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what's your fav scene from lotr?

  • “i am no man”
  • the very end scene where frodo leaves to the undying lands rb if u cri ever time
  • “shall i describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box?”
  • “you’ll have to toss me… don’t tell the elf”
  • actually the entire battle at helms deep
  • any scene with gandalf’s wise words
  • any scene with legolas and gimli p much
  • when we first meet aragorn
  • albert the cave troll
  • the bit where frodo and sam are @ mt. doom and they think they’re gonna die and frodo is ready but the eagles interrupt him
  • literally cannot choose actually
  • they’re 3 3-hour-long movies with TONS of gold

Eyes are said to be the window to the soul….but there is something else, something lost in those eyes.


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Abigail, a gold dragon just walked into the store. Calm and collected as can be, her stance and gait speaking of one bred for royalty and her mantle that of undeniable Spring. Her smile is gentle and sweet as she sees you, then glances around the store a moment as if looking for something - or someone. "Good evening," She greets, "I do not believe we have met before. I am Evangeline. I have come to return some books to the lending library area...?"

Abigail’s response to the air of nobility is to fall back into servant mode hard. “Yes, ma’am. Please allow me to accompany you to the lending library area. Is there anything else you will require from me, ma’am?”

It’s clearly not a conscious thing, so much as conditioning. Arcadia’s fucked up like that.