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I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.

me explaining my thomas-is-alive theories:

What Type of Sleeper Is Your Spouse? (Bachelorettes)

Here we are! The ladies of Stardew with some sleepy headcanons!
- Once again this is not related to the study of sleep/personality, it is just meant to be for fun!

- Abigail - “The Recovering Up All-Nighter” Abigail is clearly the type to pull all-nighters, whether for studying or gaming. But life on the farm mellowed this a little, though sometimes her spouse will wake up in the middle of the night to find her playing video games When she is asleep, Abigail is a fairly heavy sleeper, and doesn’t move too much, making her a wonderful cuddle buddy!
- Emily - “The Alert Sleeper” It appears as though nothing can wake Emily up, least not anything normal; the second something unnatural sounding happens Emily is awake like she was never asleep in the first place. Now, this may be nice for cuddling, but if their s/o wants some attention, they’re going to have a heck of a time trying to wake her up to get it!
- Haley - “The Sleeping Beauty” Could she get any cuter?? Maybe. Haley is a sleep-cuddler, a fairly light sleeper, and isn’t a blanket hog! Exception; winter. Cuteness aside, you want to wake her up gently and sweetly, otherwise she might not be too happy! Unrelated to how she sleeps, but more so what she dreams, Haley often has very strange/crazy funny dreams, like, Emily strange/crazy funny dreams. Maybe she has more in common with her sister than she thought!
- Leah - “The Early Bird” Leah goes to bed roughly the same time as her s/o, sometimes earlier if she is worn out from her art, but she certainly gets up with the sun! Morning person aside, Leah sleeps like most people; maybe she’ll toss and turn a little if she’s having difficulties with a current project. One little thing that her s/o may catch her doing is mumbling in her sleep! How cute!
- Maru - “The Serious Cuddler” Like, above Alex cuddler. She tends to get very cold when asleep, and will almost always snuggle up to her s/o for warmth! However, like Alex, she also gets flustered when it’s brought up! Especially around her parents lol She tends to have dreams about her future and what she accomplishes with her inventing, and will get really excited when she has one that isn’t completely dream-logic, therefor she will come to her s/o to tell them about it! She’s really good at story telling too!
- Penny - “The Dainty Sleeper” Wakes up at the slightest of sounds, but not in an alarming way! Penny sleeps very quietly and is typically cuddled up to her partner before falling asleep, she doesn’t toss and turn at all and lord bless her when she is having a good dream she tends to smile in her sleep! And while she does sleep lightly, if her partner happens to wake up she is never mad, just may drowsily ask “what’s going on?…” if they’re actually getting out of bed/getting dressed.

The teacup I’ve shattered has come together. A place has been made once more in the world for Abigail.

Kintsugi (金継ぎ) (Japanese: golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (金繕い) (Japanese: golden repair) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. [X]

  riley matthews as anna from dangerous girls by abigail haas

“Why was I so happy? My friend was dead. I should be sad. Was I happy she was dead? Did I secretly hate her? Did I have something to do with it? Did I do it myself? I did it. I had to. Maybe he did it too. Together. A pact. A game. Something sexual, fucked-up. Drugs and alcohol. Kids today. Where were our parents? Aren’t they to blame? Did he pressure me? Did I force him? I was happy. Why was I so happy?” 


“The figment of his imagination that is Abigail was something I didn’t want to answer because part of me really wanted Abigail to be there in earnest. And so when the priest turned and made eye contact with her, and she averts her eyes and he does the same, that was a very intentional move to say there is a presence with Will." — Bryan Fuller.

You’re already dead, aren’t you?

I have talked a very great deal about Will as someone who exists in–and carries with him–liminal space. He has seen and spoken with the dead, gone to the otherworld and returned countless times, and even become, himself, a door to that world, a fairy ring.

What I now know after episode two is that where Will Graham was once a living being who walked among the dead, he is now a dead man who appears to the living. In an entirely different sense to the period when encephalitis was destroying his grasp on (this-worldly) reality, he now exists far more in the otherworld than he does in this one. All that which kept him moored to the human life he tried to grasp is conspicuously absent: his dogs, his boat-house (not to be confused with a boathouse), the person Alana used to be; none are in sight. His spirit-companion, Abigail, is of course really only a reflection of Will’s mind, the only place he could make for her–we spend this episode as much in Will’s mind palace as in Hannibal’s, really–but he is more animated, more interested, when dealing with her than when dealing with the living. She doesn’t haunt him so much as help him describe a space of otherworldliness around him (a bubble, if you like, or better yet a boneyard) in which he can exist with some comfort. They move through the world together, and around them the world falls away; it becomes smudges in the background of the eerie and symbolic universe of unlife they now inhabit, the one they each once fought so hard to escape.

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THE 100 — reapercussions (2.03)

“The prisoners were last seen at lights out.”