Tony finds a special book in Loki’s bag.Just some silly Dialog I turned into a lazy gif. Sorry for my handwriting, I can’t write any prettier.

Basically it’s:
Tony: Hey Loki…
Loki: Hmm?
Tony: Is this what I think it is?
Loki: ?
Tony: Tis some Asgardian version of the Kamasutra? You kinky, slutty god.
Loki: Where did you get this?
Tony: Found it in your bag. Didn’t think you’d have something like this. Let’s try some of these positions.<3
Loki: So you pry around in my belongings? *grml*
Tony: Okay, okay. I’m sorry. <3

I know. My humor is not funny… *jumps away*

Okay so. I am sick. Again. Bronchitis. Hate. So I and Staubengel had planned to meet up tomorrow, but I can’t leave the house, so this is gifted to her. Again I’m so sorry <3

This is part of my miniseries of Frostiron Moments. “How to ruin a perfekt moment - with Tony Stark.” I couldn’t get myself to work today, or write, for that matter, so I did this (I’ve been freaking lazy here, don’t judge me, or the hands, just don’t plea~ <3)

Tony: These clothes are way too tight. They’re old-fashioned as fuck. I want my clothes back…
Loki: I think you’re looking good in them, Anthony.
Tony: Wow. You get turned on by this or something? Strange kink you got there, Rudolph.

Thanks for all those prompt guys! I really appreciate it! Keep em coming =D I will draw whenever I have free time, so send them my way <3

I know my writing is really bad but man I couldn’t get myself to write properly, so please ignore any mistakes in there. It’s just a lil after work doodle animation ;__; For those who can’t read those hieroglyphs:

Bigger version: http://i478.photobucket.com/albums/rr145/devilchance/gifs/frostironidontcare2gross-2.gif?t=1398727700

Tony: What the fuck? Loki what the-
Loki: I was bored.
Tony: So…?
Loki: Entertain me.
Tony: The fuck? I am working here, go bother someone else. This is important.
Loki: It’s funny you think you’d have a say in this.
Tony: I am not your slave.
Loki: You may want to consider this though.
Tony: Else?
Loki: Else you can share your bed with those precious robots of yours.
Tony: …

I love and adore Agent of Asgard Loki. I wish I could purchase the single issues here, but meh. No one’s selling and I don’t have a credit card =( Just hope they will bring out the whole comic some time in the future.
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By the way, I am opening up commissions by the end of february and opened up another blog for this here: http://runicillustrations.com/ In case someone would be interested.

It seems our time ahs come to an end, Man of Iron. I wish for we had more time. You still owe me that drink…

one hours “painting” of my jotun!loki.
It’s dedicated to a few wonderful people <3
Staubengel, for being super awesome.
fancykraken who keeps up with me forgetting to put a title in my submissions and who posts my stupid fancfictions <3
My lovely readers of my fanfiction and
all those who like and reblog my stuff.

I love you all <3

Teaser for the upcoming chapter of “I’m Tom, the god of mischief”.
Coherence will be clear as soon as you’ll read the chapter =)
I won’t say what exactly Pepper says to Tony(who looks hideous btw, or is more like a random female with a ponytail), but you are free to guess.
The captions are part of the song “Fear & Delight”. Just one of my favourites at the moment.
A big thank you to Staubengel for giving me the idea <3