abigail markov

“No case too big, no fee too small.”

Abigail’s Nancy Drew Dream Games, in no particular order:

The year is 1962. Things take a turn as you are transported back in time to solve a case as The Magnificent Markovic. The 20 year old amateur detective is at the peak of his career when he receives a call to investigate a case outside of his small hometown of River Heights. A string of thefts have plagued New York’s upper class. You, as Alexei, have been called in by a distant relative who has recently become a victim. She says that the thief only strikes during lavish parties where there’s always a huge crowd of people, but never any witnesses; and after every theft a charitable organization receives a hefty donation. Is there a modern day Robin Hood running around New York? Can you make the right choice and decide between what’s good and what’s right? Help Alexei solve this case before things get out of hand in, Nancy Drew: The Great Alexei Markovic.

- Experience New York during the 1960s

- Play as River Heights’ original kid detective and get a firsthand look at Alexei’s life during his hay-day 

- Interact and blend in with New York high society as you try gather clues

- Choose difficulty levels! Play as Junior or Senior detective and erase mistakes without starting over

Tumblr artists discovery - Dec 2013

Looking for some new artists to follow on Tumblr for the coming year?

Artists discovered thanks to curators:
Jon Shaw | on Tumblr - painting [via actegratuit] *
Jane Radstorm | on Tumblr (USA) - drawing [via artforadults] *
Brendan Monroe | on Tumblr - painting [via artforadults] *
John Larriva | on Tumblr - illustration [via artforadults]
glove-pink - illustration [via artforadults]
Gustavo Garcia | on Tumblr - colors design [via artforadults]
Izziyana Suhaimi (Singapore) - embroidered illustration [via artforadults] *
An Nguyen - photo [via arpeggia]
Cat Taylor - photo [via arpeggia]
Amira Fritz - photo [via atavus]
Klemt - drawing [via Bhakta’s Weblog]
Isabelle Menin | on Tumblr - digital art [via Bhakta’s Weblog] *
Kamila Nora Netik - photo [via blue-voids]
Adam Lupton | on Tumblr - mixed media [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Richard Russell aka Lucky Devil 7 - collage [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Luis Troufa - painting [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
João Bizarro - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Steve McCurry | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Charles Wilkin | on Tumblr - collage [via devidsketchbook] *
Agata Marszalek | on Tumblr - drawing [via devidsketchbook] *
Emmanuel Correia | on Tumblr - photo [via devidsketchbook]
Elly Liyana Ruslan | on Tumblr - drawing [via eatsleepdraw]
Adwohs | on Tumblr - illustration [via exhibition-ism] *
Michael van Kekem | on Tumblr - illustration [via felixinclusis]
grafnarq (Graf n’ Arq) | on Tumblr - drawing [via felixinclusis] *
Erin Case - collage [via fer1972]
ABVH - animated gif [via from89]
Tomomichi Morifuji | on Tumblr - mixed media [via hifas]
Karla Castaneda | on Tumblr - illustration [via gaksdesigns]
Antonio Polo Photography - photo (black and white) [via iamjapanese]
Travis Louie | on Tumblr - drawing [via just-art] *
Alex Jackson - painting [via juxtapozmag]
Tim Furey - illustration [via juxtapozmag]
Arthur Majano - drawing [via juxtapozmag]
Phil Vitnell - photo [via lensblr-network]
Bhadir Bermek | on Tumblr - photo [via leslieseuffert]
Robert Malte Engelsmann | on Tumblr - painting [via likeafieldmouse
Benjamin Zank | on Tumblr - photo [via likeafieldmouse] *
Juliette Bates | on Tumblr (France) - photo [via loic-arnaud] * 
Antoine Cordet | on Tumblr (France) - painting [via loic-arnaud] *
Kacper Kieć | on Tumblr - illustration [via myampgoesto11] *
Miguel Cuesta | on Tumblr - photo [via mydarkenedeyes]
Joe Rudko | on Tumblr - mixed media [via nearlya] *
Kemi Mai aka drawinds | on Tumblr - illustration [via oxane] *
Paulette Jo | on Tumblr - illustration [via rerylikes] *
Danielle Evans | on Tumblr - typography (food) [via rerylikes] *
Carmelo Blandino | on Tumblr (Germany) - painting [via rerylikes] *
Matt Semke aka Cats will eat you | on Tumblr - animated gif [via rerylikes]
Macsime Simon | on Tumblr (France) - painting & collage [via rerylikes]
Anton Unai - mixed media [via rerylikes]
Abigail Marie Markov | on Tumblr (b.1983, USA) - painting [via rerylikes] *
ChunTao aka Mr. Gentle (HK) - drawing [via rerylikes]
Stephanie Gonot | on Tumblr - photo [via rerylikes] *
Laurene Boglio | on Tumblr (France) - illustration [via rerylikes] *
Shaun Lynch - drawing [via septagonstudios]
Jessica Bastidas - illustration [via septagonstudios]
KuineXi - painting [via showslow
Laura Williams | on Tumblr - photo (surreal) [via showslow]
Tomasz Trafiał - painting [via slowartday]
Emil Tilo - painting [via slowartday]
Yo Az | on tumblr - illustration [via slowartday]
Koyamori aka maruti-bitamin | on Tumblr - drawing [via sosuperawesome]
Nataliya | on Tumblr - drawing [via sosuperawesome]
Jehan Choo - drawing [via sosuperawesome] *
John Lee | on Tumblr - drawing [via supersonicelectronic]
CT Nelson - painting [via theonlymagicleftisart]
Joan Salo (Spain) - art (abstract) [via theonlymagicleftisart] *
Benjamin G. Craig - illustration [via theonlymagicleftisart] *
Reuben Wu | on Tumblr - photo [via thisisnthappiness] *
Andrew Brooks | on Tumblr - photo (landscape) [via tumblropenarts] *
Nika Akin | on Tumblr - drawing (watercolor)  [via unknowneditors]
Spider Money - drawing [via 2headedsnake]
Matthias Brown | TraceLoops on Tumblr - gif [via 2headedsnake]

