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Lebanese President blasts Israel's 'Judaization' - Lebanese President urges Arab nations to come together to “protect” Jerusalem - 15 February 2017

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Tuesday urged Arab nations to come together to “protect” the multi-faith character of Jerusalem, accusing Israel of trying to “Judaize Palestine”.
Aoun called on members of the Cairo-based Arab League to “unite our efforts to preserve the character of Jerusalem, which brings together both Christian and Muslim heritage”.
“Is it possible to imagine Jerusalem without Al-Aqsa mosque, and without the Church of the Holy Sepulchre?” asked Aoun, who is visiting Egypt for the first time since his election in October.
On Monday Aoun, a Maronite Christian, met the leader of Egypt’s Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros II, as well as Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb of Al-Azhar, the highest institution of Sunni Islam in Egypt.
He also held talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
Aoun was elected president after two years of a political vacuum in Lebanon, during which the parliament due to lack of a quorum.
His candidacy was supported by the Hezbollah terrorist organization, which is a powerful force in Lebanon’s parliament.
Hezbollah is also a key member of Aoun’s cabinet, which was approved in late December. The group has two ministers in the cabinet.
Aoun’s comments about Israel’s alleged “Judaization” of Jerusalem are similar to the accusations constantly made by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials.
In a meeting with Pope Francis in May of 2014, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas insisted that Israel is “systematically acting to change [Jerusalem’s] identity and character, and strangling the Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims, with the aim of pushing them out.”
Meanwhile, despite the PA’s claims of “Judaization”, particularly on the Temple Mount, it is in fact Jews who are being discriminated against.
The Jordanian Waqf keeps an iron fist on the Temple Mount and its activities; Jews face constant discrimination and violence for visiting the site, and there is a blanket ban on Jewish prayer there.
Muslims and Christians, however, have free reign to worship at and visit the Mount.


21/2/2017: King Abdullah II and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi held a summit meeting in Cairo on prospects for boosting Jordanian-Egyptian ties and current regional developments.

During a one-on-one encounter at Al Ittihadiyah Palace followed by an expanded session attended by top officials on both sides, the leaders discussed mechanisms to enhance and solidify relations and expand joint cooperation, particularly in economic fields. They emphasised the need to build on the outcome of a meeting of the Joint Jordanian-Egyptian Higher Committee, which was held in Cairo last year, and reactivate signed agreements and memoranda of understanding in trade, service, investment and tourism sectors.

The King and Sisi said they looked forward to an upcoming meeting of the higher committee in Amman this year to come up with more partnerships to serve the common interests of the two countries. They also stressed their keen interest to maintain coordination and consultation on challenges facing the region “in a manner to serve pan-Arab issues and achieve security and stability”.

Also up for discussion was an Arab summit that Jordan will host late next month, and the leaders were unanimous on the importance of holding the annual summit in view of the crises the region is witnessing that require fostering joint Arab action and unifying positions to reach political solutions to these problems. (Source: Petra)

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You know what? I have just had enough of people just keep repeating that what happened in Egypt is a coup and Al Sisi is leader of the coup and stuff like that

1 - What happened in Egypt Is A REVOLUTION I have seen with my own eyes and took part in it

2 - Al Sisi is now president because we wanted him to be , just come to Egypt and you will see his popularity for yourself

3 - Read about the bloody Muslim Brotherhood group from their beginning till now

4 - I have seen their violence with my own eyes , their bombings and clashes with the people and the police

5 - Please ask an Egyptian before repeating any propaganda about the country

6 - take a look at the following then make up you mind about what really happened in Egypt

( The last bombing in my city Al Mansoura )

( The June 30 REVOLUTION ) ( This video is from Cairo ONLY )