So close to being done with studio photography!

This is Chelsea, and my second model for this project.

I used a soft box left side, and a parabolic on the right side along with 2 white reflectors on each side bouncing everything back in. Shot on a black backdrop.

The final images of these will be printed, with added media (paint) to give them more dimension.



Cute little plants also from this past weekend. I’ve made a conscious decision to post all of what I’m shooting on this blog, not just required posts and things that may or may not be important, but everything. Gotta get back in the swing of making things just for myself one way or another. 

Punxsutawney, PA. 


A few more of princesschobes shot for my final project in studio!

I have so many good shots it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to a final set few to display during critique.


Here is my final first assignment for studio. These were shot using 1 hot light and a blue filter.

For these images, I was going for first of all, straightforward portraits but I wanted to add something else to these so I made them for lack of a better term “creepy pretty”. I was somewhat thinking of Duane Michals when I made these, as well as just trying to fully understand light and the studio during my first real shoot.

Next week I will be shooting something fashion oriented! With one light with either a beauty dish or a softbox.

x’s and o’s

3rd studio project.

Shot with 2 lights.