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I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.

me explaining my thomas-is-alive theories:

Sooooo I learned at exactly midnight that it’s @musta–krakish ‘s birthday. So I drew you a really fast Nyanthan and Tabbygail while I was in class. 

The teacup I’ve shattered has come together. A place has been made once more in the world for Abigail.

Kintsugi (金継ぎ) (Japanese: golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (金繕い) (Japanese: golden repair) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. [X]


I had an epiphany. I think that’s what it was. Oh yeah? Smoking a joint in a satellite dish. I can see those going together. All three actually.

ginger-ninja-bread  asked:

Farmer has had a crush on Sebastian, walks in on him and Abigail making out. What does the farmer do next?

“This isn’t what it looks like!” Sebastian got up from his bed, reaching out to the Farmer.

“Then what is it?!” The hurt and betrayal could be heard all through town. “I thought we had something!”

“We do! I just… Abby and I go way back.”

“This isn’t just way back. This is something else!”

Abigail sat up, looking at both of them. “So, do you wanna join in?”

Sebastian looked scandalized, but the Farmer seemed shocked into calmness. “What?”

“You, me, pinning him down and kissing him senseless.”

Sebastian seemed to find his voice. “Wait, do I get a choi–”

“Yeah, that sounds great, actually.” The Farmer said.

“Awesome. Sebby, take off your pants.” Abigail said.

My parents are upstairs!

  riley matthews as anna from dangerous girls by abigail haas

“Why was I so happy? My friend was dead. I should be sad. Was I happy she was dead? Did I secretly hate her? Did I have something to do with it? Did I do it myself? I did it. I had to. Maybe he did it too. Together. A pact. A game. Something sexual, fucked-up. Drugs and alcohol. Kids today. Where were our parents? Aren’t they to blame? Did he pressure me? Did I force him? I was happy. Why was I so happy?” 


Endless List of Books I’ve Read:
   ↳ Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

  “Wouldn’t we all look guilty if we searched hard enough?  Anyone one of us could be made to look a monster, with selective readings of our history”

                                                                                               ― (Source: celaenawestfalls)