as an undergrad. After that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Gain “life experience” if you can. You’ll be interacting with many different types of people in medicine and the ability to relate to diverse characters is very important. 

2c. Do some research. It doesn’t have to be basic science related (my undergrad research was with a psychology lab). 

3. Take the MCAT sometime during your junior year of undergrad. I took mine right before junior year and while it made my summer suck, I was grateful to have it out of the way. Many more people studied for and took it during the winter break of junior year. Aim for at least 70th percentile.

4. Apply to medical school. This costs a TON of money. In Texas the common application opens in May. Around the country I believe other applications open in June. Typically to apply you need to have 2-3 letters of recommendation from esteemed adults (typically professors) who know you well. This is where your visits to office hours come in handy. Hopefully you can find people who can speak thoroughly and highly of you. You also need your transcript, your list of extra-curriculars, and identifying information.
4b. A big part of the application is the personal statements. That’s where you tell admission committees “why I want to be a doctor”. These are important!
4c. Secondary applications can either be automatic or selective- SDN used to have a list about which medical schools were which. You will probably have to pay another fee for the secondary application.

5. Interview at a medical school! I’ve posted lots of other things about interviewing so feel free to look through those on my “interviews” tag. Basically, show us you are a person we would want to work with.
5a. Hopefully, get accepted into medical school! Texas med schools start extending acceptances in November with the bulk of the acceptances going out in February. Around the country other med schools tell you later in the spring whether you got in or not.

Lesson 6b - Introduction to Norse Mythology: The Major Gods and Races (Part II)

This week’s lesson is a wrap-up of the major gods of Norse mythology (part 3 will be the various races). If I did not include a god that you thought should have been included, send me a message or an ask and I will gladly make a post to mend it (either as an answer or as a separate post). Again, this list is not nearly an all-inclusive and all-informative one. I would love to provide extremely detailed posts about every figure of Norse mythology, but I am not yet capable. So, hopefully this list is educational and helpful to some, along with the first half of this lesson.

One that note, I shall continue with Njord (along with Skadi), Frey, Freya, Frigg, and Loki.

The Major Gods (con’t)

Something I failed to mention last lesson is that there are two families of gods, which are the Æsir, which we have discussed a few of already, and the Vanir. For quite some time these two families were at war with one another, but eventually made peace and essentially merged. (More on this while discussing some of the Vanir gods below).

Keep reading

UK military chiefs praise transgender troops - BBC News
Comments come after Donald Trump says transgender personnel are to be banned from the US military.

Just for comparison - 

Commander of UK Maritime Forces Rear Admiral Alex Burton tweeted: “I am so glad we are not going this way.

Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Jonathan Woodcock tweeted: “So proud of our transgender personnel. They bring diversity to our Royal Navy and I will always support their desire to serve their country.

I suspect many who doubt the abilities of our diverse service personnel might be more reluctant to serve than they are to comment

UK Ministry of Defence spokesperson - “We are clear that all LGBT members of our armed forces play a vital role in keeping our nation safe. We will continue to welcome people from a diverse range of backgrounds, including transgender personnel.

It’s been estimated that the UK military has very few transgender personnel so this might be seen as a relatively easy thing to support, but it’s nice that it’s a line that’s being held to.

Hiring! Gym #3

So I’m in the final stage of obtaining a smaller personal training studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have one trainer locked in, but will be seeking three others FULL TIME. The studio is state of the art, has showers, locker rooms, massage table rooms, tanning, and private bathrooms. It’s located in the lobby of a huge business building with over 1,000 business tenants, upscale retail spaces, and attached hotel.

The gym itself has Woodway treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, air pressure precor functional training machines, free weights, plate loaded machines, a smith, power rack, and countless other pieces of equipment. It’s basically a dream playground for private personal trainers.

Tier 1 trainers will be paid straight uncapped commission @ 40% of sales, with room to grow to 60% uncapped commission. Trainers must be flexible in their ability to train diverse groups of people, and will be required to train me before even being considered. Trainers will receive marketing support, sales support, nutrition, and resource support by myself and the crush fitness team. Trainers will have access to two additional locations in the area, by years end.

If you know anybody, please have them email me - ben@bwillstrong.com. If I eventually hire somebody you refer, I’ll give you $250.



YOUR DIVERSITY & ABILITY TO INCLUDE DIFFERENT RACES WITH DIGNITY (most of the time, though there are some glaring issues surrounding some exchange student characters, let’s be honest)




and cancel this live action movie to boot, lord knows mattel can’t afford it.

anonymous asked:

Hi I love your Blog. I am trying to make a YA Fantasy Story where the characters are more diverse than other stories I read. i am trying to show my characters that are not stereotypical. What can I do to diverse my characters by both sexual and race thhat don't fit a stereotype?

Diverse Writing Resources, The Short List




There are lots of posts, articles, and resources on our blog and on many others that can help you figure out how to diversify your writing.


