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If anyone has a problem with chanyeol or any member for that matter having a tummy and being healthy isn't a real fan

If you were a real fan you would be happy for them! Having a tummy means he’s eating lots and that’s good! He is in no way overweight so people better stop fat shaming him

  • Aries: The warrior, the commander, the general, the fighter, the dragon-slayer, the challenger, the individualist, the child, the fighter, the thrill-seeker, the reckless, the impatient, the first, the pioneer, the bold, the brave, the fearless, the voyager, the entrepreneur, the stunt person, the dare devil, the competitor, the experimentalist.
  • Taurus: The empress, the earth mother, the preservationist, the hedonist, the sensualist, the materialist, the greedy, the grounded one, the realist, the good samaritan, the solid citizen, the bon vivant, the Honest Abe, the confidant, the protector, the adherent, the thoughtful one, the bully, the gentle giant, the dependable one, the musician, the peaceful one, the epicurean.
  • Gemini: The jester, the fool, the student, the thief, the comedian, the light-hearted, the one with the Peter Pan complex, the playful one, the one who never takes anything seriously, the imp, the trickster, the messenger, the gossip, the herald, the journalist, the practical joker, the sarcastic one, the class clown, the communicator, the talk-show host, the doppelganger.
  • Cancer: The girl/boy-next-door, the protective one, the helper, the giver, the intuitive, the witch, the wizard, the nurturer, the maternal figure, the caretaker, the defender, the fairy godmother, the kind one, the supportive one, the counselor, the angel, the giver, the enchantress, the siren, the mother, the crone, Mother Nature, the loyalist, the companion.
  • Leo: The hero, the noble, the generous, the ace, the chosen one, the hooker with a heart of gold, the dramatist, the performer, the creator, the star, the show-stopper, the narcissist, the praise-seeker, the braggart, the champion, the diva, the king and queen, the guiding light, the actor/actress, the headliner, the entertainer.
  • Virgo: The detective, the scholar, the observer, the thinker, the inquisitive, the critic, the intellectual, the bookworm, the author, the contemplative, the investigator, the perfectionist, the expert, the scientist, the research, the planner, the adviser, the mastermind, the scribe, the analyst, the nurse, the medicine man, the selfless.
  • Libra: The sweetheart, the darling, the charmer, the idealist, the romantic, the flirt, the sensualist, the enthusiast, the partner, the diplomat, the schmoozer, the pretty woman, prince charming, the star-crossed lover, the femme fatale, the flirt, the people-pleaser, the judge, the mediator, the peacemaker, the debater, the advocate, the just ruler, the lawful good.
  • Scorpio: The magician, the spy, the vampire, the bad boy/girl, the shaman, the healer, the transformer, the psychologist, the criminal, the obsessive, the passionate, the mysterious, the broody one, the anti hero, the reluctant monster, the seducer, the temptress, the survivor, the one with a tragic backstory, the manipulator, the alchemist.
  • Sagittarius: The sage, the philosopher, the academic, the teacher, the professor, the explorer, the adventurer, the preacher, the mentor and guide, the seeker, the wanderer, the traveler, the untameable, the happy-go-lucky character, the globetrotter, the fortune-hunter, the gambler.
  • Capricorn: The good kid, the role model, the CEO, the mob boss, the aristocrat, the manager, the captain, the responsible one, the rags-to-riches story, the determined, the achiever, the successor, the pragmatist, Father Time, the Grim Reaper, the authority figure, the emperor, the guardian, the laborer, the master.
  • Aquarius: The liberator, the outlaw, the maniac, the alien, the visionary, the catalyst, the inventor, the genius, the innovator, the eccentric, the pirate, the true believer, the creative, the wild man, the misfit, the lovable rogue, the rebellious spirit, the rule-breaker, the devil's advocate, the mad scientist.
  • Pisces: The mystic, the wise elder, the psychic, the oracle, the blind seer, the martyr, the dreamer, the saint, the sinner, the savior, the sufferer, the empath, the knight in shining armor, the damsel in distress, the escapist, the innocent, the shape-shifter, the starving artist, the storyteller, the spiritualist, the old soul, the last.

