One of Them (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

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One of Them

Keith holds his breath.

He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t, because he knows that nothing good ever comes from expecting things to go well. Especially when something as complex and easily-broken as a relationship is on the line. Especially when the thing he hopes others will accept is so abhorrent that even he has a hard time accepting it sometimes. Especially since he’s spent the past ten years bracing himself for the worst whenever someone finds out, and he’s never been wrong.

Especially when the one who discovers him this time has spent twelve long months being tortured by the species he doesn’t want to call his own.

But something has told him that maybe, just maybe, this time could be different. He trusts them. They’re his friends. And, despite that, when they find out, he runs.

He should have stayed. Then, maybe, he could have calmly explained what had happened and why he hadn’t told them. Then, maybe, they would be more likely to realize that he isn’t some Galra spy. Then, maybe, his normal self would shine through, past the purple skin and furred ears and yellow eyes, and they would know that it’s Keith.

Then, maybe, he wouldn’t have ended up here, arms wrapped protectively around his middle as he glares across the room, anticipating judgment from the one person he fears can end his life without breaking a sweat.

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God, why do you let bad stuff happen?

Have you every been angry at God? 

Like when you watch the news and discover that there has been yet another terrorist attack, killing dozens of innocent people. Or when someone you love passes away well before their time, or when you take a look at the abhorrent state of poverty that billions of people are enduring while others have so much wealth. 

I have become full of anger at the injustice and despair that our world squalors in and have often cried out to God demanding, ‘why are you letting this happen?’. But, my question is… should our anger and frustration really be directed at God?

I find that whenever something terrible happens, its always a matter of time before the blame game comes into play.  I mean there are the obvious ones, like yes the terrorists killed those people, they are at fault. But there is often another level of blame that generally gets laid on God. The question of ‘how can He stand by and watch this happen?’, ‘How can He be Love but allow these hate crimes to happen to His children, His creations, His masterpieces?’.

Now, before I continue, I ask for grace, as I completely know that this is one of the main points of debate within the christian community and even outside of christian circles. I am not claiming to know all the answers, I just feel like this has been placed on my heart recently as I have had my mind opened to this by others older and wiser than myself, so please read this kindly. 

The firstly i’d like to break the assumption that everything that happens is Gods will. God’s will for us was displayed in the Garden of Eden. A life in complete connection with Him, a life and world without any trace of sin. He offered us perfection but we chose destruction. God’s will for us did not and does not involve sin, pain, disease, trials, disappointments despair or anything that is not good. If it’s not good, it’s not caused by God. 

Psalms 145v9 says, ‘The Lord is good to all, He has compassion on all He has made’. 

James 1v17 says, ‘Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows’.

Psalms 34v8 says, ‘Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him’.

Psalms 119v68 says, ‘You are good, and what You do is good. Teach me Your decrees’.

These verses prove that God is good all the time, in the middle of all our hardships and anger about the state of our world. Its all well and good to say that He is good, but do we really believe it? The fact is our world is full of woe. Everything is fallen. Biology is fallen, we are still ageing, we get diseases, our bodies decay. This was not God’s intention. Psychology is fallen, we live amid fear and worries, depression and negativity. Our thought lives are easily manipulated by evil. This was not God’s intention. Geo Physics is fallen. There are earthquakes, tsunamis and natural disasters that have the power to take livelihoods, lives and tear a part families. This was not God’s intention. Our choices are often fallen. We constantly choose the world and it’s pretty wrappings over the Goodness of God and His plans for each of our lives. This was not God’s intention, it was sin’s making. Satan is the Prince of this earth right now until Jesus comes back in a blaze of Glory… But, the Lord has given us the authority and placed us here to work through us and bring His hope to the hopeless world. 

There is the phrase used a lot in ‘christianise’ conversations that ‘God always gave us a choice’. This is so true as cliche as it sounds. Just like how we had the freedom to choose in the Garden, We now have the freedom to chose to respond to God, who does not and will not abandon His creation. 

God does not leave us defenceless and weak in the face of the evil that resides in our world. He gave us the cross. The greatest display of Love that the world has ever seen. A way for us to re-kindle the original intention God had for us in the Garden of Eden. One with relationship, a close Father and child bond. This is the complete opposite of abandoning us or walking away because the earth was too far gone. He sent us a Hope, that brought about the age of Grace. 

