BOUGHT! Hoping I can pull off the style. I think it’s the right size. I might need to get it altered to have a smaller bust and I’m almost definitely going to need it shortened a bit. If the style works but needs major altering, I’m going to send it back for a size up. I will cry if I need to find a new dress because I love this one dammit. (And most of the other dresses I found aren’t available in this color.)

I’m excited to get the dress settled so I can go shoe shopping. SHOES.

Encountered a major issue with the updated phones on our family plan. So my mom and I are on our respective computers working things out. She’s creating a new account, I’m downloading everything to export onto a drive to be switched over to her new account.

But we’re yelling between the two rooms and it sounds like we’re doing an invasive procedure or launching a rocket. “Connecting… NOW.” “Let me see if everything’s okay in here…”



abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre discussion : If you have a birthday or something coming up and like vodka - or any flavored liquor - please see me after class. There’s a shelf in my garage dedicated to popular drinks we don’t like but end up owning anyway.

can you saves some for me for october?

What’s your poison? (As long as it’s not wine, rum, or Kalua. We actually drink those. Everything else is up for grabs if we have it.) No need to save, really. Unless someone wants them, they will sit on that shelf forever. There’s lots of vodka and a few flavors, I think. I’m sure we’ll collect more by October.

 abenteuerimengland a dit : let’s…focus on the good times. someday we will get there. SOMEDAYYYYYYYYY. SOMEWHEREEEEEEEEEE. pardon my West Side Story.

I had the dying Jesus song from Godspell song stuck in my head yesterday or the day before. Remember how I killed Jesus on a nightly basis? Good times, good times.

Ohhhhh GAWWWD I’m DYYYYINGGGGGG! Oh GAWWWD I’m deeeee-eeeee-eeee-ead.

I’m watching videos of Raul Esparza in Company.

I’m kind of confused, because I’ve definitely heard Being Alive before… Like I know this song. But I’ve never seen Company. And I don’t listen to musical soundtracks that aren’t Disney movies.

I think I must have heard it either from years of doing stage crew and being around musical fanatics or it’s one of the songs they pipe through the bar under Walnut Street Theatre. Or I’m psychic.

abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet : abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet :…

      the chicken/egg was “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” or perhaps it was “who would win in a fight - donald duck or daffy duck?” hehe and the book is “what’s bigger than me?” also there was a witchcraft one and a spanish kid’s bible

NO. NOT THE DUCKS. NOT… THAT. Aw I forgot about those books!

abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet : abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet :…

i remember and egg and chicken nuggets or something one year. i still have the baby book.

I don’t remember the story behind the egg/chicken… Something about the theory? I know the book had to do with bathtime.

abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet : abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre discussion : If…

          we’ll figure it out haha i’m sure whatever you’d like to bequeath me will be excellent.

Remember that time Nat and I gave you an egg and a baby book for your birthday?

abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre discussion : To add on to people automatically disliking me. And also their complete lack of observation.

how many times has this happened? because i know you’ve definitely mentioned this before. are people drunk? or just stupid?!?!

Multiple times daily. Mostly just stupid. But there was one time a woman was drunk. I hope the man with her wasn’t because that’d be some seriously dangerous driving and parking. They walked in and she was like “SHIIIIiiiiiit this is a hospital! I ain’t sick I just drunk. I ain’t sick! I just drunk! I just want some biscuits.” They were looking for the buffet on the 3rd floor of the casino. At 4 in the afternoon. She probably ended up getting fined for public intoxication if they didn’t get lost on their way there. Security gave them directions and she kept yelling that she “DON’T UNDERSTAND ’DIAGONAL’”

abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet : I withdrew from my remaining classes. Really upset about it.

*also hugs*

Guys, this seriously sucks. Right now, I’m okay. (Took my medication and had a lie down.) But I’m realizing that I will probably never be able to go to school. I will never get a degree, which is okay, but I’ll never even be able to get a certificate. Do you know how many jobs require certification?

I will forever be stuck in low level positions unless I can suddenly become an expert in something or discover a talent. Considering I haven’t even been able to find a hobby I’m capable of, that’d be a miracle.

I don’t even know if I’d be able to do one of those continuing education classes or a workshop. You know, courses that just teach you skills or are just for fun. Because it’s not about the grades, I just can’t work at a weekly pace. What an online community college course asks me to do in one week is what I’m capable of doing in one month at best.

I feel like such a failure as a human being.