Ever since I did my post about how Thomas Jefferson would go to hell, people have been like “can you do Andrew Jackson too” to which my answer is a resounding HELL NOPE. That dude will LITERALLY MURDER ME and the fact that he’s dead WILL NOT DO A THING TO STOP HIM BECAUSE HELL CANNOT HOLD HIM. Like, most U.S. Presidents are murderers by proxy, but this dude was a LITERAL SERIAL KILLER WHO LIKED TO GET HIS HANDS DIRTY. He is responsible for the only time in American History that the president’s bodyguards had to save the ASSASSIN’S LIFE from the PRESIDENT. You know how we called Nixon “Tricky Dick” because he was a liar and we called George W. Bush “Dubya” after his middle initial and we called Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe” because he was a pretty above-the-board type of guy? They called Andrew Jackson “Old Hickory” because he liked to BEAT PEOPLE ABOUT THE FACE AND BODY WITH HIS CANE. Like he was absolutely a genocidal maniac who apparently only held the office of President because everyone was too afraid to ask him to leave but now that I’ve said that, I want you all to know that if I’m found beaten to death with a blunt object, I can save the police the trouble of investigating: It was former U.S. President Andrew Jackson come back from the dead for revenge. 

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when jim, bones, and spock started dating they each made a list of people they could sleep with outside of the relationship and not have it count. spock thought it was highly illogical, but bones still made him put down a few names. bones wrote the name of an old fling or two. jim just wrote 'abraham lincoln' twenty-seven times. he's the only one of them to ever cross a name off his list.


Spock’s list consists of vulcans who were considered to be his possible bondmate, both men and women, some of whom he find aesthetically agreeable. Some humans he had a crush on back at the academy, and Surak.

Bones, like you said, wrote down a couple old flings, a fellow classmate at both Medical school and Starfleet academy.

Jim writes down Abraham Lincoln 27 times, crosses only ONE of them off, clearly expecting another encounter.

Spock and Bones refuse to speak to Jim for a Month

4cc 2017

Restlessly waiting for vids of the free skate at Four Continents, so… er, I’m just going to dump a bunch of things on the short programs.

Lol, I should be doing my paper what is this

Yuzuru Hanyu

I don’t really know what’s up, but he’s only so-so in the SP. Of course, I only say this because we know how great he is and this is really “so-so” by Yuzuru Hanyu standards. HE WAS SO GREAT AT THE GRAND PRIX OKAY, so people’s expectations are higher. The most glaring mistake was his failed 4S; my heart kind of broke a little then. Overall, I thought his energy during the SP was kind of low. BUT! The very best thing about Hanyu is that even when he is not on top of his game, he still lands on his feet. Even when the 4S turned into a double, he was able to do the combination. That was awesome. He will always be awesome even on his worst days.

Another thing I love about Hanyu is that he knows how well (or not well) he performs. You can see it on his face he was not happy with that SP. Lol, and his face when he saw his score! He is such a sweetheart. Yeah, the judges love him okay, this isn’t even the first time he got a higher than expected score. Everyone is biased towards Hanyu. We just want to see him keep skating. ♥

Shoma Uno

MY SON YOU JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. Yay yay yay, a score at the 100’s! I was so happy AND HE OUTSCORED YUZURU HANYU. I swear to God, I was following the scores on Twitter because I was out on a Friday night while the short programs were on-going, but I didn’t care, I didn’t care that I was like three blocks away from the office and people I work with could see me, I literally SCREECHED when someone tweeted that Shoma Uno outscored Hanyu.

I have no idea who I am rooting for anymore. Why am I even so happy about this when I was just mourning Hanyu’s jump. I think I just root for everyone, lol. ♥

Also, I would just like to say that Shoma doesn’t always have the best music. Sometimes his choices baffle me. I did like this one, though. He just makes me really happy, and he is always so cute out there like a small ball of… cuteness on the ice. (Nope, I am not a skating critic by any stretch. I’m just a humble spectator who likes cute things.)

