A short AU Strandigail fic

It’s short I know but I feel like it’s a small part of something bigger. Kind of an AU where Thomas had his bitten arm amputated right away and survived. This is post season 2 part A. Maybe a heavily alternated version. Maybe it’s post season 2 all together.

Hope you guys like it!


This isn’t the fic I promised to write a while ago, and I apologize for abandoning that promise without any form of explanation.
At the time of wanting to write it I had not predicted that I would become drawn to other things so strongly as well as loose inspiration for writing something for them after the events of the ftwd finale ((and the sinking of our lovely ship. #RIPStrandigail))
So once again I apologize for taking so long. I hope you will take this this short fic in return for some forgiveness.