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alternate universe where Mo is an innocent little angel cause in the main story our He tain is a lil devil:3 exp: Mo does little nice things that piss he tian off cause its too damn cute and he secretly loves it but is stubborn and doesnt wanna show it XD

He Tian wakes upto a lovely prepared breakfast with a super disgusting ooc cheesy note from Guan Shan who´s out of the house atm.

“This is unbelievable” he thinks. “How nasty” he says as he starts eating. “I can´t believe he dared doing this” as he blushes. “This….this is the worst”, he finally says outloud, crying while reading the note.

Tumblr descriptions

As of today (2017/01/21) I’ve noticed that Tumblr descriptions that have HTML integrated in them no longer show up properly. Tumblr now completely ignores and deletes any custom HTML and only shows plain text. One way to fix this problem:

  1. Go to your Tumblr main page, right-click and view page source. Do this BEFORE you click “Edit Theme”
  2. Search for your description text in the source page by typing the exact words of your description
  3. Copy your description text. It should be in between <div class=“desc”> and </div>. Note that the word “desc” can be anything, it’s just the element name that holds your text
  4. Go into “Edit HTML” of your Edit Theme page, and replace {Description} with your description text you just copied

All the HTML of your description should now be intact. Note that you will have to repeat this process if you change your theme.

Listen, story time!

I work at Hot Topic and today I was checking someone out and her phone started ringing. Her ringtone was the Yuri On Ice theme song.

As soon as the first note played, myself and multiple other employees recognized it and next thing you know there are various Hot Topic workers running to my register absolutely BELTING OUT THE THEME SONG.

The woman silenced her phone but my coworkers KEPT SINGING. Then the woman joined in, as did I, and some random other customers.



this… this was going to be an answer to a question about germany and prussia being cops, but i didnt even draw germany, so, my bad, scratch that, ill answer that ask properly later

so, you know those cops, the ones that are born bulldogs? that true detective shit, those whove seen enough to say and believe in things like, “there are people among us who shouldnt be allowed to be among us”? yeah, well, none of these fuckwads are made from that cut of fabric. ive always envisioned that uk, fr, usa, and pr were just playing at cops, that they were always meant to be doing something else. that, theyll play up the game, but when it looks to be going south, theyll break, and boy, will they break bad. in the course of the au, some of them discover what that something theyre meant to be doing is, and some of them dont 

ive also decided, just now in fact, that trucker canada was definitely a park ranger in his past. its important to me that if america is the epitome of the frontier (in all its terrible vastness, that male fantasy of untrammeled autonomy, all those myths of selfishness and individualism and isolationism – and the worst narrative of them all: the one about performative heroism), then canada can only be about survival. america is the vice of longing to be lonely (“if i must deal with others, i will do it on my own terms”), and canada is the virtue of that loneliness 

so, yeah, canada and germany divide the world of law between them; there is no third

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series