[](/abhuh)”Sweetie, what are you doin in mah bow?”

[](/sbstare)”Oh! Apple Bloom! … uh… nothing”

This is another collab Sweetie, this time with @kekerino. He draws nice ears and damn fine curls. Might have to steal his ears too we’ll see what’s good. I’ve been stealing his memes for years I might as well steal his art too right. Think I got a pretty nice mix of our two styles off his sketch, I think it’s got mostly my proportions but lots of Kek flavor.

Feels real good to get back to some Sweetie after all that con prep, unfortunately I’ll have to get right back to horses that aren’t Sweetie because EFNW in a few weeks. Goddamn shame, that.

Anyways enjoy a Belle, and thanks for the sketch Kek!