Artists submitted/recommended by our followers:
Will Kim - drawing & gif (watercolor)
KLára Grančičová | on Tumblr (b.1991, Czech Republic) - mixed media *
Stephanie Kyriacou aka irykeinah - drawing
Daniel Jamie Williams | on Tumblr - illustration *
Ellie Craze aka smellycraze - illustration
Ben Orlansky - photo (NY)
Sandrine Stahl aka Elle Fait Des Ronds (France) - drawing
Joseph Loughborough | on Tumblr (b.1981, UK) - drawing *  
Natalie Reynolds (Canada) - painting
Zeren Badar | on Tumblr - mixed media
Danilo Sini aka cosegiaviste | on Tumblr - mixed media
Sasha Katz (Russia) - illustration & gif
Martine Le Roy (France) - collage & illustration
Natalia Shlyakhovaya aka Kofe | on Tumblr - illustration & photo
Phoebe Kiely | on Tumblr - photo
Matheo de Bruvisso | on Tumblr (France) - painting & photo
Stefan Krauss (Germany) - photo *
H. C. Turk (Harold) | on Tumblr (USA) - photo
Falco Verholen | on Tumblr (Netherlands) - illustration
Nam Eun Woo (USA) - painting
Giordano Rizzardi | on Tumblr (Italy) - photo
Volodymyr Protsenko | on Tumblr (Ukraine) - illustration
Kat Gentry - drawing

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Progress photo of mine. If you cannot tell, it is HEAVILY influenced by one of my favorite artists, Samantha Keely Smith. Other influences include Claude Monet and Abigail Markov.

This particular piece is for a March of Dimes project that I was lucky enough to be selected to participate along with some other incredibly talented, and much more experienced artists for terminally sick and disabled children. I am so honored and proud and hope the whole project comes together perfectly!

This piece is called Ascent.