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Steampunk Worlds Fair 2014: Saturday, Part II

Saturday evening I changed into my vampy attire and made my first stop at Abigail Larson’s table. I had told her I was doing a fancy vamp outfit and would love to get a photo with her. She loved it, which made me squee inside. ^_^

I also had to get a photo with my very good friend, the Steampunk Doctor Who, and my two pieces that were in the art show. I didn’t know beforehand that it was the fair’s first ever art show. I was like, “What? No way!! That’s so awesome!”

I’m really happy to have been a part of it. It was a last minute thing that the owner of Steam at Harpers Ferry, another good friend of mine, had noticed a few days before the fair and asked if I wanted to take part. Couldn’t resist.