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Hello, it’s me. (Part 10)

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Note: There’s not that many chapters left of this. I’m excited to announce I have been working on other projects that I will post after this. One being a Liley rom-com like story and my own version of GMW meets Teen wolf, most likely published on Wattpad (my username is its-beautifuldreams if you wanna follow me there) but I might post some of it here. I think I might post a completely separate story on here. Also check out @katdvs Let Me Be Your Hero the link will redirected you to the latest installment but the links to the earlier chapters are there. It’s amazing, strongly recommend it!

“Riles?” The voice paused, but kept knocking on the wooden door. “Riley open up! Honey! RILEY!”

RIley stirred, her eyes flew open and she glanced around the room dizzily. She had bundled up on the bed, her body sticky from sweat and her hair was odd and misshapen. She grumbled out a response to the voice and fell back onto her pillows, the stream of bright sunshine from her windows illuminating her lumpy form.

Maya walked in wearing a flowy summer dress with her hair perfectly curled. Her eyebrows were furrowed, her lips set in a line and her eyes scanned over Riley with concern.

“‘Peaches.” Riley croaked, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

She didn’t remember falling asleep, but she remembered crying.

“Honey,” Maya murmured plopping down on the bed next to Riley. “Charlie didn’t sleep here with you, did he?”

Riley dodged the question with one of her own, “What time is it?”

“Eleven in the morning,” Maya said. “He slept in one of the guest rooms.”

“It’s late, Maya!” Riley groaned. “You should have woken me earlier.”

“You felt sick yesterday, I thought you needed more rest,” Maya shrugged. “Are you guys having problems again?” She continued to probe.

“I feel better,” She told her throwing the duvet off her body, and grabbing some clothes and a towel. “Much better. Charlie and I…we just had an argument. No biggie.”

“No biggie?” Maya scoffed. “He seemed pretty ticked off. He even shouted at Lucas at one point. What did you guys argue about anyway? You’re feelings for Lucas?”

“No Maya don’t be ridic-” Riley stopped mid sentence. She spun around to face Maya. “Feelings?”

“Well, yeah,” A smirk formed on Maya’s lips. “It’s obvious you still love him, Riles.”

“Like,” Riley stated abruptly, continuing her quest of searching for things to freshen up with. “I like Lucas. I like him like a friend, Maya. Like a brother even.” She hastily grabbed her face wash and loofa from her bag along with her toothbrush and toothpaste.

Maya let out a bark of laughter and shook her wild curls. “Do not feed me that nonsensical crap again Riley. You never have and never look at Lucas Friar like a brother.”

Riley dashed into the adjacent bathroom, and spilled all her toiletries and clothes on the countertop. “Yes I have,” She insisted warily.

“Riley, I’m not stupid, you never have,” Maya rebutted. “You look at him like Josh and I look at each other. With love, but also with yearning.”

Riley grabbed her brush and squirted toothpaste on it and brushed her teeth with a hint of madness. Maya popped up by the door grinning widely. Riley spat out the foamy toothpaste and rinsed out her mouth.

“No I do not,” She hissed running her fingers through her knotted hair.

Maya bit her lip playfully. “Yes, you do honey. You love Lucas.”

“Maya!” Riley gritted frustratingly.

“You, Riley Matthews love Lucas Friar!” She shrieked happily, clapping her hands and bouncing up and down. “Admit it!”

After a prolonged paused, Riley bowed her head in defeat. “Fine, I do. I love Lucas Friar. Happy?”

“Yes,” Maya beamed. “I knew it! Oh this is great!” She clapped gleefully. “Now, cancel the wedding!”

“I can’t do that.” Riley admitted feebly.

“Why not? It’s easy!” Maya said her eyes sparkling. “I mean it’s a lot of calling but I’ll help!”

“Maya, I can’t do that because I love Charlie too.”

“Oh.” Maya’s face fell as she looked over Riley’s distraught face. Never once had Riley actually loving Charlie crossed her mind. She had always thought she was just with him because she couldn’t be with Lucas, and somehow Charlie was the only suitor she didn’t completely hate.

“I know.” Riley sighed, upset with how badly she was making a mess of things.