Let me just clear up some stuff that is often lost in translation when it comes to the age of Grace… It is not a green light for us to waltz around doing what ever we please under the name of ‘grace’ because God will forgive us anyway so we may as well live it up. Wrong. Nope. Stop. What Grace actually does is enable us to become the people God created us to be, and intended us to be. It rips away the veil of sin that separated us from Him and brings us back into His presence once more. 

Grace is also not a magical repellant against hard times. Unfortunately, the world is fallen, and it’s effects will touch all of us in some way shape or form.. But Grace does enable us to endure hard times. After all, real faith trusts a person (God), not the outcome. 

Grace is also not overlooking sin.. it does however, enable us to access God and His forgiveness, His peace, His power and His rest. 

The Age of Grace is now. We have the job of prayerfully, passionately and purposefully influencing our fallen world. We have the duty of bringing heaven to earth like it says in Matthew 6v9 ‘your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…’. God’s will is not the current state of this place. His will is that what it is like in Heaven will be bought down to earth. That is our job as HIs ambassadors on earth, to pray against evil, to rebuke corruption, to lift up the broken, to give the silent a voice, to care for the sick… to be Jesus’s hands and feet on this earth. We are His vessels in this Age of Grace, and our number one weapon against the terror in this world is prayer. 

So, my brothers and sisters… Join with me and take the blame and anger off God. For He is Good all the time, and the evil and corrupt state of this world was not what He wanted for us, His beloved children. The joy, peace and perfect world He really wants for us awaits us in eternity with Him. 

-31women (Gabi)

anonymous asked:

In regards to your "best to worst lords" list, where would you rank Corrin (all three routes each) and Azura (all three routes each) on the list?

(see here if you haven’t read it yet)

BR!Corrin would probably be about inbetween Heroes!Marth and Chrom - inoffensive but bog standard and a little boring. RV!Corrin would be just below Kris - messianic and big Gary Stu. CQ!Corrin is dead last - idiotic and lacking any form of logical reason, wit, or spine.

Azura is inbetween Robin and Heroes!Marth - better than what I expected, but abhorrently selfish and unnecessarily cryptic for all of the wrong reasons.

The Islamification of Europe and the Latinoification of America.

By Aristocratic Anarchist.

*This post’s title comes from a Tumblr user who shall remain anonymous and uses it rather positively and in a self-congratulatory manner. To that person, this post is dedicated to their cruelness and lack of humanity.

On Monday evening, The Democratic National Convention showed its stripes and colors to the world. Illegal Hispanic immigrants took to the stage saying that they were “American citizens,” Soy Americana. They continued the night’s bashing of Trump and claimed that his policies were abhorrent. No nation, in their eyes, should restrict immigration.

This morning, A Catholic priest in Normandy, France was beheaded by two Muslim men with ties to the Islamic State. In the past week, Germany has experienced an unprecedented series of attacks by Muslim “refugees and migrants.”

In the weeks prior, the French Prime Minister told the public that they must deal with terrorism, while a German minister claimed closing the borders was “dangerous.”



In the United States, and Western Europe, entire populations face the onslaught of illegal immigration. Individuals with limited education, low labor skills, and an almost non-existent chance of social mobility.


Yet daring to criticize this crisis or recommend immigration restrictions results in comparisons ranging from “racist,” “Hitler,” or “White Supremacist.”

We are no longer allowed to have a civilized discussion or dialogue on immigration. Europe has stayed silent for long and they are experiencing a war.

A war of demographics.

In his 2000 work, “The Colonization of Europe,” European New Right author Guillaume Faye warned that France and Europe was facing a conflict with “The South,” aka Africa and The Middle East. Citing France’s increasingly open borders policies from the 1970′s, he said the tide of immigration would eventually result in Europeans facing a conflict with incoming African and Muslim immigrants.

Across Europe, the refugee crisis has exploded a situation that is decades in the making. Until the elites of Europe admit their multicultural experiment has failed and Islam is not Western-civilization-compatible, nothing will change.

In the United States, we’ve lived with the effects of ever-expanding illegal and legal immigration. The quotas and restrictions  that were commonplace during most of the 20th century. Liberals, along with many “conservatives,” are in favor of amnesty for illegals, open borders and utopian multicultural “melting pot” future.

Until now…

In the same populist and nationalist tradition as the European far-rightists, Donald Trump has made immigration a key point of his campaign. While many have denounced his views, his campaign has exposed a shadow of reality, the elites in their gated communities don’t experience.

