• Abed:the first season if you watch it the 2nd time is betted than the third season and the fourth season when you watch it the 5th time is-
  • Robert:ok, um. What's your name?
  • Abed:Abed
  • *shake hands*
  • Robert:Robert
  • Abed:hey Robert.
  • Robert:Abed, would you like to have, gay sex, with me?
  • Abed:no thank you
  • Robert:wow ok. So what is wrong with you that you can sit here this whole time and NEVER pick up on the fact, that's a man is hitting on you?
  • Abed:oh I actually did pick on it after a while
  • Robert:you actually-? And?
  • Abed:I really really like talking about Farscape
  • Robert:*throws his drink in Abed face and walks away*
  • Abed:it's a really good show
  • Robert, walking out the door:Stargates better!

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RULES:Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better
Name: Alexander
Nickname: Alex, Al, “"Alexander Salamander”“
Star Sign: Scorpio
Gender: im a boy
Orientation: pansexual
Favorite Color: orange
Current Time: 5:36 PM
Average Hour of sleep: like 7-14
Last Thing you Googled: “star trek the next generation cast”
Favorite fictional Character: Mr. Spock, Abed Nadir, or Greg House
Current Amount of followers: 478
Dream Job: Astronaut
Height: 5′5 ;-;
What do you post: cool and funny things
Do you have other blogs?: yes, there are links on my blog
Who is your most active follower: idk i cant see that stuff on mobile
What made you make a blog: i was bored
Do you get asks on daily Basis: nah lol
Why did you choose your URL: i had to come up w a new one rlly fast bc my cousin found out my old one. also its supposed to be the opposite of Neutral Milk Hotel

im supposed to tag 20 but ill just tag: @wizird @lameneko @lunarlatte @thetitle27fight @nightskyobsession @oddly-profound @glitter-gospel-choir @alpha-strider

my favourite characters from ten different fandoms. i was tagged by @ababelofprose <3

  • troy barnes from community
  • dean thomas from harry potter
  • mako mori from pacific rim
  • queenie from american horror story: coven
  • jackie cook from veronica mars
  • luther from luther
  • alex krycek from the x files
  • arnold from please like me
  • vernon boyd from teen wolf
  • emily fields from pretty little liars

i’m stealing the honourable mentions ;>

  • abed nadir from community
  • blaise zabini from harry potter (i’ll never forget jk rowling for making one of the very few people of colour call someone ‘mudblood’.)
  • misty day from american horror story: coven
  • toshiko sato from torchwood
  • iris west from the flash

i’m tagging @firstaudrina & @moirarty - if you’d like to do this - and anyone who’s interested.

i did not realised i was tagged in a thing until now oh

Star Sign: taurus / april 25

Height : 5′5″

Average hours of sleep: oh my god what kind of a question is this. either 3 or 20

Lucky number: 13 

Last thing I googled: “map of tasmania amanda palmer”

Number of blankets: one

Favourite fictional characters: this question is hard. dwight schrute (the office), bentley the turtle (sly cooper), columbia (rocky horror picture show), sasuke uchiha (naruto), mabel pines (gravity falls), rick sanchez (rick and morty), abed nadir (community), remy “thirteen” hadley (house), pretty much every character from steven universe.

Favourite Novel: i admit it: i’m a real sucker for the perks of being a wallflower. i’m also currently enjoying pete wentz’s gray.

What are you wearing right now?: the standard wolfiestardust uniform - red flannel shirt black skinny jeans black beanie.

When did I start this blog: 2010!

How many followers: 468

What do I mostly post: shitposts!!! nihilism!! fall out boy!!! the cure!! politics!! glow-y alien shit!! glitter

Do I run anymore blogs: @3006tocontrol for casualty shitposts, @shivermetimberspatrick is my patrick stump wank blog, @wolfiephotography for photography

Most active follower: @jezebuilt and @eternally-grounded <3

Who made you get a tumblr: my best friend @w0rking0nwhitelies back in 2010 (she abandoned tumblr because she’s cool and i’m not)

Do I get a lot of asks? i get a few, not too many though.

Why is this my url: “wolfie” has been my nickname since i was in primary school (probably 2003). “stardust” in honour of david bowie - it’s been that since a while before he died. (previously wolfie-spacecake)

i was tagged by @eternally-grounded! i tag whoever feels like doing this idk

Two tag things

Thanks to the-skeptic-pancake for tagging me.

