abdc confessions

“I’m tired of people saying 8 flavahz are just cute. Honestly I never looked at them as "cute” during their performances, unlike other kid crews previously on the show they kill every week, they’re clean, have amazing choreography and go hard. They ARE professionals. Some of the members have performed on tv before, Carmen will be in a movie coming out soon, some have been in music videos. I hope they win, they all have talent and are a dope crew.“

“I don’t get how some people throw dirt on Elektrolytes. Some say they only do tricks and no more. But they’ve done/incorporated krumping, gliding, bboying, choreo, tutting, humor, martial arts, housing, shuffling, popping, extremely advanced powermoves, charisma and they’ve shown us their team spirit that can’t be compared to the other crews. Stop trashing the Elektrolytes by saying that it is all about tricks, when it’s waaay more than that. They are/were the crew that deserved it most. They kept fighting every week!”

“8 Flavahz gets a lot of undeserved hate. They are talented, studio-trained, professional dancers just like RNG and Mos Wanted. People don’t give them enough credit because they look at their cuteness and age over their dancing ability. It’s the opposite of ICONic Boyz (who got too much credit based on their looks and age over their dancing ability). Maybe they’re not your favorite and of course they had some bad weeks, but at least respect them as dancers.”

“I loved the friendship between Elektrolytes and 8 flavahz this season. I didn’t notice it until the Drake week when the girls danced for angels mom and that same week, instead of doing their own crew hand sign at the end of their performance they did 8flavahz 3 finger salute. And when Elektrolytes won 8 flavahz, while disappointed, seemed to be genuinely excited for them. I love crew love!”