I’m less than one season into DS9 but I’m just??


like idk they might ruin her later, idk YMMV…

but how often do we get a female character like her? who gets to be angry and abrasive and commanding and she doesn’t get punished by the narrative for being any of these things?

who isn’t just ‘cold’ and a ‘b****’ so a man can later make her soft, it’s just her, as she is? and people respect her authority? Sisko works with her and trusts her, and doesn’t try to condescend with that?

and her anger and harshness is accepted as part of who she is, while we also delve into the ways in which it is a product of warfare and trauma and PTSD? it’s not treated as hysterics, or because someone hurt her romantically, but there are real reasons why it’s there? 

but on the same level, nobody expect her to be ‘fixed’ immediately? nobody demands that she change who she is, only that she sometimes be willing not to be forgiven by some rando dude, but forgiven by herself?

she doesn’t just exist to be kind and caring and communicative, to prop up the male character’s narratives the way most major female characters in Star Trek up to this point I’ve seen have been (idk I haven’t watched all of TNG because I got bored but so far it wasn’t impressive). she’s not a nurse or a counsellor or a sexy villainess, and that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with that kind of character, but she is something different, and that matters a lot.

and she has faith? deep, abiding faith, in her religion and her people? but it too, is a complex thing, because she’s a cynic that carries faith in her heart and her bones? and I’m not religious, but I can still respect that about her, and the way it’s written, because her faith is the softest thing about her, but not in a simple way, the way most religious female characters are written. she’s a zealot, her faith propelled her through a war, and it’s still jagged, but it exists in her and brings her light at the same time, and it’s a lot??

there’s just so many angles of her character that a lesser show would immediately grind smooth. so many ways she already asserts herself, that most female characters aren’t allowed. she isn’t there to be Angry-Sexy, she’s just there, and she takes up space because she demands it, and earns it, and they haven’t done that much with her yet, but she is still vast and complicated and that??? is a lot???

and she’s clearly, underneath the brashness, a total dork in a burnt orange corduroy jumpsuit, (bless the 90s) a minor operative in a small war whose fight was NEVER small, not to her, because it is everything to her??


준수하다 = obey, comply with, abide by 
감안하다 = consider, allow for
고려하다 = consider, take into account  
참고하다 = refer to, consult 

잔인하다 = cruel, brutal, merciless 
유창하다 = fluent, eloquent 
먹음직스럽다 = appetising  

따위 = 등등
순차적 = sequential, successive 
전반적 = overall ,across the board 

부활 = resurrection, revival, rebirth 
피구 = dodge ball 
교정 = proofreading 
의뢰 = request, commission 
여담 = digression (여담이지만.. this is off topic but.. by the way…) 
양해 = understanding, agreement 
중복 = repetition 

if your replies are disrespectful or arrogant or hateful, they’re probably going to be ignored by me from this point forward. I will have a discussion with you, I will not have a pointless argument with you.

when you come attacking instead of communicating, I automatically know you are close minded and won’t be bothered to waste time on a conversation that isn’t going anywhere.

so if you actually want to share opinions and try to convince me to agree with you (or at least come to a consensus), please abide by what I’ve said. I know a lot of people on here are trolls who don’t want to be addressed so they can continue with their foolish comments that don’t make them look any more intelligent and not be called out for it, so their wish is my command: be happy in your ignorance.

thank you! xx

monicanerd  asked:

Do you have any advice for someone who's bad at drawing thighs knees and legs?

I just recreated a tutorial I saw a long time ago. If anyone happens upon please feel free to add it.

I’ve gotten into a habit of emphasizing my knees more cause I just like the way it looks but you can always go with a less pronounced “knee bump”.

I should also note that this diagram works better for more feminine characters as masculine characters tend to be a tad more angular. Although don’t feel like you have to always abide by that as it is not a hard set rule. At the end of the day art is subjective and you are free to create characters as you wish.

While this reference can be a starting point for drawing thicker or more muscular characters I would recommend other references for those body types. Thicker characters can end up curvier and have rolls and such to take into account when drawing them, and muscular characters have more subtle lines to show definition.

I would also suggest looking up anatomy diagrams to study the leg muscles and bones. This helps you understand why legs curve and bend the way they do.

If you happen to be having trouble with proportioning the legs keep this in mind as you measure it out:

  • legs are typically the same height as the torso and head combined unless you are going for a particular style
  • the thigh is longer than the calf, I usually draw it out as being from the bottom of the foot to the knee when compared side by side
  • when bent completely back the heel of the foot just about touches the bottom of the butt (the under butt if you will)

Hope that helps

sometimes i have thoughts like “what if i put my hair up” and “what if I cut my hair short” and i realize the answer to all of these is “it will floof up all wild” because that’s the only thing it ever does

The Floof Does Not Abide 

I’ve always abided by some bullshit pseudo-hemmingway esque nonsense rule I’ve given myself of: be kind, be true, be good, be honest.

And it’s worked out so far, but I might add, “be curious,” to that, because I think it’s another incredibly important quality to live life by

It’s amazing that there’s a certain level of shittiness that most people tend to just abide by, when it comes to dealing with life. How often have I heard, “well it could be worse,” or, “that’s just par for the course,” or some nonsense.

Like how do you say something like that, and not hear yourself?

Why not just be honest and say, “I don’t give a fuck about my wellbeing or happiness, when it comes to certain things?”

Y’all don’t want to be fulfilled with life, that’s fine. But I do.

Mcelroy LGBT+ icons

-Bone Dogg
-Carey and Killian
-Sloane and Hurley
-The final Pam
-Susan Crushbone
-knife dads gay daughter
-Magic Bryan
-boy detective Ango McDonald

Feel free to add on (in fact, please do)

Ignorant Shit Some Witches Say

☆You have to be all natural if you want to practice witchcraft. That means only raw organic foods.

☆You can’t mix deities from separate belief systems.

☆You must be a feminist.

☆You’re only a witch if you are initiated.

☆Real witches don’t hex or curse.

☆I’m powerful because I come from a 300+ year line of witches.

☆You can’t practice witchcraft that way, you must do it this way.

☆All love spells are bad.

☆You must always be positive.

☆You shouldn’t use spells you didn’t write yourself.

☆I’ve been practicing longer so I know more than you do.

☆You always have to cast a circle to perform magic.

☆You have to spell it “magick”, not “magic”.

☆There are no evil/bad witches.

☆You have to be female to be a witch.

☆You can’t do that spell, the planets are not aligned right.

☆Real witches believe in the Gods and Goddesses.

☆You can’t be (insert a religion here) AND a witch.

☆You have to abide by the “rule of three”.

☆Real witches don’t wear makeup because they love themselves the way they are.

*taps fingers on dash*

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