The melting pot of immigration is frozen and assimilation is no longer to be found among many legions of current immigrants. Meanwhile, the academic and media elites discourage assimilation, foster immigrant group identities, all while denying long-time American citizens their right to an identity, national, regional, cultural, etc.

Whether or not, Trump’s populist rhetoric will translate into constructive action if elected is unknown. Yet a shadow of reality now casts itself across the American and European landscapes. It’s message is clear, direct and to the point.

“Against Globalism, Against Open Borders, For National Sovereignty!”

Millbrook High School

Dear, Millbrook High School. In all of my four years spent walking in and smelling the abhorrent morning breakfasts from the cafeteria I never thought I’d say this, but I love you. In all of my classes I’ve taken, I’ve learned unplanned lessons. Some I don’t remember off the top of my head but continue to use. There are so many memories made in those halls. Admittedly, most of those memories were made in the choir room & auditorium. Some were also made out of the school with choir.

To the teachers I’ve had: Thank you. I can’t put in to words how thankful I am to all of you for the lessons you’ve given me. Also, sorry. Because there’s a high likelyness that I may have slept through your class…more than once.

To the friends I’ve made: You guys are what have gotten me through these past 4 years. When I was alone choir was the one constant that got me through some of the most depressing moments of my life. I can honestly say I’m going to miss each and every single one of you. And, if you ever want to visit, feel free. Especially next year. I’ll have my own off-campus apartment so feel free to come and stay as long as you need. If you ever need me, I am a call, a text, a two hour drive, and then right at your door. I will always be there.

To the people I’ve dated: Thank you thank you thank you for loving me at some point in my life. And, even if you didn’t love me, thank you for making me atleast feel loved for a short period of time. I wish you the happyness you deserve. And if things didn’t work out, they just weren’t meant to. Some of you I still love and always will. We may not be together the way we expected, but I will always. ALWAYS. Be here as a friend.

To the people who’re still at Millbrook: Graduating is like a breakup. For some. Some people are just ready to leave. For others that have something to miss, like choir, it may be like a breakup. You’ll be sad at first, you’ll miss it, you know you’ll always love it, but you also will know it’s time to move on to better things. Please appreciate what you have while you have it. You don’t realize how sheltered you are and how much help is available to you everywhere. Take advantage of the resources available to you and use it to grow.

To everyone: Please, please. Strive for more. Everyone has an amazing future ahead of them. Everyone has a glo up just waiting to happen to them. Please don’t settle just for what makes you comfortable. There are infinite possibilities available to you. Go after them. Live your life to the fullest and never stop striving for something more. And never feel unloved or alone because I guarantee there is always someone that cares about you. If you ever need a self-esteem boost, just hmu and I’ll stop what I’m doing to talk to you because you are so much more important than you’ll ever know.

So, to my teachers, friends, exs, people at MHS, and everyone: There’s always someone here for you. And if you ever feel alone, just hit a girl up. I’m here. Goodbye, MHS. The memories have been numerous and all cherished.

Your Bloodborne Boss Name

Take the last letter of your tumblr user name.
Take the first letter of your first name.

There you go! Enjoy


A: Tormented
B: Cursed
C: Merciless
D: Undead
E: Snail
F: Dark
G: All-seeing
H: Ancient
I: Runesmith
J: Blood-soaked
K: Rotten
L: The Last
M: Vileblood
N: Blood-letting
O: Mad
P: Scourge
Q: The First
R: Lost
S: Sparkling
T: Abhorrent
U: Celestial
V: Ethereal
W: Crow
X: Nightmare
Y: Holy
Z: Cyclopean


A: Hunter
B: Doctor
C: Scholar
D: Beast
E: Patient
F: Pthumerian
G: Executioner
H: Powder Keg
I: Experiment
J: Saint
K: Gatekeeper
L: Puppet
M: Host
N: Dude in a wheelchair
O: Warhound
P: Philosopher
Q: Spider
R: Newborn
S: Vicar
T: Emissary
U: Apostle
V: Mother
W: Martyr
X: Provost
Y: Giant
Z: Nurse

I am the ABHORRENT VICAR (pfffffft)

Post your results! :P

Silver Ravenwolf.

Get ready for a long post.

As many of you can probably tell, I cannot stomach this woman. As I’ve gotten older, I have figured out WHY I cannot stand her.

