abed jesus

Abe: “And on the island”,

*holds up picture of Enoch*

Abe, me, Jesus, some other people: “ Was this salty ass bitch named Enoch, never really liked Enoch, fuck Enoch. Him and his ugly ass dolls he never got any damn sleep, the little fucker. Liked pickin’ on the little kids, too. Ugly ass creep he was. Fuck him.”

other things

my dash is mostly bellarke which is great but:

  • raven’s brain is a super brain and she is a powerful queen who is going to code us out of this mess
  • also yes finally princess mechanic going on they worry about each other
  • monty is both an angel and a stud 
  • but you looked happy this ep so i’m worried about a few of the clips we’ve seen from the trailers oh shit 
  • harper is just so sweet and precious how can you not love her
  • who am i kidding everyone does look at that face
  • jasper i wanted you to smile but not like that!!1
  • pls go to arkadia and make friends with raven
  • murphy why are you leaving your bf he gave you his corsage gun
  • honestly murphy they all want you home don’t think like this it hurts
  • jaha are you still here seriously
  • echo are you still alive seriously
  • be*cho ain’t shit bye 
  • bellamy sassmaster blake telling her where to stick it
  • also he smiled like three times are we blessed or what
  • king roan you absolute piece no wonder echo couldn’t take her eyes off those abs also jesus do you ever feel pain
  • weird tooth tiara
  • clarke looks so pretty can’t wait for the hair to match
  • slightly want To Die where is miller

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Starry Nights

by lia from @rebclprincess

A/N: So sorry this took so long!! I’ve been procrastinating like crazy, but I’m pretty proud of this one.

Warnings: None? Some curse words I think.  Kudos to anyone who finds the Moana reference.

The base on D'Quar was never quiet. Even in the middle of the night, there was always a mission going on, some adventure that needed to begin. Your room was fairly close to the hangar, allowing lots of excess noise to float through the cracks. The taking off of X-wings was now a soothing sensation to you, reminding you that you were a part of something bigger than yourself. On this night, you had been attempting to sleep for hours, with no luck. Tossing and turning, you had tried (and failed, obviously) to drift off to sleep. Staring up at the ceiling above your bed, you counted the shadows of incoming ships instead of sheep. Finally, after the 37th ship had landed, you sat up, and padded to your door, opening it to reveal a hall, all the doors with lights off. The farther you crept down the corridor, all the doors were still silent and pitch-black. At the end of another hall, one door’s light was still on, creeping out in the space below the door frame. You knocked softly on the door. A few seconds later, the door opened to reveal a very tired and very disheveled Poe Dameron, your best friend. He smiled the same cocky smile he had flashed a thousand times before.

“Heya, Y/N. What can I do for you?”

“Can’t sleep. Seems you’re in the same boat.”

He ran a hand through his already messy hair, and shrugged.

“I was just finishing up some repairs.”

You yawned quietly and wrapped your thick cardigan closer around you.

“Got something to offer a girl?”

“As a matter of fact… I do.”

He stepped farther into his room and pulled his boots on. You sat on the edge of the small couch you had forced him to get, insisting it would come in handy. He tied the last lace up and looked at you.

“Jesus, Y/N, did you not change? You’re still wearing your flight boots.”

You looked down at the worn boots and shrugged.

“It was a long day.”

He just shook his head and took your hand, leading you through the maze of halls. You finally emerged on the hangar. The cold wind whipped through the pair of you. You pulled your sweater tighter around you, now grateful for it. He led you to his ship, marked by its orange and black paint. You stopped, realizing something.

“Poe, wait.”

He turned around, “What is it, Y/N? Are you alright?”

“Are we going to your ship?”

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“Your ship only fits one.”

He shrugged, “You can sit on my lap. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

You blushed as he turned around and headed towards the ship.

“Poe Dameron, I swear you’ll be the death of me.”

He laughed quietly, but you couldn’t see how red he was.

Poe climbed the ladder to his cockpit and sat in the pilot’s chair. You slowly followed behind him, trying not to turn red again. You gently sat on his lap, trying not to put all of your weight on one spot, that spot. He crossed the seatbelt across the two of you pushing you closer to him. You could feel his erratic heartbeat on your back, sure that yours was just as quick.

