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Wondering if you have any Callaghan family headcanons, since I'm like the only blog who comes up with them haha..

Here are some interesting headcanons for ya! 

  • Robert comes from big family and a lot of those family members share a common interest in math, science and robotics. His father passed on all the knowledge he knew to him which is how he became so interested in robotics.
  • Started creating the Callaghan’s Laws of Robotics around the same time he met his wife. He initially didn’t want to scare her off with what he was working with, but she was genuinely fascinated by it. They really started off as just friends, but there’s no doubt they always had mutual feelings for each other.
  • Very supportive with each other too. They both had different career goals, but they always encouraged each other to “push boundaries” with their given knowledge. Robert tends to get more short tempered when he gets creative blocks, but his future wife was someone that was able to reassure him.
  • He did quite a lot of romantic gestures for her despite how busy he could get. Leaving a rose at her doorstep with a note or taking her for a quick walk in the park, he always wanted to make time for her no matter how invested he was in his work.
  • They LOVE each others families. She comes from a pretty small family, so seeing the big family that Robert has is a nice change of pace. He thinks the world of her family despite her father giving him a hard time when they first met.
  • After they got married, they made a habit of having brunch or dinner with each other’s families every other month.
  • They were both so excited when they found out they were going to become parents. Both had wanted to start a family for awhile, so knowing that they had a baby on the way was a very beautiful moment for them and the rest of the family. Though he may not have admitted to it, Robert was THRILLED when they found out they were having a girl.
  • While Mrs. Callaghan’s pregnancy with Abigail went smoothly the whole time, complications unfortunately took place when she went into labor. She had severe bleeding that the doctors did not notice until it was too late to save her. While Robert was devastated over the loss of his wife, he could only hope and pray that Abigail would be born alive. He considers her the biggest miracle of his life that she was born a happy, healthy baby.
  • Abigail’s blood type is AB negative just like her father’s.
  • Both sides of the family offered help to Robert after the passing of his wife. Not just help to take care of a newborn Abigail, but emotional support as well. Despite being depressed over his loss, caring to his new daughter was the one thing that kept him going. Every time he looks at Abigail, he sees her mother in her and hopes that one day, she’ll be as successful and loving as her.
  • Despite being very well known for his laws of robotics, he decided to go into teaching not only to pass on his knowledge, but so he could help support Abigail.
  • Abigail showed interest in robotics and science at a very early age. Robert caught her playing with his old inventions when she was only a toddler. She continued to show these interests as she got older and even told him she wanted to invent stuff someday like him.
  • She is a very big family person and always enjoys being around both sides of her family during any get together.
  • She started bot-fighting when she was a teenager. She became interested in that hobby due to the amount of money she was able to make. Things were going well until she got arrested one day and had no choice, but to call her father. Learning why she had gotten arrested, Robert was incredibly disappointed. Despite that, she continued to go bot-fighting again and again, only making Robert more furious. She got grounded countless times for disobeying his wishes, but since it was all she wanted to do, she would sneak out anyway.
  • Robert took a very similar tactic that a certain someone else does and took Abigail to SFIT to show her the potential she has in robotics and what she could do someday. Thinking it over, Abigail decides to put her bot-fighting days behind her and to create something that could someday be revolutionary.
  • I am really into this theory of Project Silent Sparrow being Abigail’s SFIT entrance project, only for her to sell it to Krei. She felt like it was the better road to take because Krei saw the potential in it for what it was already.
  • After the horrible incident that happened to Abigail, Robert yet again becomes depressed over the loss of a loved one, only it hits him harder this time. The two most important people in his life are gone and he lost both of them traumatically and there’s nothing he can do to bring either of them back.
  • Something tells me that despite the actions he took in the movie, after Abigail is released from the hospital (I mean she had to be there for a few days after being saved from the portal), she visited her father in jail. They have always had a close relationship since she was born, so trying to catch up and understand his perspective is the most she can do whether or not she agrees with his actions.

Someone send me random history facts! I think it’d be really cool finding out new things and I really enjoy weird facts that aren’t really important in life. They can be about any historical figure; I don’t really mind who.

I am not talking about the Hamilton characters.


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