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For another time! I am going to say JayTim and 19 (going undercover?) please and thank you :3

This isn’t exactly ‘undercover’, but close enough. And it actually got kind of long :D


Tim considers himself to be a good person, generally. He is polite and law-abiding and helps little, old ladies cross the street. Well, not really, but only because the little, old ladies in Gotham don’t need help crossing the street and will tell you so while smacking you with their fifteen pound carpet bags. But he would, and so he’s a good person.

All of the machines are taken, is the problem they’re faced with. The Laundromat is packed and Tim and Stephanie are standing just inside the front doors, holding a bag of dirty clothes between them. It’s huge and heavy and his arms are tired from hauling it eight blocks.

“Okay,” Steph says, and it’s in her resolute voice, the one that means she’s going to do something and if you get in her way you’ll get a brick to the face. “We have to steal one.“ 

Tim is a good person. If ever he does something less than the standard of a boy scout, it’s necessary.

And this is necessary.

Or so Stephanie says. When he looks around at all of the innocent people washing their clothes and not deserving of being screwed over as far as he knows and then looks back at Steph, she sets her jaw and peers into his soul imploringly.  

"I know it’s shitty, but it needs to be done, babe. I have to be at work in less than two hours and my uniform is trashed. If I’m late again I will be fired.”

Tim readjusts his grip on the mesh bag. He wants to point out that proper planning and good life choices would have prevented her from being in this situation is the first place, but it’s a moot point now and really not worth having her be angry at him. And besides, it would be awfully hypocritical.

“Fine,” is what he ends up saying. “How do you want to do this?”

“Good man. Okay, see that guy over there?” With both hands supporting their bag of clothes, she motions with her chin. Tim looks to where she is looking, at two men in the corner.

“The utterly lost, newly-divorced middle aged father doing laundry for the first time ever or the unfairly attractive, tatted-up bad boy that I would let do unmentionable things to me?”

“Bad boy.”

“Great. Yes, I see him.”

Stephanie leans in close and speaks quickly. “Here’s the plan: he's just started taking out his load to put in the dryer, and he has another one ready to be put in, but you can’t that happen, okay? You’re going to go distract him while I sneak our clothes in the washer.”

“How the hell am I supposed to distract him?”

Steph bounces on the balls of her feet. “I don’t know, go tell him all about the unmentionable things you want him to do to you.”

Tim knows he needs to hurry on over there and start The Plan but he can’t help taking another moment to make Stephanie anxious. “Well I can’t tell him, sweetie, they’re unmentionable.”

“Then climb on top of the folding table and show him, sweetie,” she hisses as she shoves Tim away.

He drops the bag and stumbles over to his target. The whole situation makes him feel like he’s in a crappy spy movie. Mission Impossible VI: Laundry Day.

Tim sidles up behind Bad Boy just as he’s putting the last of his things into the dryer and starting it. He turns around to grab his next load of clothes and Tim jumps in front in him. He’s too far into the guy’s personal space and so he takes a step back, but not before the guy notices with a raised eyebrow.

“Hi,” Tim says.

“…Hey,” answers Bad Boy. His back is to the now empty machine. Tim intends to keep it that way. He can see Stephanie slinking around to come up behind them, dragging the bag after her.

“Can I smell your fabric softener?”

Bad Boy stares. “My… fabric softener.”

“Yeah,” Tim answers breezily, like this is a totally normal conversation that normal people have with strangers. He gets eyed up and down, like maybe the guy thinks Tim is going to pull a knife and steal his dirty underwear like a creep, but eventually he shrugs and picks up a bottle and hands it over.

Tim uncaps it and inhales. It smells amazing, but all fabric softener smells amazing, that’s its job.

“That’s good stuff,” Tim hums. He keeps his nose in the open top like he can’t get enough. "Where’d you get it?“

"It’s- it’s Downy. You can get it literally anywhere.”

“Ah, well, good to know. Thanks.” He finally puts the cap back on and sets it down next to Bad Boy’s detergent.

The guy nods, still looking at Tim a bit warily, and moves to grab his dirty clothes.

Tim panics and blurts out, “Can I feel?”

“What?” He’s incredulous but at least it’s directed toward Tim and not Stephanie, who has finally made it to the machine, has edged her way behind Bad Boy and is opening her bag. She shoots Tim a thumbs up over the guy’s shoulder.

