Let's Talk: Pro-Life

No, this article isn’t going to bash the pro-life side. I understand why people would be pro-life. However, my issue is when they want everyone to abide by their beliefs on the matter.

For example, I’m not fond of cigarettes. I support the ban of cigarettes in public spaces, like restaurants, universities, and bars. Cigarette smoke is dangerous, it can trigger asthma attacks, and some people are genuinely allergic to the smoke. However, I do not support entirely banning cigarettes altogether. If someone wants to smoke, that’s their prerogative. I simply demand never to do it in my home and I would hope they would refrain from lighting up with children present. Otherwise, if I’m in a public place that allows smoking, I just try to keep my kids as far away from it as possible.

See? I don’t like cigarettes, but I’m not forcing everyone to stop smoking based on how I personally feel about the things. That said, I want to talk about pro-life rhetoric, specifically.

  • Abortion is murder.

No, abortion isn’t murder. I’ve covered this, here, but I’ll do a Cliff Notes version:

Murder is the unauthorized killing of another person, done with premeditation and malice.

Abortion is the authorized killing of a fetus, done for many reasons.

  • Abortion is genocide.

The Merriam-Webster definition of genocide is, as follows: noun – the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

Abortion doesn’t, generally, happen due to racial, political, or cultural ties. Abortion happens, because the pregnant person doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore.

  • Your mom chose life!

In my personal opinion, whenever you start a sentence off with “your mom…” it will end badly.  That’s not the intention with this little catchphrase, but my opinion stands.   Some people never had the choice of abortion, so that is a bit of a faulty presumption from the start.  However, even if someone’s mother had the option of abortion, they were allowed to choose for themselves to go through with pregnancy.

Choice.  It’s powerful.

  • You had sex, deal with the consequences!

This basically translates into, “You decided to have sex, you slut, so deal with pregnancy, even though it can be debilitating, whore.”  Intended or not, it’s shaming people who have sex.

Consent to sex is, as you’ve heard me say, not consent to pregnancy.  While a pregnancy can be a consequence of sex, carrying the pregnancy isn’t the only way to take responsibility.

The consequences of an unplanned pregnancy are abortion, parenthood, and adoption. People take responsibility for their situation, makes choices on their situation, as they see fit.  They know their circumstances and their limits better than anyone else.  It’s somewhat arrogant to think you know what’s best for complete strangers.

  • If you didn’t want to get pregnant, you shouldn’t have had sex/should’ve taken precautions.

Again, sex shaming.  Sex is not solely about procreation. It can be a great way to bond with lovers and sexual partners (though that’s not true for everyone!) and it can be a stress-reliever.  On top of that, there are plenty of other benefits to having sex.

Precautions are not 100% effective, either.  The presumption that they are is thanks to poor sexual education.   That said, birth control can lower the rate of unwanted pregnancy, and thus abortion, greatly.  The problems, however, are having comprehensive sexual education that goes over proper applications and storage and the birth control being affordable.  If you can’t use it appropriately, effectiveness goes down; if you can’t afford birth control, well, it needs to be affordable.

Further, some people don’t want to pump themselves full of hormones, suffer complications from birth control, or are allergic to birth control options.  Some couples need to rely on other methods, through ovulation calendars and being extremely safe.  In the end, accidents or miscalculations can happen.

Regardless of what precautions, or lack thereof, were taken, no one should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term if they don’t want to do so.

  • The child shouldn’t pay for your mistakes
  • or The child shouldn’t pay for the crimes of the parent. (In regards to victims of rape getting abortions)

Abortion is not about punishment laid upon the fetus.  Abortion is for the benefit of the pregnant person, however that benefit may materialize itself.

A victim of rape should not be forced to carry their rapist’s offspring, if they do not want to.  Taking their bodily autonomy away, again, after the trauma of having it stolen from them once, is detrimental to their mental and emotional health.  Don’t.  Support.  That.

  • There’s two bodies involved in abortion.

Only one of them can bodily support themselves, however.  The other needs to infringe on another’s body simply to survive.

  • Choose adoption!
  • or There are people out there who can’t have babies!

Adopting out can be very emotionally difficult.  Telling people to do it, flippantly, marginalizes how much it affects biological parents when they give their babies up for adoption.  It’s backhanded, in a way.

Some people are not emotionally or mentally capable of adopting out and that’s perfectly fine.  Bonding with a fetus for 40 weeks and then giving the resulting baby up would be very difficult and emotionally jarring.  Sometimes, there’s physical complications, as well, or the fetus will be born with a severe deformation (which makes it less likely they’ll get adopted.)

Admitting that one cannot cope with adopting out is strong, in itself, because they recognize and acknowledge their limits.

Some people just do not want to be pregnant, which makes adoption a moot option.  It isn’t selfish of them to not want to carry a pregnancy to term.  Pregnancy can be debilitating, frightening, and an all-around hardship that someone doesn’t want to opt for it at their position in life, or ever.

No one is obligated to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term on the basis that others cannot.  That’s like telling someone they can’t cut their hair, because some people are unable to grow their own.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

In the end, I understand that pro-lifers mean well, but their good intentions are warped as soon as they demand abortion to be abolished or made illegal.   Banning abortion will lead us back to unsafe, illegal back-alley procedures or to desperate people trying to self-abort with knitting needles, coat hangers, or overdosing on a natural abortifacient.

Any action that supports restricting or banning abortion spells out disaster, our own personal Hells, for people who want or need abortions.

