30 day anime challenge: [day four]

Favourite male character → Yuzuru Otonashi (Angel Beats)

“Our lives were real! Not a single moment of them were fake! Everyone lived the best they could! We carved those memories into ourselves! Memories of living as hard as we could! No matter what kind they were, they’re the life we led! Erasing them in the blink of an eye like that… Wasn’t your life also real to you?!”  

Bacon Cheddar Burger with egg and fries @JasperBrewing #jasper #abfood #abeats #food #foodpic #lunch

Bacon Cheddar Burger - 8oz Alberta beef chuck, butter lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, dill pickle, mayo, brioche bun, crisp bacon, smoked cheddar, fried egg (at Jasper Brewing Co.)


Yoque, Abeats & Dj Sobe - “Libre”


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Congratulations to everyone in Yggy, Midgardsormr, for finishing the Merchant Wall project!

Our FC is small with only five active people, usually only three online at a time due to conflicting schedules. Out of those five, only Fal and I have main crafters. (Blade has a Level 38-ish WVR and Camellia has many low-level crafters.) But it was awesome to see everyone pitch in and help out as best they could. Fal and I did the majority of the crafting and gathering, Camellia did the lowbie stuff, Rhoda generously donated mats, especially the expensive ones, and Blade not only did some WVR stuff, he also called some of his friends outside of the FC to help move projects to the next stage.

And I think the results are worth it! In my opinion, the house looks really nice. ^^ Now onto that airship!

Featured: Reonora (me), Rhoda (rlervine), Falerin (asphaltvalkyrie), Camellia (abeat), Blade (mythramystral)

Hell’s Chicken, Malicious Salmon, and Seasonal Vegetables at #evildaves #jasper #asianfusion #abfood #abeats #familystyle #coolplates

Hell’s Chicken - Chicken thighs in a Carribean style marinade (pineapple, coconut, jalapeno pepper, onion, and chili flakes) , fried sweet potato shards with sweet curry aioli, on jasmine rice

Malicious Salmon - Blackened Atlantic Salmon filet drizzled with sweet curry aioli, on jasmine rice

Seasonal Vegetables - A bowl of lightly seasoned, stir fried vegetables (at Evil Dave’s Grill)

Oirquartett New cd!

È finalmente arrivato il nuovo lavoro discografico firmato Oirquartett!! Grazie abeat Records!
Giovanni Perin - vibrafono
Giulio scaramella - piano
Marco trabucco - basso
Max trabucco - batteria

Special guest
Mirko Cisilino- tromba
Tommaso Troncon - sax