“Your clothes, I mean. Can I feel your clothes? Because it smells great and all, but more important than smell is efficiency. So I need to know if it makes clothes soft.” Before he can answer, Tim reaches over and snatches up something from his basket of clean, folded clothes. He presses it to his face, as if he didn’t get a good enough sample smell from the bottle itself. It is soft. And still warm.

“Wha- you’re. That’s.” None of the starters see a middle or an end.

Tim pulls the fabric away and realises what exactly he’s holding. Boxers.

He has just grabbed a stranger’s underwear and shoved his face into it.

The moment is a personal high. Even Stephanie has taken a quick break from stuffing clothes into the washing machine to twist around and (silently) laugh at him.

“Well it is soft. You have good taste in, uh. Laundry equipment.”

Bad Boy just stares at him and while Tim doesn’t mind it too much, he needs to fill the silence, cover up the small noises of Stephanie closing the door to the machine.

“I’m Tim.”


Stephanie is reaching into her pockets. All of them. Over and over again.

“Jason. Nice. That’s um, a nice name.”

“Hey, Tim.”

“Yes, Jason?”

She looks up with manic eyes.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

And that’s a pretty good excuse for whatever the hell Tim is doing. It’s a perfectly reasonable excuse. Jason has given him an out, and he takes it gratefully. “Yes! Yeah, I am.”

Stephanie waves her arms and it’s hard to not glance past Jason and acknowledge her, but he understands. She has no coins.

“You’re not very good at it.”

“I’m aware.” He is, he really does know. He can’t even defend that this isn’t him flirting, because it’s pretty much as good as it would be if he was.

But back to the immediate problem: the lack of money.

Tim leans against the folding table where Jason has set up his stuff. His hand “slips” and knocks off the pile of dirty clothes. Jason drops down to pick them up. Tim takes his wallet from his back pocket and tosses it over Jason’s head. Stephanie catches it and takes out some bills. She throws the wallet back to Tim and dashes off to the far back corner of the Laundromat to the bills-to-coins machine.

Tim thinks he would make a great spy. Eat your heart out, Ethan Hunt.

Jason has gathered his clothes and stands, depositing them on the table once more.

“Oh, sorry about that.”

“It’s fine.”

As Jason straightens his pile Stephanie tiptoes back looking a little too much like Bugs Bunny to not be intentional. She crams the quarters into the slots and pushes the slide in slowly, carefully, silently. It clicks faintly and turns on. Stephanie sprints away.

Mission Completed.

Jason turns around and sees the washing machine running. “Damn! Someone stole my machine! Did you see them? Do you know who it was?” he asks Tim.

“No! Nope, sorry, I was just watching you.”

Jason sighs, sets his stuff back on the table. "Well I guess I’m gonna have to wait.“

"That sure sucks,” Tim says, trying to sound super sympathetic. And he is, a little. “Well, I have to go… launder.”

“Right.” Jason looks around and then back at Tim. “Where is your stuff?”

And that is a great question, totally fair, because Tim, if he were normal, would have clothes and detergent and such. But he isn’t, and he doesn’t, because his clothes are in Jason’s machine.

“Um. Well. I-”

“Hey, Timmy, here’s your stuff.” Stephanie appears like a slightly sweaty angel and pushes the half empty mesh bag at him.  

“Ah, yes, thank you. Here is my stuff. That I need to go launder.”

Stephanie whispers, “Stop saying ‘launder’.”

“I wish I would,” Tim whispers back.

Stephanie addresses Jason. “You should give this jackass your number. I know he probably got super weird and freaked you out, but he’s great when he’s not so nervous.”

Tim wants to be offended but can’t help a smile and has to bite back a cooing noise.

Jason laughs. “Well if you insist.”

“I do.”

With a wave Jason motions for Tim to hand over this phone and he inputs his own number.

“I’ll see you around, Tim”

“Yup, yeah. That’s great, I’ll see you-”

“Okay,” Stephanie thankfully interrupts, grabs Tim’s arm and pulls him away.

“Oh, Tim,” Jason calls.


“You’re still holding my underwear.”

the amount of bureaucracy that ive had to endure to keep this wooly mammoth as a legally abiding pet is really kafkaesque. Almost as kafkaesque as my daughter randomly turning into a wooly mammoth one day,

Full Name:
Ka’in Thal

Gender and Sexuality:
Male, pansexual



Midlander/Miqo’te (miglander father, sunseeker mother)

Birthplace and Birthdate:
Uldah, 15th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

Guilty Pleasures:
Alcohol, ”illegal herbs”, expensive clothing


What They Would Be Famous For :
Being at the wrong place at the wrong time

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
Stealing, gambling, killing. As a thief by occupation it comes with the territory.