Faeries, be they Sidhe or any other kind, cannot abide the touch of iron. To them, it’s worse than molten plutonium. It burns them like fire, scars them, poisons them. There’s a lot of folklore about cold iron, and it’s a widely held belief that it refers only to cold-forged iron, but that’s a bunch of hooey. When the old stories refer to cold iron, they’re being poetic, like when they say “hot lead.” If you want to hurt one of the fae, you just need iron, including any alloy containing it, to hurt them.
And man, does it ever hurt them
—  Cold Days
It has nothing to do with whether you like God’s rules. It’s not your kingdom. If you want to operate by your own rules, then you need to go out and create your own world. But as long as you are in God’s world, where God has set the rules, you must abide by His rules or you become a rebel against His kingdom government.
—  Tony Evans
They are no longer eager to deal with each case to the best
of their abilities; they are no longer anxious to find the most
appropriate solution for every problem. Their main concern is
to comply with the rules and regulations, no matter whether
they are reasonable or contrary to what was intended. The first
virtue of an administrator is to abide by the codes and decrees.
—  Ludwig Von Mises on Bureaucracy,

The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (1969)

by Harlan Ellison

“It crouches near the center of creation. There is no night where it waits. Only the riddle of which terrible dream will set it loose. It beheaded mercy to take possession of that place. It feasts on darkness from the minds of men. No one has ever seen its eyeless face. When it sleeps we know a few moments of peace. But when it breathes again we go down in fire and mate with jackals. It knows our fear. It has our number. It waited for our coming and it will abide long after we have become congealed smoke. It has never heard music, and shows its fangs when we panic. It is the beast of our savage past, hungering today, and waiting patiently for the mortal meal of all our golden tomorrows. It lies waiting.”

This fantastic short story collection features two of Ellison’s most famous, the Nebula Award winner “A Boy and His Dog” and the Hugo Award–winning short story that lends the collection its title. These and the entire book will knock you off your feet. - from Amazon.com

Finding the Right “Fit”

There’s a been a lot of talk recently about finding and applying to colleges that are the right “fit” for you, but sometimes it’s hard to judge which schools are an actual “fit.” After having seen my older brother go through the college apps process, been on 13+ college tours, and done extensive research, these are the rules and resources I abide by.

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Well things didn’t go so great. They outright denied that they were in any way defaulting on the lease, and they told me that since I used the words “broken into” that it must have been actually broken (because apparently you can’t pick a lock without completely annihilating it, according to them) that since I didn’t want fill out a work order to get it fixed that they have no responsibility for this. They also shirked off all responsibility for keeping the public areas of the apartments safe, despite the fact that it blatantly says it verbatim in the lease, which I showed her. Still she denied it and told me that I could leave whenever I wanted but that I’m still responsible for all the months of rent until my lease is up (which is to say that I defaulted on the lease, which expires in January).

This matter could be resolved easily if they actually read their lease and abided by it. Instead, I have to take legal action now. I’ve already reported the complex to the police, who have approved the case for investigation, however she didn’t even care. She didn’t even consider that they were in violation of the city and state’s regulations for safety and criminal behavior.

My mom thinks she’s BSing through her teeth, because she’s scared. I will need to seek out a lawyer, however. And I will be moving within 30 days. I will get out of this hell hole and I will not owe them anything more than the next month’s rent.

Gosh, I’m seething and I’m thinking some pretty un-Christian thoughts right now. I still need to trust that God can handle this and deal with in the way it needs to be handled. I just want to punch something right now. Also throw up.

Six Random Things About Me

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1) I have a deep and abiding fear of dark water, leopard seals, and those creepy ass spiders that carry their thousands of creepy ass babies on their backs.

2) I really enjoy hurricanes. At least until the power goes out.

3) I ran away from home for about ten minutes when I was seven. I packed two bread rolls and a cookie and came home before anyone even realized I was gone.

4) I had a crush on a guy in middle school who is now on Death Row. And I’ve already told y'all about my barfighting-gator-killing ex. So you don’t even have to say it…I can admit that I have terrible taste.

5) I can’t whistle. Like at all.

6) One of my goals is to be a cook on a crab boat in Alaska. Don’t ask - I don’t know.

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The Platonist in me definitely wishes Max Brod had abided by Kafka’s request and burned his diaries at least. I’ve seen too many kids use the whiny messages contained therein to rationalize that ~depression is for people who are deep~ arf arf

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night….

TONIGHT I PRAY that you come to the Lord and find rest.  He is all around you and wants to bless and restore each one of you.  We need to breathe Him in with each breath we take.  The way ahead can be dark and steep.  Grab unto His hand with openness and trust.  Ask the Holy Spirit within you to order your day and control your thoughts, for the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.  You can have as much of HIS peace as you want, through correct choices that you make with Him each day. Choose to get closer to Him through His Word and prayer, so that He will be an ever present help in times of trouble.  As you savor this gift, you find HIM.  When you abide in Him, you find joy and peace.  His peace will never leave you even until the end of time.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen…  I love you all!!!!  God bless you!!!! ♥♥♥ http://dlvr.it/BfZxKT

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Hi :) I really like your blog and your writings are awesome...I'd just like to ask for some advice. I'm this uptight person who insists that everyone abides by the school rules. Every time my deskmates start chatting away I have this impulse to tell them to pay attention, and I just can't stand people being rowdy in class when the teachers aren't around. I often feel that there should be some order in school life. I'm just honestly afraid that I'll get hated on by my class. It's happened before.

I honestly don’t have much to say for this… Basically, you need to mind your own business and make sure your classmates know not to bother you when you are working or trying to pay attention.

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You do whats best for you and set a good example for the rest of the class without being snippy or preachy… Maybe you’ll set a good example and the rest will follow along. :)

Good luck! <3

One big reason religious conservatives are freaked the fuck out by trans people? We assert autonomy and control over our own bodies. We want to make this life- our life- as fulfilling as we can RIGHT NOW. They really can't abide that.