Blog Overhaul and New ideas!

Hello all fannibals! I’m going to be overhauling the fannibals-buffet blog to make ready for the next HBB! The new hannibal big bang will be even better than the last! I have taken all the previous requests and suggestions to heart and look forward to hosting the absolute best one ever. Expect more information April 1st (no foolin!) In the meantime please feel free to offer some suggestions or thoughts you may all have to make the next hannibal big bang even more amazing!

Keep in mind this blog also hosts other fandom events, so if there was something you had an idea for and just needed some help t kick it off let me know I shall Help!


A Hannibal romcom trailer, because I am trash


friendly reminder that this was all canonically said and it pains me to think of how much Hannibal wanted to create a family with Will and Abigail but it all went tits up what with the framing, the betrayal, the gutting and the brutal murder of their daughter-to-be *wipes away tear whilst Adele sings ‘they could’ve had it all’ in the background.