OC(s) You Ship Them With:  -

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
Every law abiding one.

Favorite Book Genre:
Cheesy romance novels

Least Favorite Book Cliche:
“It was all just a  dream”

Talents and/or Powers:
- very charismatic, can convince victims to part with their belongings before he even has to attempt stealing them
- light on his feet
- can only see out of one eye after an incident, but his other senses never fail him since he’s always on alert

Why Someone Might Love Them:
Deep down, he does actually care about more then just himself. He is however very guarded and not about to let anyone see his feelings any time soon.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
If you hate him he most likely stole your shit or slept with your wife/husband. He doesn’t actively go around trying to make people dislike him, but his actions say otherwise. Has a habit of lying through his teeth, which has gotten him in trouble with plenty of others.

How They Change:
Ka’in grew up poor and hungry, fighting to survive in the streets after his mother died from illness, the father long gone even before Ka’in’s birth, he attempted to live honestly for a long time before finally succumbing to a life of thievery simply to survive. This life style has caused him to make a habit of lying and being manipulative.

Why You Love Them:
He’s not perfect, he’s not rich but he’s making it by with what he’ s got. Ka’in is fun to RP with in a different way then my other characters, he’s not a genuinely nice person and will use other characters if they benefit him, and that makes him an interesting “friend” to have. It also allows me to see which players of the community can actually differentiate between IC/OOC,  as in: if my character betrays yours.. it has nothing to do with how i feel about you OOC.

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Is it not sufficient that He serves you reminders, through His evident will for your heart to remain beating. Each beat, reminding you of your purpose and goal, and the path that your soul was created to walk upon, ultimately bringing your journey to conclude upon His grounds, abiding therein eternally. Consider that every beat is Him silently communicating to you this reminder: there is a potential and light within you, and it has not yet perished, it lives, yet sleeps, and awaits awakening; the clouds of your own ignorance and despair too often blind you from recognizing the purity you innately hold within. But let each beat serve as a reminder of the purity that in truth, lives, for He sees it — and perhaps He has willed for your heart to remain beating, for the reason that you may return to Him someday by the recognition of the light, potential and purity you carry. Your days are limited. And the One whose Hand has a grip upon your soul, can without difficulty, will for death to overtake you, before your two eyelids meet. Awaken. Remember your purpose. Hurry to Him.

Btw, if you don’t agree or like what i wrote then feel free to press the unfollow button. I won’t stop you because i will say whatever i want and don’t have to abide by anyones opinions. I am perfectly free to write anything i want and no anon hate in the world will make me change!

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Silas mitchell for the thign!

t here she is,,, i haven’t drawn her in. a while omg.

Full Name: Silas Mitchell
Gender and Sexuality: ??? / Pan most likely
Pronouns: they/them, she/her, he/him
Ethnicity/Species: ngl i’m pretty sure silas is not wholly organic ?? i forget the term
Birthplace and Birthdate: April 20th 2xxx (presumably)
Guilty Pleasures: junk foooood
Phobias: spiders and being ostracized.
What They Would Be Famous For: she is kinda. she sings.
What They Would Get Arrested For: probably getting rea lly drunk and then driving … she tries to abide by The Law
OC You Ship Them With: :o she belongs to an irl friend
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: uH maybe mitu or bonasso weeps
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: actually gritty action stuff aha…
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: deus ex machina >:o
Talents and/or Powers: evidently she is a good singer , she’s also pretty persuasive >:o
Why Someone Might Love Them: she’s pretty energetic and outgoing !
Why Someone Might Hate Them: but she’s also kinda melodramatic and kinda spoiled r.i.p.
How They Change: less spoiled ! and she gets. braver (is that a word)
Why You Love Them: she’s one of my oldest ;;

Into The Ring

chapter 1: sanctioning body

  • a group that organizes world title bouts

rated: M (no nsfw in this chapter)
summaryIn a world of underground fighting only the strong survive, abiding by the rules of kill or be killed. In the Ring, a feeble emotion like hope is all it takes to destroy you. And yet it exists– and those who hold onto it play a dangerous game. But once you enter into the Ring, it will never let you go.

