abi arts


The acnl community has been filled with much negativity lately
I didn’t like that
So I decided to doodle some of my favorite mayors on tumblr and at the same time practice poses mayors belong to @bramblescrossing, @hime-crossing, @mayor-peachy, @mayor-aby, @mayor-mami, @mayorchibi, @ellesanimalhaven
I hope none of you mind
Your mayors were really fun to draw ^^

so apparently, before Michelangelo became The Famous Michelangelo and he was just an unknown artist, he tried to earn a little more money by passing off one of his sculptures of Cupid as an ancient roman artifact. the scheme was found out and he ended up losing money, but in the long term it kickstarted his career into an artist worth as much money as the romans he tried to copy. here’s the thing that caught me though: that cupid statue went missing sometime in the 1600s. we don’t know where it is or if it still exists.

so here’s what i want from hollywood right now: an ambitious, unknown artist in New York City, 2016, who’s desperate for some extra cash. she decides, hey… what if i can forge Michaelangelo’s forgery? artist forgery-heist movie, boom.