Nathan Chen

Okay, you know what, congratulations, USA. I actually am not rooting for anyone outside of my country… and okay, Japan (because my God, Hanyu is a beast at this sport), but Chen got me at that 4Lz. I can’t. The quads he’s throwing out and the number of them he has under his belt… and just! Lutzes are my favorite thing to watch okay, this is so unfair! *ugly crying*

Man, I am so reluctantly rooting for him now. He deserved his place at 1st. Good job, Nathan Chen. *happy clapping*

Phichit Michael Christian Martinez

My boy wasn’t able to do the 4L he was aiming for, but he did land all his jumps, so I am really, really proud of him! To be honest, we are really, really behind in the whole skating game. MC still does not have any quads (while his peers are throwing them out like vomit like wtf) in this generation where jumps determine the champs. Our boy is also at that age when his body seems to be getting the better of him; I think he will grow up bigger than what is ideal of a competitive skater. This means he will have to keep working really, really hard. Still, MC is our first and still only world-class figure skater in… ASEAN? So I just want to see him succeed in this so much.

And whatever, we may be behind, but MC still has the BEST BIELLMANN OKAY FIGHT ME

Lol, bonus trivia about our Phichit: actually, here in the Philippines, figure skating is not that big. Any sport outside of basketball (and maybe volleyball because of the university rivalries), really, is not that popular. When you mention MC’s name, most people go, “OMG THAT BOY HAS ABS NOW!” Honest to God, I just had this conversation at the office pantry yesterday:

Me: Do you know our skater?
Colleague: Michael Martinez? He has a great bod now! I saw it on Instagram.
Me: Yeah, I’m really proud of him. I think it’s because–
Colleague: –he has a girlfriend now?
Me: …no. No. I was going to say it’s because jumps take a lot out of an athlete and they have to be really strong for it, but nevermind, because it just sounds lame after what you just said, you gossip hag.

Yep. Yes, that is pretty much what most people think about and notice. (Also, yes. Social media and IG. Everyone here is Phichit.) People only care whenever he wins because we get to see him on the news. Figure skating is not popular at all, and actually if you go to our ice rinks at the mall you’ll find that 70% of the skaters are flailing and falling on their asses. Lol, this is so not our sport.

Still, I love this kid for the work that he does. I’m really proud of him. I noticed his body changed significantly since 2014; that must have been tough. He’s taller now and bulkier, and while it’s a sign of his hard work (and wins him more fans lol I laugh about this so much because I’m gay and I can’t ride that bandwagon), it must also be even more difficult now to get those quads. His lack of quads is really hurting his scores. I’m glad he has not lost his flexibility, which is what people notice most about him. I. Just. Want. To. See. Him. Succeed. At. This. God damn. Keep working hard, MC! You’ve got this! ♥

Doppelgangers Tales

Doppelgangers (German for “double-walker”) are paranormal duplicates of a real person

Emilie Sagee never saw her doppelganger. Everyone else did, though. 

Sagee worked at the Baron von Güldenstubbe a girls school in Paris in 1845. She was a extraordinary good teacher well liked by student and teachers alike. So it made it extremely odd that in the last 16 years she had moved 19 times. But the school would discover soon enough why.

Unknown be known to Emilie but seens by everyone else she had her doppelganger hanging around her. Her ghostly sister was first spotted in a class by 13 of her students, standing right by Emilie mirroring her movements. However, she did become  groggy and weak during the times the doppelganger manifested, and the dopelganger was often seen doing things Sagee later said she had been thinking about at the moment, suggesting that she may have had some subliminal control over it. Soon, the doppelganger ventured beyond Sagee’s immediate vicinity. At first, it appeared to a classroom full of students, sitting calmly in the teacher’s chair while Sagee herself was outside, working in the garden. The few people who dared to approach the doppelganger found they could pass through it, yet it had a texture that reminded them of thick fabric.Time went by and the apparition became a permanent fixture of the school’s life, freaking people out on a regular basis. The girls’ concerned parents started removing their children from the school. Although Sagee was a model employee on all non-paranormal accounts, the headmistress had no option but to fire her and her ghostly double.

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#16 - What went wrong?

Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 , Part 15

I had writer’s block with this part so I hope it made sense. It’s a long read (~4k) with heaps of dialogue so yeah… I hope you all enjoy this and as always, any feedback is appreciated <3

Which doctor are you going to?

The one on the main street, opposite the big shopping centre. Call me if you can’t find it. 

Being alone in the office, Jay took out his phone and replied to her message. Jay looked at the three clocks that were hung in the office. One for Seoul, Seattle and New York. Oh how he wished, time would stop in all three countries. He looked through his previous messages from you as he scrolled up he noticed a pattern. The messages were mostly sent from you and he rarely replied back. He didn’t realise how much of an asshole he had been. Until now. Now he wished he could turn back time. 

