Tony finds a special book in Loki’s bag.Just some silly Dialog I turned into a lazy gif. Sorry for my handwriting, I can’t write any prettier.

Basically it’s:
Tony: Hey Loki…
Loki: Hmm?
Tony: Is this what I think it is?
Loki: ?
Tony: Tis some Asgardian version of the Kamasutra? You kinky, slutty god.
Loki: Where did you get this?
Tony: Found it in your bag. Didn’t think you’d have something like this. Let’s try some of these positions.<3
Loki: So you pry around in my belongings? *grml*
Tony: Okay, okay. I’m sorry. <3

I know. My humor is not funny… *jumps away*

Tony: These clothes are way too tight. They’re old-fashioned as fuck. I want my clothes back…
Loki: I think you’re looking good in them, Anthony.
Tony: Wow. You get turned on by this or something? Strange kink you got there, Rudolph.

Thanks for all those prompt guys! I really appreciate it! Keep em coming =D I will draw whenever I have free time, so send them my way <3

I know my writing is really bad but man I couldn’t get myself to write properly, so please ignore any mistakes in there. It’s just a lil after work doodle animation ;__; For those who can’t read those hieroglyphs:

Bigger version: http://i478.photobucket.com/albums/rr145/devilchance/gifs/frostironidontcare2gross-2.gif?t=1398727700

Tony: What the fuck? Loki what the-
Loki: I was bored.
Tony: So…?
Loki: Entertain me.
Tony: The fuck? I am working here, go bother someone else. This is important.
Loki: It’s funny you think you’d have a say in this.
Tony: I am not your slave.
Loki: You may want to consider this though.
Tony: Else?
Loki: Else you can share your bed with those precious robots of yours.
Tony: …

Through Ice and Storm - A frostiron tale

This is an illustration for a story a friend of mine and me wrote quite some ago where Tony comes to Jotunheim because of a failed experiment with a wormhole. He finds Loki there, who fled from his prison in Asgard and eventually saves his life, even though the prince regrets that immediately after. They both have to endure the other’s presence in order to get out of this cold, dark realm.

I want to write this fanfiction.

I love and adore Agent of Asgard Loki. I wish I could purchase the single issues here, but meh. No one’s selling and I don’t have a credit card =( Just hope they will bring out the whole comic some time in the future.
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By the way, I am opening up commissions by the end of february and opened up another blog for this here: http://runicillustrations.com/ In case someone would be interested.

It seems our time ahs come to an end, Man of Iron. I wish for we had more time. You still owe me that drink…

one hours “painting” of my jotun!loki.
It’s dedicated to a few wonderful people <3
Staubengel, for being super awesome.
fancykraken who keeps up with me forgetting to put a title in my submissions and who posts my stupid fancfictions <3
My lovely readers of my fanfiction and
all those who like and reblog my stuff.

I love you all <3

Teaser for the upcoming chapter of “I’m Tom, the god of mischief”.
Coherence will be clear as soon as you’ll read the chapter =)
I won’t say what exactly Pepper says to Tony(who looks hideous btw, or is more like a random female with a ponytail), but you are free to guess.
The captions are part of the song “Fear & Delight”. Just one of my favourites at the moment.
A big thank you to Staubengel for giving me the idea <3