abi shh

holy Sherbets

did we all know that Irene sat in the same position as Sherlock?

i never realised until now

they clearly did it on purpose, that’s the only part of the shot that’s in focus.

ed. the parallels are ridiculous, i would say setting everything up for equal footing and the interpretation that they were pure two sides of the same coin. All was on purpose, there was no failing on either part, specifically the end. 

I wish there was a Firefly and Serenity game
Where you could play any of characters
And at the end it was possible to save Wash
It would be hard and you would have to collect special quick running stuff and extra health and you’d have to sprint to the piloting area
And you would have to use fancy button clicking to get him out of the way
But you could do it
And it would hurt less
And you’d be crying the whole time