“Are you sure this is safe?”

He laughed, “Sweetheart, I could fly this ship in my sleep.”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” you mumbled.

“What was that sugarplum snugglebear?”

You laughed quietly, “Sweetheart is fine.”

He pulled this ship out of its hangar and took off, as smooth as takeoffs could be.

It seemed like only a few seconds before you landed in a small field, surrounded by jungle, with large hills in the distance. The night above was gorgeous, with hundreds of glittery stars, like a wealthy women’s necklace.

You stepped out first, stretching your sore muscles. The air here smelled fresher than you were used to. The jungle looked inviting and bright. You could see a beach on one side through the foliage, with clear blue water and white sand. Poe saw your gaze directed towards the water, but lead you in the opposite direction, towards the hills. You trudged through a worn path and emerged at the foot of the hill to reveal a cave, dimly lit by something glowing at the end of the tunnel.

 You stepped through the open hole and crept down the path, sloping down, ending in a flat sandy patch an a blue pool, lit by glowing crystals in the ceiling and under the water. The small crystals imbedded in the ceiling resembled a starry night. You stared upwards, amazed by this natural wonder Poe had brought you to.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

Poe stood behind you, his face dimly lit by the crystals, making him seem mysterious and foreign, though you had seen that same face a thousand times.

“It’s safe.” He said suddenly said.

“What is?”

“The pool.”

“Oh. But I don’t have anything to swim in.”

He cocked an eyebrow, “Not a problem.”

He took off his Resistance shirt revealing toned abs, lined with scars.

“Jesus, Poe.”

“Ah, come on Y/N, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

You shook your head, but pulled off your shirt anyway. Next came your flight pants and boots, the same for him. There you stood before each other, exposed.

“You’re beautiful.” He murmured.

You barely caught his words, but blushed and turned around, tucking your boots and clothes away onto a rocky alcove. Of course you had chosen today to wear a matching bra and panties, both sky blue. You turned back to Poe and grinned wildly.

“Are you just gonna stand there and check me out or get in the damn water?”

Poe laughed and dove into the pool. He emerged out of the water and pushed his soggy hair back, flashing that same grin he had only an hour ago, back at base.

“Jump in!”

You laughed and crossed your arms across your chest.

“Nu-uh flyboy”

He grabbed your wrists and pulled you in. You shrieked as you hit the warm water.

You surfaced, pushing your wet hair out of your eyes.

“Poe Dameron! You’re gonna regret that.”

You splashed him right as he began to talk. He coughed as the water hit his face.

“Ooh Y/N, not a great choice.”

He grabbed your legs and pulled you up in his arms, bridal style. You playfully pushed at his shoulders, giggling.

“Put me down!”

“Nope, sorry sweetheart.’

He dove into the water, you still in his arms. After a second or two, he resurfaced, laughing at the murderous look in your eyes. He gently sat you down and crossed his arms.

"Aw, come on Y/N, I was just joking.”

You pushed your soggy hair away from your face and stared him down.

“Y/N, I didn-”

You interrupted him by bringing your hands down on the water between you two, sending a wave over him. He coughed for a second, but laughed and splashed back at you. Suddenly, you were splashing each other with no mercy, barely catching your breath between splashes and laughs. Abruptly, he stopped and pulled you close to him, kissing you deeply. Immediately, you laced your fingers through the hair at the base of his neck. He wrapped his arm around your waist, the other cupping your cheek. When it seemed it ould last forever, he pulled back gasping for air. You dropped your hands from his hair but his hand still remained on your waist.

“What was that all about?” You asked. You could still feel his lips on yours, his thumb tracing your jaw.

“The light, you looked absolutely gorgeous.” His voice was huskier than usual.

It was all you could do to keep from launching yourself at him, so you stood on your tiptoes, capturing his lips. You swallowed the surprised breath he let out, savoring the way he tasted, like vanilla and ocean water. He gripped your waist harder than before, like he was afraid you might swim away. Finally, you pulled back and took in his chocolate brown eyes, staring adoringly at you.