“Does Charlie know how you feel about Lucas?” Maya’s voice didn’t raise above a whisper.

“No,” She lied. She knew Charlie knew, but she wanted to push whatever she felt for Lucas down. “Maya, I’m not even sure what I feel for Lucas is real, or if it’s just memories and old feelings bubbling up for the heck of things. I love Charlie, I’m marrying him. That’s not changing.”

Maya’s eyes swept over Riley’s face, analyzing every twitch of her mouth, every furrow of her eyebrows. Maya sighed, wiped her hands on her pants and gave Riley a forced smile.

“Okay, Riles,” She said in a small, uncertain voice. “It’s what you want right?”

“Yeah.” Riley’s voice was hollow and it didn’t go unnoticed by Maya.

Maya’s eyes narrowed but she didn’t push. “Alright. Then I guess the wedding is still on.” She exited from her room.

Riley turned on the shower and hopped in, feeling a fresh set of tears knotting her throat. For a moment, she let the cool water wash away all her worry.

I’m doing what is best for everyone concerned, she thought.


Maya strolled into the living room to find Farkle, Zay and Lucas lounging around watching a baseball game. She could see Missy and Billy playing in the pool from the patio door. Charlie she knew for sure had gone out to town.

“Guys,” She snapped her fingers addressing their eyes to her. “Listen up. We need to continue our plan but really push it.”

Lucas groaned, turning his body to shove his face into the throw pillows. “Maya stop,” He grumbled. “Our plans aren’t working. I told Riley I loved her and she tells me she loves Charlie and me. She’s stuck and confused. I’m tired of feeling like I’m constantly getting rejected.”

“But you’re not getting rejected, Ranger Rick,” Maya told him grabbing a pillow and smacking him lightly. “She loves you.”

Lucas twisted his face to giver her a pointed look. “She also loves Charlie. Are you not getting that?”

“Yes,” Maya said slowly. “Are you not getting the fact that she still loves you and you love her? Also, that Charlie has to go.”

“Oh, but if he goes this all goes,” Zay exclaimed baffled, gesturing to the house.

“Zay I have a house bigger than this in South Hampton,” Farkle told him.

“Oh yeah,” Zay nodded, grinning widely. “Yeah, Creepy Charlie has to go. Plus when I send him on pastry runs he always gets me the wrong ones. I think he secretly hates me. Lucas is always on point with the pastries he gets me. Lucas will be better for Riley than Charlie.”

“So that’s your reasoning as to why Lucas is better than Charlie for Riley?” Farkle questioned him, furrowing his eyebrows. “Pastry runs really?”

“The art of choosing the right pastries is important,” Zay shrugged. “It says a lot about a person. I know Riley will be more happy with Lucas, because I am always happy when he gets me the right pastries. Charlie makes me unhappy and he doesn’t satisfy my needs correctly. Plus his hair looks like the Cookie Monster cut it for him with his mouth thinking it was cookies. Lucas over here looks like he could be on the cover of an Abercrombie and Fitch bag. I mean is it getting hot in here or is it just Lucas?”

The group laughed and Zay grinned satisfied to ease the tension that was slowly building in the room.

“Lucas this is your story,” Maya told him helping him up from the couch. “Take charge, you decide the outcome. We all know you and Riley are meant to be. Cheese Souffle isn’t who Riley needs or wants. She needs you. She wants you. She just needs to see that more clearly.”

“Go talk to her, Lucas,” Josh said clapping him in the back. “I think you are the only son-in-law my brother Cory would want. You’ve been practically part of the family since middle school. You’re the only one I see Riley marrying.”

Lucas smiled warmly at Josh, feeling so honored and ecstatic to hear all those words coming Josh.

“Thank you,” Lucas said genuinely happy. “For all that.”

“Anytime brother,” Josh abruptly grabbed Lucas and pulled him into a brotherly hug then released him. His face serious but with a glimmer in his eyes. “Now go talk to Riley and don’t leave that room until you convince her your love story isn’t over and that Charlie isn’t for her.”

Lucas glanced at the supportive looks his friends wore and marched down the hallway into Riley’s room, a determined expression on his face and a happy spring in his step.


