Storytime about abercombie & fitch!

Back in 2010, when i was a senior in high school, it was common to go to the mall on Friday nights. I would like to post a basic picture of how I dress usually, because for the most part, my style of dress hasn’t changed since 2010.

Two examples ^

I remember I was standing near abercombie & fitch and they had these two cushioned chairs for customers to sit in. I recall an older man had been sitting there for about 20 minutes or so on this day while we (my friends and I) stood and talked before he got up and left. Then my two friends told me they wanted to used the bathroom before we left (if memory serves me, we were heading out to catch a movie.) I decided to hang back and wait so I decided to take a seat on one of the cushioned chairs at the entrance of A&F. I know I was dressed kind of wild and silly, but it’s not like I would be in the way if I was sitting down.

It took 30 seconds. 30 seconds of me sitting on my phone and checking texts before one of the workers came up to me and said, “You can’t sit there.” So I looked up and was honestly really confused so I’d mentioned that, “But there was another guy sitting here a little while ago. I’m just waiting for my friends in the bathroom of the food court.” She then blatantly lied to me and said, “We told him to leave too.” I was pissed so I fought back and said, “Um. No. I was standing with my friends right in by the front of your store for about 20 minutes and he sat without anyone bothering him before he chose to get up and leave without a word from you or anyone else.”

But she continued to lie, insisting that I was making things up. Needless to say, after what’s been going on with abercombie & fitch lately, I think it makes sense now why they didn’t want me sitting in front of their store. They didn’t like how I was dressed and they also didn’t not like how big I was. The pictures above are recent pictures, but back in 2010 I was 40 pounds heavier. It all makes sense to me.

I will never shop from them, and you know what? If I want to sit in the chairs of their store, I will. But I don’t even think they deserve my ass in their seats.

What is the best thing about being a boy?

Best ? I’m not sure . But lets say the worst thing about being a boy , and it is pressure . Pressure from society and the media that we should be perfect . Not all boys are Abercrombie models with lots of confidence and a great personality. Not all guys are romantic . Not all guys know what to say and when to say it . We make mistakes that nobody lets us forget. Boys may seem tough and secure of themselves , but we are uncertain as well  At times we maybe even more nervous and insecure than girls are. If you do not have big muscles , tanned skin and perfect smile , then most girls won’t even look at you. Some guys try everything to look good, but most girls still do not care . Girls expect guys to ” lead ” relationship with sweet and romantic things , but not all guys can do it. They often do not know how difficult it actually is for many guys to get the confidence to start a conversation and say hello. Girls say that guys judge girls, but girls are often even worse. Boys get judged every day on everything they do. Boys are in a competition to perfect boys like Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum . We just have to do everything perfectly . In addition, there are pressures between boys . Boys should not cry or show emotion because it is not ” man ” enough. So we just hide the pain and pretend like we never cry on the inside. Everything you do will be called “gay ” too . To show emotions in today’s society has become gay . If you don’t have a girlfriend you are gay, if you ‘re funny , you are gay , if you have many male friends you are gay , write long texts about your feelings , you are gay , even if you know how to treat girls you are gay . It is so difficult that everyone should expect you to do something good, and when you do something good, it is not good enough. Everyone has feelings, it’s not just girls. For boys it is impossible to be what everyone wants you to be, and that’s the worst thing about being a boy..


Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment #FitchTheHomeless (by gkarber)

Re-branding A&F. The idea, find all the a&f clothing that you are now too disgusted to wear, and donate it to homeless shelters…

If I ever had purchased a&f I’d be doing this right now…