abi stevens

anonymous asked:

i would not pay 10$ for your art, it's not even that good or worth that i prefer mayor abys

uhm, okay cool? @mayor-aby​ congratulations you win ┐(‘~`   )┌


How will you collapse?
How do you fall?

Do you break down in the heat of fire,
re-forge in the embers – a broken blade -
smooth and sharp but brittle,
falling apart with a snap
in the throws of your next war,
in a fray, in a clash of metal?

The iron in your blood is rusting
and seeps up through your skin until
all you are is reddish brown and crumbling.

Do you wear down like well-worn fabric,
falling away, softly – a few threads -
quiet and gentle collapse,
drifting apart on a breeze,
pulled away by small abrasions
on your skin, fading out?

The strands of your hair are brittle
and float apart and away until
you cannot hide those eyes anymore.

Or do you bend under the pressure,
‘pull yourself together’ – re-form -
as diamond and ashes?
Brush away the dust,
you are impenetrable,
even your flaws encased
in ice, unchangable.

Your skin is rough to the touch
and will not let them in again
even as it will not let you out.

How do you stand?

How will you stand again?