Charlie had opened the door to the house catching everything that Maya and the group had just said. Every word of it. Did Lucas really think he’d come and sweep Riley away?

Lucas is dead wrong if he thinks that, he thought.

He went out the front door again and walked around the house to the backyard to see Missy and Billy splashing each other in the pool.

“I need your help,” He said softly making sure no one inside could hear them. He crouched at the edge of the pool and Missy and Billy swam closer to him.

“What is it, Charlie?” Billy asked analyzing Charlie closely. “What happened?”

Charlie unclenched his jaw and he cast a dark look at the house. “They have a plan to get Lucas to win Riley’s heart.They think she’ll fall for Lucas’s innocent hero act again.”

Billy’s face was drained of color. “I’m so sorry man. How can we help?”

“Well, Missy still needs to continue her part of the plan,” Charlie stated with a sinister smirk. “Billy I need you to cosy up to Zay. You guys are somewhat close and I need him to be on my side. Get him to spill everything that happens between Riley and Lucas.”

“But Lucas and him are best friends.” Billy said. “Charlie, Lucas is a good guy.”

Charlie turned his head to Billy, his face livid and burning with color.

“A good guy?” He chuckled darkly. “Don’t make me laugh Billy. I thought you were my friend. I thought I can count on you. I guess people show their true colors when things go awry right. They leave their friend right when they most need them.”

“Charlie you know I have your back.” Billy insisted uneasily.

“Oh do you?” Charlie gave him a sarcastically surprised look. “It doesn’t feel like it on my end.”

Billy sighed, a small frown forming on his lips. “Well I do. I’ll do what you ask. I’ll make sure Zay thinks you’re the one for Riley and that he tells me everything.”

“Good,” Charlie said coldly. “Missy you do what you do best. Break up budding relationships. Riley and Lucas aren’t meant to be together. Make sure they know that. I expect Riley to see him for the scum he is.”

“Oh Charlie,” Missy tossed him a malicious grin. “By the time I’m done, Riley won’t want anything to do with Lucas. She’ll hate him.”

“Great,” He pursed his lips, pondering for a moment. “Give it time before you initiate your side of the plan Missy. They need to think Lucas has a fighting shot with Riley, then everything will crumble. Let Riley and Lucas rekindle whatever stupid feelings they once felt for each other. Then we pull the rug from under them.”

Missy and Charlie looked at each other with sinister excitement while Billy shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t think it was the right thing to do, but Charlie had been a close friend of his for a really long time and he didn’t think he could betray him. He knew Riley still loved Lucas. He also knew what Charlie felt for her wasn’t love. It was a bizarre obsession he had, an obsession of this fantasy world in which he got the girl he for so long had thought he wanted. It wasn’t love for Charlie, but a routine. He had been after Riley for so long and in competition with Lucas Friar for her heart, and Lucas always seemed to come out victorious. At this point, Charlie wasn’t whisking Riley away out of love, he was planning on doing it to finally show Lucas that he was superior. That he had won the final round and he would forever hold that over Lucas.

Billy knew that Charlie had once loved Riley, but now he was only kidding himself. He didn’t care for her, he cared that she made him look good. She was the daughter of a well-known lawyer turned senator, and a principal who was known in Greenwich Village for turning the youth into promising people who was now a very trusted member of the school board. Riley was a humanitarian and very well-known for her fighting for feminism. She had garnered many positive reviews from her speeches and had even presented a speech for a UN Women campaign, thus making her the perfect candidate for the position of Charlie’s wife.

Charlie wanted nothing more than to become a politician now, having Riley at his side, someone from a good enough background with a pair of well respected parents and her being fighting for the people who didn’t have a strong enough voice, automatically made him seem like a good option. It made him seem like he cared about the country and the people, when in reality he only cared for the money and position of power. He also only cared about rubbing it all in Lucas’s face.

Billy didn’t think Charlie had always been this way. He was a good guy, he was just slowly being consumed with wanting power and money. Bill knew Charlie had been the only boy in his family and his mom was widow, so he had come from a poor and broken family. Now, he had so much money and he wanted more. He had let it all get through his head.