“Poe Dameron, you never cease to surprise me.”

“That’s what I do, sweetheart.”

“What, kidnap women and kiss them half-naked in caves?”

He chuckled and pulled himself out of the pool, standing above you on the rock. He reached out a hand and helped you out beside him. You picked up your clothes but stopped.

“You didn’t bring towels, did you?”

He shook his head, but you laughed.

“Guess we’ll just have to dry off on that beach.”

He picked up both of the bundles of clothes and tucked them in his pack. Poe took your hand and lead you out of the cave, through the jungle and to the beach with the white sand and clear water you had seen earlier. You felt more tired by the step, the adrenaline wearing off. You were barely awake when you finally reached the edge of the sand. You collapsed by the water, grasping the rough sand between your fingertips. 

He kneeled down beside you and asked,“You okay, Y/N?”

You leaned back, resting your weight on your arms, “Just…” You yawned, “Tired.”

He laid down beside you and turned his face towards yours. You laid back, resting your head on his outstretched arm. You scooted closer to him and sighed. He smelled like oil and cinnamon, comforting, like home. The night above had gotten lighter, with clouds just above the horizon shining with a hint of sun below.

He turned to face you, and you felt his nose barely brushing against yours.


“Yeah?” You whispered, barely audible.

‘I’m kind of in love with you?“

You laughed quietly, your warm breath tickling Poe’s cheek.

"Good.” You said, “Because I’m kind of in love with you too.”

He kissed you as gently as kisses could be. You leaned back on his arm and stared at the sky, the sun rising up from below the clowds, just above the horizon. The swirls of orange, purple, pink and gold snaking through the light blue sky. You closed your eyes and slowly drifted off into the slumber you had desperately wanted a few hours ago.

Poe kissed your forehead gently and nuzzled his nose against yours.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I know.”

it was mostly jst a nostalgia trip tbh??? not all of th jokes landed w/ me bt th kids in th audience were havin a great time so i was happy ab tht!!

also th animation was so………….so……………nice………………m eyes were Feasting it was so wonderfully stylized

also there were so many things ab captain underpants i had forgotten bt like Suddenly Hugely Remembered while watching it was!!!!!!a good time!!!!

TWICE as EXO members [aka dont drag my ass this was requested]
  • Nayeon as Baekhyun: extra is their middle name,divas, N O I S Y
  • Jeongyeon as Suho: so much meme material,feeds off of puns,no jam bros
  • Momo as Kai: dancing legends,abS ABs ABS jESus,look like they could kill you on stage but cutie pies off stage
  • Sana as Sehun: iconic lines,perfect side profiles,"im blonde,im skinny,im rich"
  • Jihyo as Chen: vocal legends,the brightest smiles,protect them
  • Mina as D.O: rly cute,fluffy and awkward
  • Dahyun as Chanyeol: you pretend you dont know them half of the time,you get happy just by looking at them,sunshines
  • Chaeyoung as Xiumin: S M O L but savage,don't try to drag them you'll cry
  • Tzuyu as Lay: the king and queen of China,do not give a flying fuck,real babies

anonymous asked:

I feel like you're really missing the point of body positivity. The point is to be proud no matter your appearance. He doesn't have to be super fat to show that. Besides, your comment was just kind of rude when someone had nothing but good intentions. Like, let the boy live. He wasn't hurting anyone. You though, really came across as just a dick. You should probably just apologize and move on.

THE OP ISNT EVEN THE GUY IN THE PICTURE, OMG. I’ve said this idk how many times, but I double checked to make sure it wasn’t his personal blog or something. The picture was posted by one of those cute boy blogs who takes random pictures off the internet and posts them. So, why are you acting offended for someone who probably isn’t even on Tumblr and doesn’t even know his photo was taken by some random white gay blogger who wanted to use it as a platform to talk about how brave he was for not, idk, having defined abs?

