xdougx said: I hope it is too and go you 😉 Where you working at?

abercombie in aventura mall!

come stop by and get me a sale pitch next time you’re in the neighborhood lmao

It always surprised him that people did not do the sums when they took a loan. Proportions, and time, and the action of interest, it was not so very difficult to fathom. But perhaps they were prone always to overestimate their income, to poison themselves by looking on the bright side. Happy chances would occur, and things would improve, and everything would turn out well, because they were special. Friendly had no illusions. He knew he was but one unexceptional cog in the elaborate workings of life. To him, facts were facts.
—  Rogues, Joe Abercombie

**Kalung dan tas tidak dijual**
Top: uniqlo cardigan short sleeve idr25k

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Abercombie got me like… #thosedancemovestho #theirmusictho


Abercombie got me like… #thosedancemovestho #theirmusictho