FO! Starshower Cowl (project page, pattern page), knit in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20.

This was definitely a project that I was sure was going to fail while I was knitting it. It was dense, it didn’t actually fit around my shoulders (as per the photo), and I wasn’t totally sold on the lace. My gauge has been off in my last couple of projects so I was really scared I would end up with another too small item (*coughHenslowecough*).

But seriously? Blocking this thing did wonders (except for the whole blocking-a-cowl-flat-gives-you-two-seam-lines). I didn’t take before photos because I was thinking it wouldn’t turn out. Now I love love love it. My bad. ;)


  • My gauge on the lace was pretty different in the round than flat. I just went with it, but it’s significant.
  • I added an extra 4-row repeat of the lace pattern in Section 6 because I still had yarn left. I liked this option to make it a teensy bit longer (given my fear that it would end up sitting in the knit things basket forever without being worn) but it was unnecessary in the end.