abe edits things

One thing I need in 2016 ...

Seb to get

cast in a

role where

he owns

no shirts

Because I’m sorry, but hiding those abs is just criminal.

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here’s a transparent version of the halloween artwork done on hoshino’s instagram for you all uwu ♥ feel free to use on blogs/sidebars/tumblr headers, just like/reblog if using and don’t remove the credit. thank you!! ♥

Mamihlapintapai Phan
Kinda shit, I know
But I got inspired by the word and well…
This is the result \_(ツ)_/

maybe i love you

  • a Troy/Abed fanmix
  • Listen here: 8tracks

1. Lenka - Maybe I Love You 2. Matt & Kim - Daylight | 3. Ludwig Goransson – If I Die Before You | 4. Ingrid Michaelson The Way I Am | 5. Barenaked Ladies  – Odds Are | 6. The 88 - At Least It Was Here | 7. Grouplove  | 8. Sara Bareilles - Brave | 9. Passion Pit  | 10. Matt & Kim - Lets Go | 11. Bruno Mars - Count On Me | 12. Donald Glover & Danny Pudi Somewhere Out There |