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anonymous asked:

Hey can you make a post about jc like the one you made of lance and joey

Alright, of course, I’m sorry it took me a while cause I wasn’t feeling too well but here we go:

15 things I love about JC Chasez

1) His angel-like voice

2) His gorgeous looks

3) His sweet personality

4) For creating Girl radical and giving 11 girls a chance to fulfill their dreams

5) His incredible judging on ABDC

6) His dorkiness

7) His (b)romance with Justin

8) His passion

9) His selflessness

10) His dancing

11) He was an adorable simpsons character

12) His twerking skills

13) His super underrated solo album Schizophrenic - one of the best pop albums ever

14) His funny fashion sense

15) He was the C in fucking *NSYNC

I hope this is how you imagined it to be ;) <3


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