Example of Ability Diversity: Arthur

This series could have easily have been placed under racial diversity if not for the fact that all of the characters are anthropomorphized animals. Therefore, I chose to put it under ability diversity because of the wide variety of levels of ability in the children shown. Buster Baxter, the main character’s best friend, has asthma, which interferes with him playing softball. Binky, the ‘tough kid’, has a peanut allergy. George has dyslexia, and Jenna is both lactose-intolerant and has primary nocturnal enuresis. The other children, when they learn what each of these conditions are, are incredibly kind and understanding. It’s currently in its 17th season as a show, and had a spin-off, Postcards from Buster. Also notable is how this show showed a wide variety of backgrounds and heritages.

Example of Ability Diversity: Game of Thrones

This series qualifies as an example of ability diversity by the sheer number of characters both major and minor who have to live with a disability, either permanently or for an amount of time. Sandor Clegane, the Hound, is a burn victim. Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer, loses a hand, and Bran Stark gets paralyzed from the waist down. Aemon of the Night’s Watch is blind. Tyrion Lannister (known in universe as ‘the Imp’) has dwarfism, which is considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. While the characters who have had disabilities on the TV show have all been men so far, the series does feature an extremely high amount of women in positions of power, as well as some examples of sexual diversity, both of which can be incredibly rare for high-fantasy works.

Note: While there are several other cases of diversity, especially in the books, I didn’t want to spoil anything that hasn’t yet been on the TV series, and the post has been tagged as including spoilers for the later seasons.


Stiles is always the funny guy, the comedic relief, and Dylan is absolutely hilarious, but this scene shows how great of an actor Dylan really is. Stiles tends to hide behind his humor, but in this moment he is a boy going through trauma no one should endure. He isn’t supernatural; he is human. Dylan portrays a boy who simply doesn’t know what to do anymore.  His acting ability and diversity is truly phenomenal!

  • What I Said: I'm fine.
  • What I meant: While the many side projects of Adam Young display his diverse ability to make music of many different genres, from electronic to acoustic to ambient to screamo, it is unlikely we will get more music from any of these projects since Owl City became such a large success,motivating him to spend song writing time focused on that, leaving us with no more Sky Sailing, Port Blue, Aquarium, etc. etc.

rojofiasco  asked:

And I'm not saying Clinton is without her issues or problems or faults. This election was literally the battle of two evils, and in the primary, I voted for Sanders. As a college student, I cared about his stance on education and helping the lower class, like myself. When he didn't win, and he endorsed her, I had no choice but to support the lesser of two evils. You can tag all of your friends and allies that will back you up, but listen to the media outcry at Trump winning.

And I’m not saying Clinton is without her issues or problems or faults. This election was literally the battle of two evils,

For once you make a point, BUT from the way you’ve been rabbiting on you’ve been kissing her asshole and then some.

 and in the primary, I voted for Sanders.

Annnnd by doing that, you have proved you do not understand politics. You know how Bernie is a Socialist, right? You voted for the free healthcare and college, right? Well, I hate to break it to you but there is no such thing as ‘free’. Like any other American, you hate taxes, correct? Nobody likes taxes!
In order to pay for free college and free healthcare, WE WOULD HAVE HAD MORE TAXES. Yes you heard right my boy, TAXES! Not to mention for the free healthcare, wait times would have been SHITTY with a capital S-H-I-T-T-Y.
Look at Canada, who everyone views as a god-tier country: They pay HEAVILY through taxes for their healthcare! You think its worth it? NOT! Why?
WAIT TIMES ARE ATROCIOUS and a lot of hospitals are lacking in some technology that we have. Canadians have been known to shell out to get to an American hospital because their FREE HEALTHCARE system is so fucking shitty!  With developed countries, Canada has the longest wait time even for serious shit, and pile missing some crucial technology on top of that! And the thing is, THEY COULD HAVE AVOIDED THIS.
Can you imagined being TAXED and then those tax dollars not even be put to good use?? A socialist is more or less a communist with patience- an old meme, yeah, but seriously, you’d be fucked and so would the rest of America!
(The idiots moving to Canada because of Trump are in for a really rude awakening)

 As a college student, I cared about his stance on education and helping the lower class, like myself

I’m lowerclass too you know, and I disagree heavily with Bernie even though I do care about our education system. Problem is, do you want to fuck over America? It’s not going to work, sweetheart.

Though Bernie Sanders often justifies his call for free college by declaring that developed European nations already have this, his plan is in many ways the polar opposite of what Europe has. European nations practice a great deal of cost control, whereas Mr. Sanders’ plan actually expressly discourages states and institutions from lowering cost. As if that weren’t bad enough, it expects states, including the ones with Republican legislatures and governors, to foot a third of the bill. Combine these factors, and most students in most states may not even end up qualifying for Bernie’s Free College.

