Shit Habesha Girls Say


I know I haven’t blogging in a while. I haven’t been keeping up with a lot recently.

This morning, as I was looking for some comic relief I came across “Shit White Girls Say”. I’ve been hearing about this parody but never actually took the time to take a look at it. I could not stop laughing. I saw all the spin-offs and I just thought to myself, has anyone done or thought of “Shit Habesha Girls Say”? I saw that there is someone on twitter with an account @HaboGrlProblems with some solid content. But I’d love to get more feedback and get a bit creative. I’ve also heard people want to do “Shit Habesha Parents Say” … we can incorporate parts of that into this project.

So if you consider yourself a writer, a creative, a PR guru, MUSICIAN and want to contribute to this project, please reblog the mess out of this. I’ve set up an email account : shithabeshagirlssay@gmail.com. If you are located in the DC/MD/VA and would like to donate your acting/comedic, video editing skills please feel free to contact me!

i’m on twitter @Labeautifulmess !!


so trueee.