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Happy Pride Month and Preyweek I guess.
I have mixed feelings on my drawing. It would have looked much better if it were digital, but eh. I’m semi-proud of it/semi-hate it so much.
Anyway, this is my contribution to #preyweek on Day 1.
The Art is mine, do not use it in anyway shape or form without my permission, but you can reblog it with no problem.

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Everyone hears the farmer screaming in the woods. What do they do?
Shane: Drinks. 
Leah: Probably investigates, or uses it as inspiration for one of her sculptures
Elliott: Goes to make sure the farmer is okay, but doesn’t ask why.
Emily: Screams with the farmer
Hayley: Gets as far away as possible
Abigail: Watches from where she’s up in a tree, never mentions it again
Maru: Sends her robot out to figure out what’s goiing on
Sebastian: Too far away to hear anyway
Sam: Turns his music up louder
Penny: Finds somewhere quieter to read. There’s too many bugs in the forest anyway.
Harvey: Schedules a mental health appointment, tries to figure out how to get the farmer into the office. 
Alex: Decides it’s a show of strength. Starts yelling loudly whenever he’s pumped up. 

Our New Mods!

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The time has come, my friends! Our current Mods representing the noble Houses Four have chosen their new partners-in-crime, our new representatives for the four houses. Thank you, all of you who submitted your interest forms – we were truly honored and blessed by the abundance of interest! We hope that even if you were not selected, you will still follow us and send us owl post with aesthetics, head canons, etc. that you’ve made, as well as to ask us questions for future collaboration posts. 

Now, without further ado, our results!

New Slytherin Mod: @slytherins-slither “Zia”

New Gryffindor Mod: @the-key-of-gryffin-door “Ashley”

New Ravenclaw Mod: @emperor-oj “Tori” 

New Hufflepuff Mod:  @thefirststarinthesky “Elena”

We are so excited to have our new friends on board and we look very forward to their input on our future posts! As for our followers, we hope that you’ll stay tuned for what we do next!

~Mods Olga, Jinxy, Abigail, and Tory


The Board Game Hannigram - Hannibal series explained as a board game - help Will Graham to play hard to get
(it’s actually playable!! Feel free to print these pages and play if there are fannibals in your neighborhood. Love you all guys=) the game is still in progress, so i’ll be updating this post, I ’ll add  about 80 “situation cards” and other stuff)