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Tag yourself, founding mothers edition:

Dolley Madison, Sybil Luddington, Deborah Sampson, Elizabeth Hamilton, Elizabeth Monroe, Molly Pitcher, Phyllis Wheatley, Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Mercy Otis Warren and Eliza Lucas Pinckney.

Today is Mothers Day!

And guess what! With this simple acknowledgment, I would like to take the time to formally introduce you to the founding mothers!:

  • Dolley Madison
  • Sybil Ludington
  • Deborah Sampson
  • Margaret Corbin
  • Elizabeth Hamilton
  • Elizabeth Monroe
  • Molly Pitcher
  • Phillis Wheatley
  • Betsy Ross
  • Abigail Adams
  • Martha Washington
  • Mercy Otis Warren