Jesus, it’s not that people shouldn’t be happy with whatever their body looks like, it’s that pretending like you’re supporting an atypical body type or aesthetic when you aren’t is fucking stupid and disingenuous - that was what the post was about. It’s taking a skinny white dude, who slightly hunched over has a bit of a tummy and acting like “oh my god, we need to see more of this, this is the sort of diversity we need in the gay community - white guys with barely visible tummies! So brave!” 

Also, no shit he wasn’t hurting anyone? The comment wasn’t about him it’s about the comments coming from the community about that picture who wanna act like a traditionally handsome fit white guy taking a picture of himself after eating a Big Mac is fucking groundbreaking.

Sirius Black Imagine: “The muggle and the dog”

Can you do an imagine with Sirius Black where he is hiding from the ministry of magic after they think he killed Jily and the reader (a mogul) takes him in as Padfoot (when he’s a dog) and has no idea then comes home one day and dings Sirius shirtless and cooking or whatever? Then she’d be really scared but comforts her and maybe kisses her?

Requested by anon

Warnings: bad language

[y/f/m]= your favorite meal

Today you were having a shitty day. You know it may sound offensive to other ears, but damn, there wasn’t a better adjective to describe the experience. First, you found out your boyfriend had been cheating on you. Then, you confronted him and broke up with him, obviously. You didn’t need assholes in your life, thank you very much. After the break-up, someone stole your wallet while you were in the underground. And on the top of that, it hadn’t stopped raining all day long. Typically British, mind you? But still, what had you done to deserve this? Why did all of this bullshit have to happen in the same day? Couldn’t life give you a break? Apparently not, as next thing you knew, you stumbled upon something and fell into a puddle, splashing water everywhere.

“Fucking rain! I wasn’t looking. I’m sor-“

You trailed off when you realized that you hadn’t run into a person. Instead, a black dog was eyeing you in wonder. Well, at least the situation wasn’t as humiliating as if you had bumped into a handsome bloke. You made sure the mutt wasn’t injured and stood up, straightening your wet clothes to the best of your abilities. Your legs marched as you prayed that nothing else happened to you before getting home. Then, a powerful emotion invaded your senses: fear. Why did you suddenly feel like somebody was following you? You weren’t going paranoid, were you? Nevertheless, you had to make sure. Every single time you turned around, your eyes caught nobody. The only sound was the endless raindrops falling over the ground. Yes, you were going paranoid. It was either that, or your exhausted brain telling you to get to your flat. 

A few more steps and, finally, you were inside your home, sweet home. You closed the door and sighed, resting your forehead against the door and wondering how the hell you had managed to survive today. It took you a few minutes to compose yourself and turn the lights on. You certainly weren’t prepared for what your [y/e/c] eyes saw: the black dog, the same black dog that had made you fall with a thud into a fucking puddle. Your first reaction was to squeal and put your hand over your heart, afraid that it would stop beating at the start. There, it looked like that crucial organ of your body was still functioning.

“You! You have been the one who’s been chasing me! What do you think I am, mmm? A cat?”

You didn’t even know why you were speaking out loud. It was an animal, for God’s sake! The dog seemed to look at you diverted though, as if it actually understood English and was able to read your thoughts. You narrowed your eyes in suspicion and held your gaze. Why did the animal look human? You shook your head, as if trying to forget about it and opened the door. The black dog didn’t move.

“Get out, now!”

The mutt poked its tongue out, yet its composure didn’t change.

“Ugh! For fuck’s sake!” you grunted, throwing your arms up in exasperation. You approached the black creature cautiously and tried to push it outdoors, to the bloody rain, but the dog was too heavy for you. Groaning, you made your way to the kitchen and took a sausage. This will do, you thought.

“Hey, mutt! Over there!” you screamed, flinging the food outside.

Nothing. The dog didn’t even blink. This couldn’t be happening to you.

“I swear, I had a terrible day, I don’t need a big black dog that seems to be keen on my humble flat! Just leave me the hell alone!”

