abi arts

second comm from @kerbabbles kwoipgohetuw i’M JUST

kind of a companion piece to the first when he’s like wtf BUT THIS TIME he’s watching her do a reading for the first time and ‘she’s actually good at this she reminds me of Asra a little even wait what what’s happening’

why yes I do have an explanation for everything orz

look at this commission of my @thearcanagame apprentice and Julian from @kerbabbles??? I’m so happy??? I’m just… screaming?? I keep staring at it like *eyezooms*

anyway, meet Laika, who’s so jumpy by nature that when she tried to run away from Julian in the shop and he pulled her back, she just straight up passed out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lowkey Julian’s like ‘……. this is Asra’s apprentice really’ yes Julian really

O geminin bir gün geleceğine en az İsmail abi kadar inanıyorum. Bir de İsmail abinin hala beklediğine emin olduğum kadar eminim geleceğine. Geldiğinde orda olmayı diliyorum. Yüzümdeki gülümsemeyi hayal edebiliyorum. Siz de bekleyin çünkü gelecek ve buna değecek.