abhi & rohan

Left to Right: Aliyah, Rohan & Abhi

Facts about the 2 new charas!!

-Demiromantic, Demisexual
-Nickname is ‘Yah Yah’
-A Meme friend
-Loves stand-up comedy
-Tries to make all her friends happy ‘n optimistic

-a Straight Ally
-Loves friends
-Apologises constantly

The group in general:
-Aliyah and Rohan learnt sign language just for Abhi (Pix knows a little)
-The Gang likes to hang out at Pix’s place, McDonalds or @ Rohan’s parents house
-Rohan met Abhi @ Primary School and Aliyah @ Secondary School, after that they formed the g a n g
-They just hang out and talk about stuff it’s like a BFF gang
-Sometimes Pix joins and gives them cookies
-Everyone in this group likes waffles