Abercarn War Memorial

Abercarn War Memorial

The war memorial in Market Square, Abercarn, was designed by the local architect, J. H. Highley and unveiled in 1923.

Abercarn War Memorial, Market Square | Front Face

The tall, ashlar-faced memorial supports a bronze female figure, holding a wreath of laurel leaves and blowing a trumpet.

Abercarn War Memorial | Gwell Angau Na Chywilydd

Beneath the north-facing figure, the…

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Lemonheads project eight - the decisive moment


'rabbit in the headlights' 
this photo cracks me up. i was shattered and couldn’t seem to find a second to shoot anything. let me tell you, gathering up the energy to face the showdown moment after you just stuck your lens in someone’s face can get tiring after two weeks! Not that our much-loved Project Boss gives any, the next project is called The Fear Factor - eek!  Anyway, this kid was so typical / local, he was outside the restaurant where we held my Mum’s birthday party. Check the massive fat tongues on his shoes - lush! There were a few lads hiding round a shady corner smoking + he was on his way to join them when this car flicked on the high beams…  

see more pics @ my ‘STREET’ flickr album