As a figurehead for Wicca, she has taken it upon herself to “educate” the younger generations about “witchcraft”, even though what she is actually educating them on is WICCA. Due to so many young people buying her books and taking what she says as though it is 100% factual, it has caused for so many people to be inadvertently confused about the difference between Wicca (earth based religion) and witchcraft (practice involving manipulation of energy for desired outcome through any array of outlets and vessels).

To knowingly mislead younger, inexperienced, trusting, and naive minds who are eager to learn is blatantly manipulative and abhorrent.

Let’s start with the popular book Teen Witch. In this book as well as on her website, she states:

“There is no difference between Wicca and WitchCraft. Anyone who tells you there is a difference is experimenting in the theory of Occum’s Razor.”


Ms. Ravenwolf also does a WONDERFUL job of promoting the idea of hiding and lying one’s practice from family:

Then we’ve got the double sneak-attack – working only with angels. Angels, angels everywhere and Mom or Dad won’t even care. Sure, because everyone likes angels. (Page 232.)

Word of advice: Do not lie to your family about what you are doing. As a Mental Health Therapist who works with families, I have seen the first hand effects of how damaging lying can be to a bond between Parent and Child. It is going to cause more harm TO YOU to lie than to tell the truth. If you have to hide what you’re doing, chances are, you’re not proud of it.

Moving on.

To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft? More like “LET’S ATTEMPT TO INDOCTRINATE YOUNG MINDS BECAUSE I LIKE HAVING A SENSE OF POWER”. This book is such a mess. It makes my skin crawl. For starters, this passage actually exists:

Satanic Witch: One cannot be a Satanic Witch because Witches do not believe in Satan. (Page 13)

This exclusion mentality she presents with this statement is misleading on a number of levels. For starters, YES THERE ARE SATANIC WITCHES BECAUSE WITCHCRAFT IS NOT A RELIGION. It implies no other type of witch is valid EXCEPT for the type SHE describes, which is actually a Wiccan. She is also intentionally misleading and misrepresenting (see the theme here?) the many types of witches and witchcraft practices actually exist. I wonder what she would say if she learned that Jewish, Christian, and Muslim witches exist? I wonder how she would feel knowing *gasp* SECULAR witches exist?

Another misleading and factually wrong statement is:

Another name for a solitary Witch is a “Natural Witch”. (Page 14)

No. No it’s not. A solitary witch is someone who works alone, without the support of a coven or community. I don’t have any idea where or why the term “Natural Witch” is used. It was as if she was thinking “Hmmm…how can I confuse everyone even more? I know! I’ll create a new phrase”.

Now…now we get into more promoting of lying to new witchlings (Wiccans but at this point, it’s all the same, right?!):

I personally don’t recommend telling your friends or distant family members with the first year of your study of the Craft that you have taken on a new reality. (Page 32)

First of all, no one asked your opinion on when to share anything. This false sense of entitlement and arrogance is appalling. On top of that, stating one has taken on a new reality sounds cultish with a twist of “us vs. them”. “They don’t get me”. “They are beneath me”. “I am so much more enlightened than them”. This is potentially dangerous thinking.

Then, the Christian bashing begins:

If you intend to grovel before a God form, please stop here and throw this book away…The common act of sniveling at their feet is unacceptable. If you truly want that type of relationship with “higher-ups”, there are plenty of well-cultured religions that will gladly open their arms to you. (Page 43).

What’s that, Lassie? A lure to hook people into thinking she has something BETTER to offer than those pesky monotheistic religions like Christianity? That’s not manipulative AT ALL! Does not have a single hint of a cult-like mentality AT ALL.

Next Emmy award winning statements goes to:

There are two kinds of [divinatory] readings, those for magickal people and those for “once-borns”… Once-borns belong to other religions that do not believe in reincarnation or magick…A once-born will get “hooked” before a magickal person, because they are totally unfamiliar with the intricacies of magick and divination. (Page 158)

Essentially, she is implying that non-magick practitioners are INFERIOR to magick practitioners, so they need special tarot card or divination readings that are simple enough for their non-magickal simple minds to comprehend. This is so absurd, I can’t believe this is someone’s thought process.

