Fuck People

Don’t you just love it when your and your best friend are so close and happy and your so loyal and you are there everytime they need you but then they get a boyfriend and almost drop you completely except for when it suits them. And then you go through a time when you need them more then anything and are so lonely because they you sacrificed everyone for them and are crying yourself to sleep everynight and their not there. Then when they relize that they’ve ignored all their other friends so much because they’re so caught up in their boyfriend that your the only literal friend they have left but you still get completely walked on and unappreciated that you finally start talking to other people because your so lonely. Then the “best friend” gets salty and tells her family how your a bad friend who’s just jealous of their relationship abd how your “ignoreing"them for your new friends even though they refuse to put any effort into your friendship so her family will make lowkey comments about you. Dont you just love that? Isn’t that just the best?

Muhammed ibn al-Hasan ibn Ahmed ibn al-Walid cites Ahmed ibn Idras, Muhammed ibn Yahya al-`Attar, who all quote Muhammed ibn Ahmed ibn Aba Hamzah al-Bata’ini quoting Ibn `Umayrah quoting Muhammed ibn `Utbah quoting Muhammed ibn `Abd al-Rehman quoting his father quoting Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.) saying, “While I, Fatima (A.S.), al-Hasan (A.S.) and al-Husain (A.S.) were all in the company of the Messenger of Allah (A.S.), he turned to us and wept. I asked him, `What is that for, O Messenger of Allah (A.S.)?!’ He said, `I weep for you and how you will be hit on the head with the sword, and I weep for Fatima (A.S.) and how she will be slapped on the cheek.”

ABD Putin`i ilk kez doğrudan yolsuzlukla suçladı: Putin yolsuzluğa bulaştı

ABD Putin`i ilk kez doğrudan yolsuzlukla suçladı: Putin yolsuzluğa bulaştı

DHA DIŞ HABER - AMERİKAN yönetimi Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin`i ilk kez doğrudan “yolsuzluğa bulaşmakla" suçladı. ABD Hazine Bakanlığı`nın Terörizm ve Finansal İstihbarattan Sorumlu Müsteşar Vekili Adam Szubin, Putin`i doğrudan hedef alarak, Kremlin`deki yolsuzluk zincirinin içinde Rus liderin de yer … Devamını Oku → Sözcü Gazetesi

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