Happy Father’s Day Everyone, and after a Long Morning of walking around on a Muggy day at the Englishtown Auction, and about to go to Work soon after a Grilled Cheese Lunch, Here is a Tribute like the ‘Mother’s Day’ one, to my Favorite Animated Dads, like Homer Simpson of 'the Simpsons’, Lynn Loud Sr. of 'the Loud House’, Bob Belcher of 'Bob’s Burgers’, Dracula in 'Hotel Transylvania’, Hunson Abedeer in 'Adventure Time’, & Mr. Tezuka in 'Bravest Warriors’.

Honorable Mentions:
  All the Good Dads in any Disney or Non-Disney Films
  Goku in 'Dragon Ball series’
  Richard Watterson in 'the Amazing World of Gumball’
  King Nod in 'the Thief and the Cobbler’
  And All the Good Dads from other series I didn’t have time to Mention

Okay, so one of the things that’s most notable about the way Rip Hunter leaves the team in Aruba is how nonsensical his reasons are.  I mean, even without the sudden dinosaur invasion of 2007 LA, the idea that Rip has NOTHING left to teach Sara is patently untrue.

Sara and the team still know so little about the actual ins and outs of time travel.  They still don’t know, for example, what (if anything) Lily Stein’s existence actually means for the timeline.  They don’t know why Time Pirates keep popping up in the 1800s.  Until Rip said something, they didn’t know they couldn’t go to the crucifixion, and they don’t know about any other banned time periods.  We’ve basically watched them blunder through historical era after historical era causing all sorts of chaos in their wakes.

(Admittedly, they did a fair bit of that in Season 1 too, but there, they’d pretty much avoided all but tangential contact with major historical figures or events.  The team in season 2 did not have that luxury.)

And the idea that Rip has nothing to contribute to the team is patently untrue when we look at Legion Rip’s terrifying competence and his proven ability against the team itself.  He won in Turncoat, after all.  He’d won and lost in Camelot 3000  (Specifically he won in 3000, lost in Camelot).  And he even won in Land of the Lost, from a certain point of view.  If Sara and Jax hadn’t been able to restore Rip’s true personality, the crew would never have found Henry.

Even if we discount his unique expertise and training as a Time Master, the team can always use more capable fighters and strategists.

So Rip’s idea that he has nothing to contribute is patently absurd.

But it occurs to me, the Rip we see at the end of Aruba is the same Rip from Fellowship of the Spear.  And as I pointed out then, the time period between Land of the Lost and Fellowship of the Spear is really short.

I mean, they basically seemed to go straight from the bridge scene in Land of the Lost, to Moonshot to get Henry.  It’s not clear how long the events in Moonshot would have taken, but it didn’t seem as though it would be more than a day or two.  Then right after that, soon enough that Nate is still in visible shock, they’re off to Vanishing Point.  Travel to and from Vanishing Point took a few days, apparently.  Then straight to WWI to find Tolkien.

So basically, Rip’s been in control of his own mind for MAYBE a grand total of a week.  It’s no wonder he hasn’t been thinking clearly. 

I’m not even sure the man should be off of bed-rest at this point.  I mean, yes, the Spear thing was kind of urgent.  But the poor guy went straight from mind control, to slamming face first into the realization that his team isn’t what he remembered, finding out that a future version of him was aiding and abedding a massive violation of the laws of time and space, and the sudden resolution of the quest that he’s suffered non-stop for this entire season.

This is NOT the time to be making major life decisions, Rip.


Davi derrubou um gigante, Daniel dormiu na cova com leões e Sadraque, Mesaque e Abede-Nego entraram em uma fornalha ardente. E todos eram apenas jovens.