Now’s the time of year when I drag up this old rejected Channel 101 pilot I made in 2011.

I was working with Jackie on RC9GN at the time and she helped me wrangle some fun guest voices like Justin Roiland, Pen Ward and Thurop Van Orman. Plus it co-stars Abed Gheith, one of my favorite people!

Now that Rick & Morty is airing again it seemed appropriate to exploit this tangential connection and make more people look at my old rejected pilot! 

Sorry for the unresolved cliffhanger at the end - there would have potentially been more episodes had it been picked up by 101.


People really like my “Tiny Jackie” video all of a sudden ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A cartoon I made starring Jackie Buscarino, Abed Gheith, Justin Roiland, Pen Ward, Thurop Van Orman and Eric Bauza! Submitted as a pilot for Channel 101 for the September 2011 screening, but it got rejected! So just watch it here, folks. Features music by Baby Talk and Alligator Indian.


Here’s the reason I haven’t posted anything lately. I was trying to finish this thing by the September 1st deadline!

Check it out! It’s a cartoon/cooking show hybrid by me and my wife Teri! It stars Abed Gheith and Matt Danner as a cartoon toad and dragon, and features music by my brother Joel as well as his band DSTVV.

It’s a submission to a YouTube contest being held by Jamie Oliver, our favorite chef, so we had to enter something!


The final Bud Light commercial we created for the Channies! The audience reaction to this one was huge, I’m glad everyone liked it so much. But honestly, how could you go wrong when you have Myke and Abed?? This stars those cool dudes, and was filmed and edited by me.


a clip from an episode of “mccloud street.” a lost sitcom from 1991 somehow starring contemporary actor abed gheith. this makes its way into “desolation wilderness” somehow. you’ll see on monday.

“Abed drinks Abeds milkshake!”

Abed Nadir started out as sort of a winking reference to Abed Gheith from channel 101, where the makers of Community and Rick & Morty started out. The real Abed is funny as shit and did an amazing Sin City style gritty reboot of Popeye with Kyle Kinane (…at least I think I’m remembering that right)