abigail makes art

honestly the pinnacle of my 8th grade u.s. history class

if you should find yourself in my city
on my street

please, please, please,

look your fill
take pictures
breath the air

but don’t you dare try to see what kind of impact
the sound of your voice would make on my life

you are a visitor in this neighborhood
so tread lightly

I built these walls to keep out the echoes
don’t undo all the work I’ve done.

//buy a souvenir but don’t you dare sign a lease // @ourimaginaryrebellion //

Me? Absolutely in love with the women of The West Wing? It’s more likely than you think.

Also I’m trying out some new stuff with my art style. Hint: My art still sucks 

(this drawing is a lowkey screencap redraw of this) 

“Come here, fatty”

Requested by neon-chaser :)