count your blessings by admir-ing featuring silk flowers ❤ liked on Polyvore

Tee shirt / Pleated skirt / Windsor Smith leather shoes, $65 / Adidas Originals watch / Vintage jewelry, $7.31 / Abercrombie Fitch chain necklace / Topshop hair accessory / RVCA men s accessory / Jayson Home gold tray / Cooks Ingredients Rosemary Sprigs Waitrose 20g, $2.34 / Silk flower / Urbanears Bagis, $45
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SEHUN’s Cologne Choice…

Sehun Fucking Shops at Abercrombie and Fitch and wears “Fierce” there a bunch of running jokes I know but I actually fucking can’t believe this like I actually buy that cologne and spray it on my sheets. I’m over it and its my fave store and old job… WHAT KINDA…. Watch this cologne be sold the fuck out in Korea and A&F is going to have no choice but to have to higher him as a part-time model and when you walk in he will just be fucking there next to a got damn moose and you’ll black the fuck out because it’s just Sehun and his abs and a fucking moose in dim lights and house music blasting with the smell of fucking “Fierce” in the damn store I just.. 

Untitled #2206 by marianam97 featuring sterling silver stud earrings

Topshop short sleeve shirt, 34 AUD / Abercrombie Fitch blue skirt, 22 AUD / La perla lingerie, 140 AUD / Gianvito Rossi sandals / Gucci shoulder bag, 1 805 AUD / Leather choker, 14 AUD / Sterling silver stud earrings, 27 AUD / Charlotte Russe rhinestone jewelry, 8.25 AUD
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Isaac Inspired Outfit by veterization featuring bohemian jewelry

Étoile Isabel Marant cotton sweatshirt / Jeansshorts 19,99 / Rag bone high top sneaker, $365 / MANGO leather rucksack / MANGO bohemian jewelry, $4.32 / Abercrombie Fitch circle scarf
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Allison Inspired Outfit with a Suede Dress by veterization featuring a sleeveless dress

Abercrombie Fitch sleeveless dress / For Love Lemons white bra / Forever 21 low heel shoes / River Island zip bag, $37 / Heart charm / Korres lip treatment, $12
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