Black Butterfly will be released in select theaters and on VOD on May 26 via Lionsgate Premiere. The psychological thriller is a remake of the 2008 French TV movie Papillon Noir.

Directed by Brian Goodm (What Doesn’t Kill You), the film stars Antonio Banderas (Desperado), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Mission: Impossible III), Piper Perabo (The Prestige), and Abel Ferrara (director of Bad Lieutenant).

The trailer below gives you a reason not to talk to strangers.

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Movie Review | Ms. 45 (Ferrara, 1981)

Abel Ferrara’s follow-up to his grimy, scuzzy art-tinged rock’n’roll slasher The Driller Killer (that’s really the simplest way to sum it up) is equally grimy and scuzzy yet surprisingly mature in certain ways. It’s certainly uncomfortable, as a film about a mute woman who turn vigilante after being raped is bound to be, and doesn’t try to mitigate it (note the glee with which Ferrara plays one of the rapists). Yet it’s tremendously savvy about it, toeing the line of provocation to make us grapple with our sympathy for the heroine and complicity with her actions. She is no doubt a victim, but the movie won’t let that excuse her killings, which play with genuine visceral and moral discomfort, nor does it hide the misogyny of the culture she inhabits, presenting almost no sympathetic male characters. The film shapes this material with a surprising poetry, helped in large part by Zoe Lund’s wonderfully expressive silent performance and a style that’s propulsive yet elegant. Out of the grime of ‘80s New York rises this brutal, thrilling haiku, with an ending as tragic as it is provocative.