The problem, however, is that college isn’t free. Ultimately, someone will have to pay for it. Sanders wants it to be free for all students, regardless of their ability to pay. While it’s a laudable desire to help students, he ignores the consequences that will result.

Another flaw in Sanders’ higher education plan is that it would trap students into a uniform approach to career preparation. Not all high-school graduates want to pursue a career where more education is required. The complexity of the economy demands a variety of skills and experiences that can’t always be taught in a college classroom.

With no means-testing for free college, the poor and middle class would be required to subsidize tuition for rich students. Currently, 65.9 percent of high school graduates already enroll in college, but for those students who prefer an alternative route, they would reap the costs without the plan’s benefits.

To bolster his case, Sanders looks to Europe. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand the European model of higher education. Americans already have better access to higher education, and more Americans have college degrees than five of seven countries that he cites as models.

As Scott Shackford notes in Reason, “flexibility and innovation could be lost as a result of standardizing college the way we have public education.” European models of higher education might be cheaper, but they are extremely rigid. They are cheap because fewer students can enroll in them. No European country has a high-access, low-cost model.

A hallmark of American higher education is its access. European countries such as Germany have a strong apprenticeship program still in place, but it’s a result of tracking that sends some students to college and others to apprenticeships for work. A benefit that the United States lacks is that a college degree isn’t as necessary there because diverse paths to careers exist.

Making college free would add to this problem of credentialing in America wherein a lack of a college degree hurts employability regardless of the applicant’s ability. The Sanders policy of free college, in effect, would limit acceptable paths to success for Americans.

Students who master exams, memorize facts, and academic-style skills will be advantaged above minds that are more creative or business-oriented. That is positive for students who want to pursue a career in academia, but it is by no means better for general society.

The conceit of Bernie Sanders’ plan ignores diversity within society. Helping students afford college who would otherwise succeed is an important policy issue. However, not every high-school graduate should attend college.

Society, and the people who comprise it, have diverse abilities and diverse goals. An education plan should recognize individual and societal complexity and allow all sorts to achieve success as they define it instead of funneling the youth into a one-size-fits-all educational system. Unfortunately, Sanders fails to propose a meaningful departure to the mandarinization of America.

Read more at http://redalertpolitics.com/2015/10/23/bernie-sanders-free-college-hurt-america/#21k2yEyBqr7q3JyI.99

 When he didn’t win, and he endorsed her,

So did the KKK after Trump rejected them but you guys don’t like to remember that. (Also, getting the support of an EX KKK member does not mean that member is active, to all the logic-challenged people out there)

 I had no choice but to support the lesser of two evils. 

“Had no choice”
Are you fucking shitting me? Are you really serious right now?
See? You’re playing right into the Clinton’s claws: Because Sanders brainwashed you and other people, you think that you were forced to vote for Clinton because there’s no other way! I’ll tell you, TRUMP is the lesser of two evils if you’ve even bothered to do a SHRED of research on Clinton! But nope, you act like a Haitian zombie and feel you MUST do what Bernie says no matter what!
I hated those candidates-the only one I wanted to support was Ben Carson before he dropped out, but I still had the choice to support anyone I wanted! Besides that you didn’t HAVE to vote either, you can let people sort the presidential election themselves. Trump’s a better deal than that racist bitch, but oh well, you listen to Liberal media bullshit instead of looking at their politics.
Don’t go for the nearest shiny bauble and listen to everything someone says. By the way your beloved Hillary had to CHEAT to get Bernie out of the race!

You can tag all of your friends and allies that will back you up,

You think they’re backing me up? Honey, I don’t know how you and your friend act together, but friends tag other friends in shit they want them to see! As you see neither of them reblogged with their own two bits, its a common thing on this site! Both of them are into political stuff, so why not tag them so they can have a good laugh? I get tagged in stuff all the time, but it doesn’t mean I start in because they want me to! They do it because they know I enjoy the content. Example: I fucking LOVE puns, so whenever one of my friends starts insulting someone based on puns and the other person gets pissy, they tag me so I can have myself a nice laugh.
Is that so wrong now?

 but listen to the media outcry at Trump winning.

“Media Outcry”

Because nothing says 'upset and protesting' like advocating violence

Committing arson and other criminal activities

because we’ve bowed down to political correctness for so long that you feel the need to be TERRORISTS-

all because your war criminal didn’t win

Oh yes, this will TOTALLY make people agree with you and appoint a traitor instead!

Yeah, no. This just proves we made the right decision by having Trump elected.

Protesters jumped on cars, pelted Trump supporters with eggs and water balloons, snatched signs and stole “Make America Great” hats off supporters’ heads before burning the hats and snapping selfies with the charred remains.

Several people were caught on camera punching Trump supporters. Yes, totally righteous and understandable!

Yeah, no. This just proves we made the right decision by having Trump elected.

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