In the weeks leading up to the June, 2003 disappearance of five year old LeeAnna ‘Beaner’ Warner, her parents noticed the child exhibiting odd behaviour. One day, she came home with a box of Barbies and doll clothes, but refused to say who gave them to her beyond ‘a little old lady’; she later packed a suitcase and said she was going to live with her ‘new family’. And two weeks before going missing, LeeAnna was found hiding in her closet, saying there were ‘monsters’ outside. But none of this could have prepared the girl’s parents for what was to come: on June 14, LeeAnna walked off to her friend’s house to see if the girl was home. Neighbours saw LeeAnna leave the house upon realising nobody was there, and then she mysteriously vanished without a trace. After draining a nearby lake LeeAnna spent time by, and ruling out a sex offender in the area and a local man arrested on child pornography charges, as well as LeeAnna’s family, investigators concluded the child was probably abducted by a stranger. She remains missing. The photo on the right shows how she may appear today.

Help me find this girl! abducted by her father

Nahana Handzlik Alvarado (6y/o) was abducted by her father Grant Lawrence Hanzlik December 15th, 2014. Her mother Ninfa Alvarado let her go because he had lured her under the pretense he was just going to take her to the beach and would back in four days, when she didnt she started to get worried u til on December 24th at 6pm she got an answer fromhim saying they were in the United States.

They took a flight from Panama to Miami and from Miami to Los Angeles. Tne father forged documents and signatures so that he could take the little girl out of the country without one of her parents present which by Panamenian law is a requirement.

The father the proceeded to send her emails that made it seem as if the lady had agreed to it when she clearly had not. Panamenian authorities are nit doing anything and neither are the America authorities, the girl has double citizenship Panamenian and American.

It’s now February 19th and authorities still haven’t done anything, the mother lost contact with her daughter a few days ago. The Grandparents, the father and those that had the girl with them changed their phone number and there is no way to know if they moved or not. I believe he enrolled the girl in school.

I, do not personally know the mother but I know that you guys can help, you guys do petitions and collect signatures and stuff from all around the world to help, So I’m asking you to help me spread the message so tnat this mother can get her daughter back and the asshole of a father can go to jail for what he did.

If anyone sees her or know where she is staying or going to school or can even help get this more attention so authorities starts doing something and get their heads out of their asses would be even better

Please contact her through twitter or facebook or the local authorities.
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