Riley needed someone who can make her happy, not use her and dispose of her after they were done with her. Billy had never once betrayed Charlie, but he was seriously considering to do so now. Charlie needed multiple wake up calls. He just didn’t think he had the guts to stand up to Charlie and do what was right. He didn’t have many friends and losing one wasn’t in his agenda, even if doing something wrong was slowly eating him away.


Riley finished taking a shower and exited the bathroom, only to find Lucas waiting for her sitting on her recently made bed. She gasped, clutching at her chest, thankful that she had decided to change in the bathroom and not the bedroom.

“You scared me,” She uttered breathlessly. She combed her fingers through her wet hair trying to make herself presentable as she took as seat next to him on the bed.

“I’m sorry,” He murmured apologetically, raking his fingers through his hair nervously.

“It’s fine,” She gnawed at the corner of her lip, her gazed fixed on her window. She could see the sea from her position and it calmed her. “So it’s been an…interesting vacation so far.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Lucas shrugged. “Missy really laid one..one me.” He cleared his throat awkwardly and placed his interlocked hands on his lap.

Riley sat up straighter and her voice was slow and hard as she spoke, “She certainly did.”

“It meant nothing.”

“Why do you think I need to know that?”

“I know you feel something for me,” Lucas declared softly. “I don’t want you thinking that I feel anything for Missy.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time I thought that, would it?”

“Riley,” Lucas sucked in a deep breath and turned in his spot to look at her. Her eyes remained on the window but she adjusted her shoulders slightly, her body was less stiff. “I never have and never will have feelings for Missy Bradford.”

Riley glanced down at her fingers, her engagement ring catching her eyes, she pushed down the bile rising in her throat from the sight of it. “I know,” She admitted closing her eyes and focusing on the breeze coming in through the open window.

“Just like I know your feelings for Charlie aren’t true.”

Her eyelids flew open and she turned her bewildered gaze to him.

“That’s not true!” She insisted hotly.

Lucas leaned in closer, his breath caressing her cheek. “It is Riley. Stop denying it,” He lifted his hand and brushed a finger along the column of her throat and felt her swallow nervously. “Stop trying to convince yourself that what you feel for him is much stronger than what you feel for me.”

She quirked her head to the side, her eyes boring into his. She could feel her body crackle with electricity as his fingers stroked from her throat to her collarbone then back up to her cheek.

“I don’t need to convince myself of what is real.”

The side of his lip lifted up into a lazy smirk, Riley melted at the sight of it.

“So if I kiss you you won’t feel anything?” He inquired. “If I kiss you again…you won’t kiss me back. If you say so. I won’t kiss you. I’ll take your word on it. Unless you want me to kiss you.” He leaned in more and whispered into her ear, “Do you want me to kiss you?” He slid his lip along her earlobe before pulling away, a satisfied smile on his face from her shiver.

She looked at him with a strange mix of want and fear, she feared she’d melt into his arms as soon as his lips touched hers. She didn’t care if she regretted it later, she wanted more than nothing to feel his lips on hers and his arms around her making feel secure and protected.

She relented hesitantly, “Kiss me.”

He did. He crashed his mouth against hers, moving it passionately. His arms wound around her and she felt a warmth spread inside her, she always felt so content and secure tucked in his arms. He bit on her bottom lip and she gasped. She pushed him onto the bed hard, running her fingers all over her body carelessly as she straddled him.. She knew it was wrong but she never wanted it to end.

He pulled away quickly, he didn’t want to, but he wanted to have the upperhand. Something he knew he rarely got when it came to Riley.

“I thought you didn’t feel anything when I kiss you,” He bit back a grin. “That sure as hell didn’t feel like anything from the way you kissed me.”

She gasped, raising her palm up and bringing it down forcefully onto his arm, smacking him hard. He groaned, but it didn’t stop him from giving her a cocky, lopsided grin.

“You’re right, Lucas,” She smiled softly at him and leaned down to whisper into his ear. “What I feel for you is so much stronger than for Charlie.”

Note: Riley is letting her heart guide her. Billy is letting his mind guide him, will he tell the group of Charlie’s plan? Zastry (Zay + pastry) is still going strong for anyone wondering. Lucas is on cloud nine but how long before he crashes down? 