The dog seemed to look at you pityingly now, but made no move. You took the time to inspect it thoroughly. Its pose was pleading. It didn’t wear a leash, so it was either lost or abandoned. Its dark hair was soaking wet, and it was dampening your carpet. You didn’t want to waste the little energy you still had in worrying about it though. Rather, you locked eyes with the creature. You could almost read emotions in there. Was that even normal? The possibility that you were indeed going paranoid was as alive as ever. In spite of it, you felt a pang in your chest when you realized that you were alone now, as alone as this mutt. Maybe fate had played its cards. Maybe whoever is up there had wanted you to meet the lost animal.

“You may stay,” you finally whispered.

The dog suddenly jumped to you and licked your face, its tail moving vividly. Concerned that you were turning into a softy, you added, “But only for tonight! I’ll find you a place tomorrow!”

As you put on your pajama and let yourself fall into your bed, you couldn’t help but think that perhaps the day hadn’t ended as bad as you had predicted.

A week passed, and you hadn’t had it in your heart to dump the dog. How could you? It was the only one that seemed to understand you and even care for you, as crazy as it sounded. You had poured out your heart to the poor animal. You told him about your job, about your ex-boyfriend, about the silly weather… Whatever, the dog didn’t judge you and you needed disclosure.

“Well, you know what? I think I am definitely going to keep you. You need a name though… What about Black? Yes, I know, I know. I am pants at giving names. I am not an original and creative person, so bear with me. I cannot come up with anything better, this will have to do.”

Why was the dog looking amused again?

“Behave, Black. I don’t want to tidy another mess of yours or throw away another pillow that you found entertaining to destroy, mind you? I’m going to work now. Not that I really want to… You know, Mr. Wilson, my boss, is a right arse. Anyway, duty calls. I’ll be back before you know it, and then I’ll walk you out… Does that sound good to you?”

Your new pet simply wagged his tail in contentment before you left.

“I’m home!” you screamed, expecting the dog to come to you and lick your face, filling it with kisses. That didn’t happen. How very odd, you thought. “Black? Where are you? Come on, it’s time to take a walk!”


It was then that you noticed the smell of your [y/f/m] coming from the kitchen. Fuck! Someone had broken in, a burglar, most likely. You panicked and took a baseball bat to protect yourself from the intruder. Holding your breath and walking on eggshells, your feet got you to the kitchen. A man who was giving your back and cooking was there. Since when did thieves cook something for the owner? Since when were they half-naked and only covered in a towel? Since when was a stranger’s back so attractive?

“What the hell? Who are you?” you screamed, your [y/e/c] eyes wide and your hands still holding the bat.

The housebreaker turned around. In a matter of a second, his mouth twitched into a cocky grin and his eyebrow arched. Your eyes fixed on his chest longer than necessary, you admitted that. Then, they fell to his abs. Sweet Jesus! Your mouth went dry before you forced your eyes to actually look him in the eye, his amused grey eyes. Wait, where had you seen them before? They looked creepily familiar…

“Hello to you too, babe. Tell me, how has your working day been? Mr. Wilson has been an arse again, I bet.”

The bloke knew about her boss. Someone come and help you. Where the hell was Black when you needed him? You would have given anything for him to attack the intruder.

“Who the fuck are you? How do you know my boss? What have you done to my dog?”

“Oh! I am yours now? That’s an honor, really.”

“Just get out of my house, you freak! I will call the police otherwise!”

“Now, now, darling, there’s no need to act so drastically… I am cooking your favorite dinner, not trying to kill you.”

You tried to hit him with the baseball bat then, but the guy took a stick out of nowhere and your weapon flew away inexplicably. The man looked more amused as the time went by, just as your fear increased quickly. You did the only thing that came to your mind: call for that stupid dog.

“Black! Come on! I need you! Where are you? I gave you a home, you mutt! There is someone harassing me and you aren’t anywhere to be found?! Traitor!”

“I’m here, and I am no traitor. Don’t be scared, precious.”

Then, the most bizarre thing happened, even more than your bat flying away: the man turned into Black for a few seconds, before reversing to his human form. You were speechless. Your brain was finally verifying that your suspicions had always been correct: you were paranoid. Your expression must have been comical, for the bastard was even crying from the laughter.

“Y-you… You are Black?”

“The one and only, dear.”

