abdirashid ali sharmarke


 From the top and left

Abdullahi Issa - Prime Minister during Italian Trusteeship

Abdirazak Haji Hussein - Prime Minister 

Ahmed Yusuf Duale - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hagi Farah Ali Omar - Envoy to the US and United Nations

Incoming President Aden Abdullah Osman meets with future President Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke

President Aden Abdullah Osman meets with Head of states and becomes a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Our misfortune is that our neighbouring countries, with whom, like the rest of Africa, we seek to promote constructive and harmonious relations, are not our neighbours. Our neighbours are our Somali kinsmen whose citizenship has been falsified by indiscriminate boundary ‘arrangements’. They have to move across artificial frontiers to their pasturelands. They occupy the same terrain and pursue the same pastoral economy as ourselves. We speak the same language. We share the same creed, the same culture and the same traditions. How can we regard our brothers as foreigners? … Of course, we all have a strong and very natural desire to be united. The first step was taken in I960 when the Somaliland Protectorate was united with Somalia. This act was not an act of 'colonialism’ or 'expansionism’ or 'annexation’. It was a positive contribution to peace and unity in Africa and was made possible by the application of the principle of the right to self-determination

Prime Minister Dr. Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke

Quoted in Pan-Africanism and Pan-Somalism, I.M. Lewis