A bit of behind the scenes from Ed’s red room performance.



So I figured I will post these on my tumblr for you guys. Last month I decide to pay a visit to a filming location of Gotham. I did so several times but this one was a treat!

First of all I knew the GCPD was located somewhere by the Brooklyn bridge. I was so stoked when I found it. To my knowledge I think they were filming episode 15 or 16 at the time. To my dismay, I didn’t find any trailers with the actors. I would assume the film crew were only here for quick shots anyway. We don’t see much outside the place regardless.

The GCPD logo was right next to a huge arch that was part of the bridge. No place for an actual police station! I would love to visit the real place at Steiner Studios but the public is not really allowed. Gordon’s black car was actually there as well but I forgot to take a photo. It was messy inside haha.

Thus ends my adventure with this. I’ll try to stop by another location in the city later on and catch something cooler. Spoilers perhaps? 👀