“B-but, h-how? I mean, you can’t be my dog!”

“Do you want me to do the trick again?” he wondered diverted.

“Fuck no!”

He chuckled. The nerve!

“I need to go to the mental hospital,” you muttered under your breath. “I am entirely mad.”

Black simply grinned ruefully and mumbled, “You are a little insane, but aren’t we all? This is real, [y/n]. I am real. I am Black.”

Something about the tone of his voice appeased you.

“What’s your real name?” you wondered, finally believing that your eyes hadn’t deceived you.

The question, for some unknown reason, made him smirk.

“Black,” was all he said.

You rolled your eyes.

“Very funny. Now, tell me your REAL name, please.”


“Yes, I am serious. Tell me your fucking name or else-“

“I am Sirius Black.”

“Ugh! Come on! You were right about my boss, okay? He’s been an arse, as usual. I don’t need another jerk in my life.”

“My name is Sirius Black, no kidding. Black isn’t that uncommon for a surname, you know?”

Why was his smile so captivating? Why was he the most handsome fella you had ever laid eyes on? Why did he have to be a dog as well? Was life mocking you?

You sighed, defeated. Your fingers were rubbing your temples and your eyes were shut, trying to sink everything in.

“Thank the stars you have been cooking [y/f/m], Black. I woudln’t be able to cope with this otherwise.”

“Of course, love, anything for you.”

“Do you usually call every woman love, babe and darling?”

“Only the ones I fancy.”

He was a flirt, that much was evident, but you quite liked him.

“Promise you’ll explain the dog and bat thing later?”

“I promise, but on one condition.”


“Let me kiss you?”

“In your dreams, Black.”

“Oh, come on! I have kissed you many times, even if I was in my animag- er dog form. Besides, I am sure you find me attractive, love.”

“You are so full of yourself, you know that?”

“Yep, but I would never treat you like that dork you had for a boyfriend.”

You smiled. You really smiled after this infernal week. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to give him a chance, right? You’d just play a little hard to get at first.

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Meddling Friends (Brett Talbot)

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Summary: Let’s face it. Your friends can be absolute assholes.

Girl’s night.

It was something [Name] looked forward to each week after working tirelessly in the ER with Scott’s mom. It was always just her, Kira, Malia, and Lydia. Sometimes they would get dinner or go over to someone’s apartment to watch movies and bake cookies. Tonight was a night at a bar.

It was only supposed laughs and drinks and her girls. No guys. She had no intention of trying to find a guy even if her girlfriends were all in relationships.

It’s Lydia who glances around the bar slowly before turning back to her with a wide grin on her pretty lips. “Hey,” she whispers, grasping [Name]’s arm. “This guy next to me. Do you think he’s cute?”

Kira and Malia are not subtle when they lean over the bar to take a look at the guy sitting beside Lydia. The guy is sitting alone, swirling his glass around while staring up at the screens above the bar.

“Girl, he’s cute!” Kira whispers, her eyes lit up in excitement.

“He is pretty hot,” says Malia, giving a nod of approval. “Can you imagine the kinds of babies you’d have? Flawless.”

[Name] reached across Kira to swat Malia on the arm. “Will you stop?”

“You should totally flirt with him,” says Lydia. Kira and Malia echo Lydia’s suggestion wholeheartedly.

[Name] pinches the bridge of her nose in her frustration. “Absolutely not. First of all, I don’t know him,” she answers. “Second of all, he’s a complete stranger.”

“He won’t be when you start talking to him!” Kira suggests, making their other two friends nod.

She briefly glances over at the guy. He is cute with his curly light brown hair and the light blue eyes that were on the bartender as they chatted. However, she was going to stick to her guns and keep her mouth shut. No guys. Tonight was about being out with her friends.

The guy signs his receipt and slides off the barstool, leaving the bar. Malia, Kira, and Lydia all lean back far enough to glimpse at the guy’s ass as he leaves. When he’s gone, they all give [Name] a wicked smile.

Stop it.”

Lydia turns back to the bartender and flags him down with a wave of her hand. “Hey, that guy who was sitting next to me. Do you know him?” she asks.