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Wait....where do these people get so much glitter? *suspiciously looks towards warfstache*

Wilford holds up his hands and looks very surprised that you would ever dare to suggest the he, Wilford “Honest Abe” Warfstache, would aid the fans in their blatant destruction of the wonderful Supreme Edgelord Darkiplier’s property in any way possible. Because he would never do anything like that in a million years.

He smiles cheekily. “Maybe once or twice…”

Making out with Peter Parker would include...

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Request Are Open!!!!

  • When you and Peter first start making out he would be gentle and needy but in a good way
  • He would need to touch you and hold you close because your the one thing that makes him feel normal
  • You would probably hit your heads a couple of times
  • You would both roll of the bed at least once
  • Peter would kisses you in a sweet innocent way that would make your heart flutter every time
  • He would whisper sweet things to you in between kisses
  • “You are so beautiful”
  • The first time you moan would make Peter and you blush like crazy but he make it his new life’s mission to hear you moan again because he absolutly loves the sound
  • The first time that Peter moans would make you smile because that means that your not the only one thats enjoying it
  • Peter would also never start the make out session first because he’s afraid that he would overstep his boundaries or make you uncomfortable
  • You having to tell him that its okay to touch your ass every single time
  • Peter blushing every time you do so
  • After a while he becomes more comfortable so he starts the make out session 
  • You being surprised every time time but secretly loving it
  •  Like sometimes when he comes over he would just come up to you and grab you face and kiss it with so much passion that it could almost be described as overwhelming 
  • When he starts the make out sessions it’s mostly his teenage hormones that take over control
  • He would definitely really go for it after a while of dating especially after a fight and has adrenaline coursing through his veins
  • Sometimes it would go to the point where neither of you would care about knocking things over or holding in moans 
  • He absolutely loves it when you wrap your legs around his waist or when you pull the ends of his hair
  • Running your hands over his abs because lets be honest we all want to do it
  • Peter always making sure that what he’s doing is okay with you
  • He would always look into your eyes to ask permission like to take off your shirt or whatever
  • Each time you moan it gives him this surge of confidence and make him smile because he knows he’s not messing up as much as he thinks he is
  • Whenever he feels really confident he will let his hands wonder around your boobs
  • Let’s be honnest he would get bonners 
  • “Oh my god this is so embarassing! I am so sorry Y/N”
  • You giggling because you love how flushed he gets when he’s embarassed 
  • Peter always wanting to make out
  • Like always
  • Like it comes to the point that you run out of lip balms
  • “Let’s ditch French and go make out in the bathroom”
  • “We can’t we have a test”
  • Peter glaring at the French teacher for the rest of the class because he blames him
  • “Peter I’m going to the bathroom”
  • “No let’s make out instead!”
  • “Peter I really have to pee!!”
  • “Fine. Choose peeing over your own boyfriend”
  • “You’re such a baby”
  • You and Peter making out in Tony’s lab like a dozen times and Tony catching you two like every time
  • Omg so many freaking hickeys
  • Peter would suck at telling guys off when they flirted with you or when they simply talked to you so he would give you hickeys to show them your his
  • Aunt May loving that the two of you are happy together but loves being a cockblock more
  • She would know when you guys were making out and would knock on the door and not even come in
  • She would sometime not do anything because she’s happy that Peter is having a normal teenage boy experience 
  • It being without a doubt perfect
  • Abe: See ya guys.
  • Izumi, Hanai, and Mizutani: Bye.
  • Izumi: God, I fucking hate that guy.
  • Hanai: I don't know why you invited him.
  • Abe: Guys, I haven't even left yet.
  • Mizutani: Why the fuck is he still here?

Seen a lot of these lately, so I figured I’d make one! ^^ 


Name: Milei (Meh-lee)

Gender: Female

Age: 25 years old

Species: Homo sapien

Skills: Archer, very fast and agile. 

Type Blood: AB - 

Personality : Friendly, brave, honest. 

Weapons : Bow and Arrow(s). 

Magic: In second stage, her magic forms red/white markings over the right side of her body. They elicit an electric charge, allowing her weapons to produce lightning.  (Magic man, it’s make you do crazy stuff).  

VG! AU belongs to the amazing @blogthegreatrouge