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I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.

Abigail: Dad, I did something terrible.

Will: Don’t worry, I have a shovel.
Abigail: I- wait, what did you think I did?

Hannibal: It doesn’t matter, kid, no one will ever know.

me explaining my thomas-is-alive theories:

Sooooo I learned at exactly midnight that it’s @musta–krakish ‘s birthday. So I drew you a really fast Nyanthan and Tabbygail while I was in class. 


turn appreciation week

day 5: culper ring appreciation day

Abigail - May 30th, 2017

Just something I drew from @backcomic on a whim. The protagonist(?) Abigail in something vaguely resembling my usual art style.

My friends got me interested in Back. I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s a fun read. Abigail’s wild. She’s also like 60-70% leg, which is my natural tendency when drawing characters anyways, so she’s a good fit for me. :p

Where do her arms even go under that poncho? Mysteries.


I had an epiphany. I think that’s what it was. Oh yeah? Smoking a joint in a satellite dish. I can see those going together. All three actually.

Vietnam - 1963

In which an injured Billy is given just enough morphine to get a little goofy, and a whole lot open about his feelings toward the cute photographer who’s stuck with him and his men.

~2,600 words

“Ashe!” Corporal Silver’s voice called from outside her tent. “You in there?”

Abigail scrambled off her cot and dashed to the tent flap, heedless of her bare feet or her still damp hair. She would have enjoyed the shower a lot more if she hadn’t been so anxious about Bones’ status.

“Yeah?” She poked her head out of the flap, reminding herself not to hope. There wasn’t room for hope here.

“He’s awake.” Silver smirked and let his eyes travel down her unbuttoned utility blouse, reminding Abigail of just how revealing her old tank top probably was. Whatever. She’d traveled through the jungle with these men. They’d seen each other in far more compromising situations than this. “You want to see him?”

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I Will Always Love You The Most - Chapter One

“She’s beautiful, she’s innocent, she’s everything that’s good.”

Mor had never seen her before.

Which was a strange thing in itself, since Mor knew practically everyone in this school, but yet hers was a face she definitely didn’t recognize. And if she had, Mor knew she would have remembered it.

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Endless List of Books I’ve Read:
   ↳ Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

  “Wouldn’t we all look guilty if we searched hard enough?  Anyone one of us could be made to look a monster, with selective readings of our history”

                                                                                               ― (Source: inajghafa )