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′5

Average hours of sleep: 8 usually.

Lucky number: 249 and 7

Last thing I googled: I can’t remember. Probably something to do with Grantaire.

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

Favorite fictional characters : Grantaire, April Ludgate, Abed Nadir, Trent Lane, Mercutio, Carlos.

Favorite book : I like Good Omens and Bleak House. Also Les Miserables.

What are you wearing right now : Neutral Milk Hotel t shirt, long red skirt, and a purpley bluey shawl.

When did I start this blog : December 2015

Amount of Followers : 90 and all of them are really cool and I appreciate them.

What do I post mostly : Les Mis.

Do I run anymore blogs : No, just this one. I used to have a supernatural one, but then things happened.

What made me get tumblr : I thought this url was cool.

Why did I get this URL : See above.

The next tag thing:

Write 3 things your followers probably don’t know about you

  1. I really love Marina and the diamonds.
  2. My favourite tea is Lapsang Souchong.
  3. My favourite colour is purple.

I would like to tag any of my followers who would like to do these tag things.

I was tagged by romulan-angel (although for some reason tumblr didn’t alert me so i have no idea how long ago i was tagged but HEY i’m doing this tagging challenge)

1. What is one song you cannot stand?

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (for obvious reasons)

2. Can you tell us one interesting thing about your closest (best) friend?

She loves witchcraft, I think that’s interesting.

3. What is your birthstone?

Amethyst!! (Also my favourite Crystal Gem so that’s a plus)

4. What is a ship that gets under your skin? Why don’t you see it working between those two?

Definitely Reylo (Rey and Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens) Because Kylo Ren is a bad person who will never be good enough for Rey and the only screentime they had together was him torturing her/her defeating him.

5. What is someone or something that gives you feels?


also that scene from Steven Universe where Amethyst is all like “I never asked to be made” that’s always a tearjerker

6. Last fanfiction you read?

Don’t judge me but it was a Finn/Rey/Poe fic where Poe was in a meeting with a bunch of other people and also General Leia and Rey uses the force to show him images of her and Finn gettin’ it on. And it turns out since in the fic both Poe and Leia are force sensitive that she could see the whole thing. That was sweet.

7. What is your favorite kind of tea or coffee? (Or soda if you don’t drink either)

I don’t drink coffee or tea that much.. So I guess my favourite drink is Pepsi Max.

8. Do you have a cat? Tell me about them.

I have THREE cats. Chester is the oldest, I got her when I was 7 and she’s super grumpy most of the time but she’ll cuddle up to you happily if you wear something soft. Hazel is the second oldest, she’s actually my brother’s cat. She loves playing and running around and causing havoc. Both Hazel and Chester are calico cats. Then there’s Caspar, the youngest and also Hazel’s brother. We got him for my granny but she died in 2014 then we adopted him. He’s very quiet, shy, and very heavy so it’s lucky he doesn’t like being lifted. He’s a little cutie.

9. If you were in Star Trek, would you be Tactical, Engineering, or a Science Officer?

Probably Tactical. I’d look good in that uniform anyway.

10. Do you believe there is a line between aesthetic and shitposting?

Yeah?? Like idk some song lyrics on a pastel pink background, that’s aesthetic, but like.. a banana covered in glittery purple goo in bad lighting?? That’s a pure shitpost.

11. Where did you find your current blog’s theme?

I just looked for a list of themes and I liked Doctor Who at the time so I chose the Tardis one. If you click the light on top of the Tardis on my blog it’ll take you to the person who made the theme.

Thanks for the questions!! I won’t be tagging anyone though because I’m lazy ://

boleynqueens asked:

the office, community

Bonus points for sending me an ask at the same exact time I sent you an ask. :)

The Office:

Character I’d want as a best friend: Karen 
Character I’d want as a parent: Phyllis Vance
Character I’d want as a sibling: Pam Beesly
Character I’d want as a significant other: Jim Halpert
Character I’d want as a child: Michael Scott
Character I’d want as a weird inlaw: Dwight Shrute


Character I’d want as a best friend: Annie Edison (I resonate with her over-achiever-ness so strongly)
Character I’d want as a parent: Shirley Bennett
Character I’d want as a sibling: Abed Nadir
Character I’d want as a significant other: Troy Barnes
Character I’d want as a child: Britta Perry
Character I’d want as a weird inlay: Dean Pelton