41 Times I Unofficially Came Out As Gay

Every gay person comes out thousands of times.

There’s the Big One. The one where you look in the mirror — either a real mirror or one you’ve dramatically imagined — and tell yourself the Big Gay Truth. There’s the other less big, but still big ones. The ones where you tell your family and friends and the family dog. There’s the other definitely not big, but still not totally insignificant times — awkward family gatherings, doctor’s appointments, college application essays — the times when you still have to say it out loud.

And then there are the thousands of other times. The unspoken times. The small moments that say “I’M GAY” more than any words alone could fully convey.

These are 41 of those moments:

1. The time I asked to be taken to Best Buy with the sole intent of purchasing a fresh copy of Britney Spear’s iconic second studio album, Oops!… I Did It Again.

2. The first time I watched Desperate Housewives, specifically any scene in which a naked Jesse Metcalfe jumped out of a window.

3. The first time I saw a shirtless picture of Nick Lachey in gym shorts in one of my mother’s copies of Us Weekly.

4. The first time I watched Dancing with the Stars, specifically any routine with Derek Hough or the hot Ukrainian one.

5. The time I told my brother I thought women were “just hotter with their clothes on.”

6. The time I got the a capella single version of Pink’s “Most Girls” for my birthday and sang it exclusively for seven straight weeks.

7. The first time I saw a shopping bag from Abercrombie & Fitch.

8. The first time I walked past an actual Abercrombie & Fitch.

9. The first time I saw a picture of Taylor Lautner.

10. The entire time Tag was Rachel’s boyfriend on Friends.

11. The time I had a girlfriend in third grade and realized I only liked her for her purple, fur-rimmed winter coat.

12. The first time I bought a pair of purple underwear.

13. The time i choreographed a full underwear-only dance routine to Diana Ross’s “Upside Down”

14. The first time I ordered a Cosmopolitan at a bar.

15. The first time I skinny armed for a photograph.

16. The time I requested a full-sized dollhouse to accommodate my collection of “Littlest Pet Shop” toy animals.

17. The time I announced the pink Power Ranger was my life inspiration.

18. The first time I passed the men’s underwear section at JCPenney’s.

19. The first time I saw another boy take his pants off in the gym locker room.

20. The first time I saw the Titanic painting scene and felt nothing.

21. The first time I saw Channing Tatum when Channing Tatum was a model.

22. The time I checked out an interior decorating book from the public library to satisfy my obsession with TLC’s Trading Spaces.

23. The time I stumbled upon the dirty channel on television, lingered, and thought, in all seriousness, “why aren’t there more penises.”

24. The first time I saw another boy in a gym uniform.

25. The first time I heard Beyoncé.

26. The first time I watched Jennifer Holliday’s performance of “And I Am Telling You" at the 1982 Tony Awards on YouTube.

27. The time I discovered Milo Moreira, my first male model crush.

28. The first time i used a separate towel to wrap around my head after getting out of the shower.

29. The first time I wrapped a towel around my body starting at my boobs instead of my waist.

30. The first time I cancelled plans to watch American Idol.

31. The first time I saw Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

32. The first time I saw an issue of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and felt nothing

33. The first time I saw Brendan Fraser’s oiled abs in the movie adaptation of George of the Jungle.

34. The first time I performed the entirety of Destiny Child’s "Lose My Breath” in the privacy of my bedroom.

35. The first time I listened to “Lady Marmalade.”

36. The time I requested a DVD copy of the Princess Diaries 2 for Christmas.

37. The first time I saw Brad Pitt’s chiseled bare butt in Troy.

38. The time I made my entire family watch Brokeback Mountain "because of its critical success.“

39. The time I went to baking classes for an entire summer.

40. The time I made my father and brother wait in the car until
"The Call” by the Backstreet Boys had played in its entirety on the radio. 

41. And the time I wore this fabulous slender pink gown, elbow-length golden gloves, and floral hat ensemble.

in the same vein, looking back on the star wars prequels now, hayden christensen has such a 2005 face. he looks like an abercrombie & fitch shopping bag boy. if that means oscar & john are where male hunkdom is headed in the 2010s i’m so…grateful tbh