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1• Nicknames: Abhi, Abby, Abean, Beans, Queen Bean, Abeanbot, Bean,etc.
2• Gender: Just non binary s’il vous plait
3• Star sign: Taurus
4• Height: 5″9′ (I grew lol)
5• Time: 8:51 pm
6• Birthday: May 6th
7• Favourite Bands: Yes. (Oh gawsh I don’t know… a lot of them)
8• Favourite solo artists: Also yes.
9• Song stuck in my head: NEVER EVER- GOT7 asfljhfashlkl
10• Last movie I watched: Mean Girls lmao
11• Last show I watched: Who’s Line is is Anyway?
12• When did I create my blog: 2016 August (?)
13• What do I post: Whatever I feel like atm tbh, so right now… kpop.
14• Last thing I googled: ‘sm fear amygdala case study aim’
15• Do I have any other blogs: i have two which I never use
16• Do I get asks: Yeah! Mostly spam from my family which I love.
17• Why I chose my url: I get a lot of shit for saying it ;; so I won’t
18• Following: 146
19• Followers: 143!
20• Favourite colours: Black, Silver and Green!
21• Average hours of sleep: 4-5 hours
22• Lucky number: 6 or 9 (oh god I just realised… uhh heh?)
23• Instruments: Violin, Piano, Flute, Recorder
24• What am I wearing: Shorts and a DC t-shirt lmao
25• How many blankets I sleep with: Two usually
26• Dream Job: Lawyer/ Author/ Actor
27• Dream trip: Around the world couch surfing!
28• Favourite food: More yes ;)))))
29• Nationality: Indian/ US citizen
30• Favourite song right now: BULLSHIT BY G-DRAGON SFJADAS:j/ One Shot by B.A.P.

I’m too lazy to tag so if you read this far, tag you’re it.