On we go with Chapter 1!! This is where the story really starts off!We’re so happy you guys liked it so far, and gave us such amazing responses!

read: prologue | all | on FF.net

Fifteen years later.

Gajeel Redfox wasn’t a man of many words. He never had been, preferring to stay to himself instead of mingling with his peers and grabbing a beer with them after work. Of course he was friendly enough to his partner and a select few in the department, but most were too afraid to go anywhere near the frightening-looking detective.

He was a tall beast of a man, with wild black hair that fell down his back. His right arm was scarred, but that was hardly the most frightening thing about him.

It was the rows of piercings that were studded in his flesh along his arms and in his face. Each silver piece flashed when he scowled, or when his arms flexed in a menacing gesture. When he was in a black mood, people ran for cover and vacated the gym where he usually went to blow off some steam.

His appearance hardly met department regulations, but that, and the cat that followed him around, were conveniently overlooked by his captain.

Because if anyone ever needed back up, Redfox was the one they wanted in their corner. So everyone ignored the long hair, and no one asked about the cat.

He was a perfect addition to Vice as one of their detectives. The way he spoke and looked only served to intimidate junkies and dealers. But to those who he knew and trusted on his squad, Gajeel was a softie.

And unfortunately, some people tried to take advantage of that fact.

Namely, one blonde journalist and her small, cute friend. The pair always tried to squeeze him for information they needed and, dammit, it worked most of the time–much to Gajeel’s aggravation.

He just couldn’t say no.

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That ep was so cute though??? Mildred is my future, Dean is just too damn pretty…

Brothers, you guys. So many brother moments, I literally have a sore face from grinning like a loon at them. My babiesssssss.

Dean making a dick joke ah yes I love you Dean, god knows why. “I am a candle in the wind.”

Brothers actually talking about their feelings, the world is for sure ending. Sam talking about Lucy to Dean, Dean being supportive. Fuck yes.

Can I just give Misha all the awards? Because Misha playing Cas possessed by Lucifer pretending to be Cas is the best thing ever to happen to his character ever. Lucy!Cas is the best. THE BEST. He played Dean, he played him hard, and Dean barely even noticed. Dean spilled his guts about Amara! Well done, Lucy, you devil you. A+


Sam being the biggest Dean fan and proud of it yesss. Big brother Dean and little brother Sam are what I Am Here For.

The Banshee attacked Dean… Dean is vulnerable. Dean has always been vulnerable but to have them actually acknowledge it, thank you. Dean. Talk to your brother you idjit.

Mildred telling Dean he is pining. I love it cause canon it means Amara but all the fandom shippers will claim it for their ships. :D

Brothers being in sync and walking away with their cute butts and drinking beers.

TALKING ABOUT PURGATORY fucking finally. Dean telling Sam he forgives him for not looking for him, Sam saying sorry. YES. TALK ABOUT MORE THINGS.

“All that matters – all that’s ever mattered – is that we’re together.” - Dean Winchester, Season 11, Episode 11, referring to him and Sam. BROTHERS.

BROTHERS being brothers and saying good night to each other and my poor baby Dean is a tortured soul and Sam getting forgiveness/closure and Lucy!Cas killing it and Jody next ep. You guys. This was awesome.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Blocks Rules Protecting Trans Students
The Republican governor says a 2014 ruling in favor of a trans student's equal access requires the legislature to take action, not his administration.

Maine’s Republican governor has blocked the state’s Department of Education and Human Rights Commission from issuing legally binding rules that would guarantee transgender students equal access, reports the Associated PressInstead, schools statewide will be encouraged to abide by “guidelines” about how to treat transgender students, issued by the Human Rights Commission last month, but will not face penalties for failing to comply with these suggestions.

The formal rules were drafted by the Maine Human Rights Commission and the Department of Education in response to a 2014 ruling from Maine’s high court in the case of Nicole Maines, a transgender student who was denied access to the girls’ bathroom (after years of using that facility without incident) at her elementary school. With the support of the state’s Human Rights Commission, the rules would have established a legal standard for trans students statewide, affirming that they have the right to access the gender-segregated facilities (like bathrooms and locker rooms) and sports teams that correspond with their gender.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Paul LePage told the AP the governor has read the ruling, and believes that it requires the state legislature to take action on the issue, not the executive branch. But advocates of equal access for trans students say the governor is misinterpreting that landmark ruling, which also saw Maines awarded a $75,000 settlement for the violation of her rights by school officials.