Then, there’s this gem that features even more Christian bashing:

I believe one of the biggest problems Witches face today is the influx of Christianity and its “turn the other cheek” melodrama. More and more individuals are leaving the Christian Kingdom in favor of ours, but they bring with them brains that have been hammered for years with another philosophy. (Page 270)

If you’re going to bash Christianity, AT LEAST understand its basic teachings first. The meaning of “turning the other cheek” is about forgiveness. I have no idea why that is such a terrible lesson to learn. On top of that, there’s a made up phrase (Christian Kingdom? Where the hell is that, exactly? Is it a secret location?) included. The ultimate irony is “they bring with them brains that have been hammered for years with another philosophy”…Silver, hunny…Isn’t this what you’re also doing through this very book targeting young and impressionable minds?

I almost laughed out loud at the absurd “special snowflake attention seeker” admission she makes in this statement:

I began by telling my father [that I was a witch], then my children and my two best friends; I went on to others that had known me for several years, and progressed to those who did not know me well at all. I told my new employer before I even accepted the job. (Page 277)

Word of advice: DO NOT EVER VOLUNTEER PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF TO A POTENTIAL EMPLOYER DURING INITIAL INTERVIEWING AND HIRING PROCESSES. It is NONE of their business what your personal beliefs are, and if anyone during an interview asks you any type of question that fishes to finding out personal information (if you’re married/engaged, have children, religious practice, any plans to move, etc.), respectfully state you are legally not obligated to answer that question. After the interview, contact your local Department of Labor to report inappropriate questioning during an interview. By law, a potential employer cannot ask about personal information.

Overall, this woman, in my opinion, has done far more harm than good to the Pagan community. If you agree, wonderful. If you disagree, let’s have a discussion.

i woke up this morning with a singular notification

Tumblr is misrepresenting me in the most abhorrent in your face way possible

We need to crush the myth that Liberals are better economic managers. This is a reputation built on rhetoric over facts and the Liberal party is taking advantage of the country’s apathy towards research to cruise off the misguided belief that they’re good with money. This is the basis of which they win votes off people despite having absolutely horrible policies, some of which are actually evil. People need the economy to be in a good place… so they put aside morality out of fear of their own economic downfall. Fear is the tool of a conservative government. It doesn’t want you to be hopeful or rational, it just wants to scare you into screwing over someone else for your own personal survival and that alone is abhorrent. Fuck the Liberals and the lie that they’re the best economic managers out there.


This is the gentleman who tried to join in on our late night festivities, and was treated abhorrently for his amicable efforts. 

I caught him in a bowl (pictured here) because he was too large to fit in a cup. He was so frightened by the time I attempted to release him, that he remained frozen in place for a long while before I was finally able to convince him to disappear into the jungle underbrush. It required some soft words and a gentle prod with my finger. 

I caught 6 trespassers while playing Pokemon go

So the other night, as I was sleeping, I heard some weird noises outside of my window. It sounded laughter and an abhorrent amount of swearing, I mean to the point where would put me to shame. So I decided to check my Pokemon Go and saw a Horsea in the nearby. I got dressed and walked out the back of the apartment building. I heard the laughter again. Looking up, I saw 6 people in the apartment complexes pool. Great. Deciding to lean up against my truck, I sat in the darkness, but alas I was seen. They tried the Jurassic park T-Rex approach, trying to not move or make sound. Walking up to the fence, I leaned over it and stared right at them and said as cold as ice “You have until I find this Horsea, to get out of this pool. If not, the deputies will be called, as I have central dispatch on speed dial as I relay information to them for some calls. And trust me, the deputies will not be happy you woke up a firefighter and trespassed” one of them started to apologize profusely and the others quickly got out of the pool and ran.

I didn’t get my Horsea, but I scared the shit outta trespassers.

TL;DR trespassers in pool woke me up, used Pokemon go to see them, scared them of the pool. Didn’t get Horsea.

The human soul is a madhouse of the grotesque. If a soul were able to reveal itself truthfully, if its shame and modesty didn’t run deeper than all its known and named ignominies, then it would be –as is said of truth –a well, but a sinister well full of murky echoes and inhabited by abhorrent creatures, slimy non-beings, lifeless slugs, the snot of subjectivity.
—  Fernando Pessoa, The Book of the Disquiet

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on events in Nice?

What happened in Nice was an abhorrent and a truly evil act on innocent people by a very sick person. I know Nice very well and have walked along that very promenade many times. I cannot comprehend this cretin’s decision to steal the life from such a loving community.

I don’t have an answer, and I’m not sure anyone does. But we must not live in fear and we must not allow another event like this to divide the global community.