“Yeah. He’s a regular here. His name is Brett Talbot,” the bartender answers.

Lydia whips out her phone to pull up Facebook. She giggles as she starts typing his name into the search bar. Without looking, she smacks [Name]’s hands away when she tries to reach over to grab the phone.

“What does he do for a living?” asks Malia.

“He’s a model, actually. He used to be part of a professional lacrosse team though.”

Malia smirks, side-eyeing [Name]. “A model, huh? I bet you he has chiseled abs that you can lick food off of.” With a smack of her arm, she loudly exclaims, “Oh my god you’re so lucky!”

[Name] buries her face in her hands, trying to hide the deep blush that had overcome her. Her girlfriends were the worst. Why were they doing this to her? Sure, she hadn’t dated a guy in over a year. But this was taking a set up to a whole new level.

Kira leans forward on the bar, an eyebrow raised. “So if he’s a regular here, you would have his number right?”

The bartender laughs and nods. “We do have it, actually.”

Kira giggles and points to [Name]. “Can you give it to her then? I think they should totally start dating.”

“Girls, stop.”

The bartender glances at her and smirks. “Do you want it? I can give it to you. He is single.”

“No, thank you!” [Name] drowns the rest of her drink and slaps down a twenty on the bar. “Okay, we’re done here. Girl’s night is over. I’m going home!”

With her purse in tow, she quickly escaped the confines of the bar, leaving behind the notion of her friends wanting to set her up with Brett Talbot.

That is, until a week later.

Her girlfriends had been on her ass about Brett. She heard all of their pleas and arguments that she should be bold and talk to the guy. The thought had passed her mind in going back to the bar to get his number from the bartender. But it seemed rather creepy to get a text from a girl who sat chairs down about getting drinks and getting to know each other.

She knew something was up when Lydia, Malia, and Kira arrived on her unit with a bag of her favorite takeout. They were definitely trying to bribe her.

“I don’t want the food,” she answers, crossing her arms across her chest and scowling. “And stop trying to convince me about Brett.”

Come on, girl,” pleads Kira. “Just give it a shot!”

“Why are you so adamant that I talk to this guy?”

Malia shrugs. “Because maybe Mr. Hot Abs is the one for you?” She takes out a magazine from the back pocket of her shorts and flips open to a page where Brett is posing in only his underwear. Malia wasn’t lying about the abs. Jesus.

“It’s cool if you just have a one-night stand with this guy. I mean, how could you resist after this?” says Lydia, holding up the magazine. “But we would prefer if you guys dated. Then you wouldn’t have to be a 7th wheel! And who knows? Maybe you’ll get married!”

[Name] rolls her eyes. “If I say yes, and I go get his number from that bartender and ask him out, will that get you off my back?”

Her friends beam. “Yes,” they answer in unison.

“Regardless of what happens?”

“Yes,” they repeat.

She sighs and uncrosses her arms. “Fine. I’ll stop by the bar when I get off my shift.”

Kira’s smile turns sheepish as she says, “No need. We already gave Brett your number. He’s gonna text you tonight.”

She stops for a moment, stunned. Kira’s words register in her head and mortification flares inside her chest. “You did what?!”

With a loud laugh, her friends scramble out of the emergency unit yelling out, “We love you! Have fun! Bye!”

She groans, and snatches the plastic bag from the nurse’s station to place it in the breakroom.

Several hours later as she was heading to her car, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.

Hey. This is Brett from the bar. Your friends gave me your number.

Heat rises to her cheeks and she almost wants to bang her head against the steering wheel.

Hey there. I’m so sorry about what my friends may have done in giving my number. I can’t believe I’m still calling them my friends.

Her phone pings again almost immediately afterwards.

It’s cool. I thought you were cute from the picture they showed me.
They told me you would be getting off work at this time. You must be starving. Do you wanna grab a bite to eat and meet officially?

She almost wanted to kill them. She could have killed them. They had set her up on a blind date in the most unconventional of ways. But maybe they were right. Maybe this was the start of something.

Sure. Where do you wanna eat?