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Bellarke & The Princess Diaries AU? Thank you for doing this!! Very early Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

This one went kind of a weird way.

It’s unfortunately one of the largest failings a queen can have, to not bear children.

“Yeah,” Bellamy says, when Clarke tells him as much. “But it’s not like you’re starting wars or appointing livestock to cabinet positions or anything. Historically speaking, you could be doing a lot worse.”

“As always, I appreciate your upbeat perspective. It’s still a huge problem.”

It could be worse is upbeat. That way you know that if I ever tell you it couldn’t be worse, you’re really fucked.”

She has to smile. “Obviously.” The good mood doesn’t last, though, and she rubs her face. “If I get thrown out of power, then I’m really fucked, right? That’s the point of no return.”

“You’ll be fine,” he says. “It’s just, you know. The country. They’d definitely be fucked. You could take a break.” He pauses. “Scratch that, you definitely couldn’t. You don’t know how to take a break. But you could find a new job to consume your entire life.”

“I haven’t been dethroned yet,” she mutters. “I could still have you executed.”

“Like you’d ever find someone else to put up with you,” he shoots back.

It makes her smile, and she lets herself stop pacing and sit down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“We’re going to get through this,” he says, and he sounds so sure.

“We?” she asks. “It’s my problem. What are you going to do?”

She doesn’t mean it in an unkind way, so she’s glad he doesn’t take it like that. He just puts his arm around her and squeezes. “The same thing I always do,” he says. “Whatever you need.”

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