Author Spotlight: seeleyboothfan day 4

An incredible NINE RECS TODAY Go forward for:

Expectation Fails
Fresh Start
Too Late
Shattered Glass
The Color of Souls
Just to Feel You
Chloe and Me
Now I know my ABCs
King of All Wild Things

1.      “Expectation Fails series”: by lilinas and masturblaine

D/s age!gap fic with student Kurt and teacher Blaine’s dom and it’s hot as hell but also full of the most amazing imagery and feeling? This scene takes place after Kurt’s first punishment of Blaine.

It was almost fully dark now and Kurt waited until Blaine seemed completely out before he shifted himself out from under his sub, who clutched at his pillow as he moved, and climbed out of the bed. He padded in the dimness out of the bedroom and down the hall. It was strange to walk naked around someone else’s house, feeling the air brush against his still-sensitive skin, but putting on his clothes would have been silly.

He hovered for a moment on the threshold of the living room and surveyed the scene of their struggle, items strewn across the floor like casualties of battle, lit faintly by the last of the sun coming through the thin curtains at the west-facing windows. Blaine’s clothes and shoes shoved under the table by the door. Kurt’s scarf and cuff on the floor by the kitchen, with the wooden spoon discarded nearby. A few steps further and he could see the wrapped box containing the black cuff in the corner of the kitchen where it had fallen after it bounced against the refrigerator.

They were such tiny things, but seeing them there where they’d been left in fear or anger or lust, somehow illustrated in ways Kurt hadn’t fully accepted the enormity of what had happened to him in the past three days. Three days! Just last Thursday Kurt had woken up and gone to school a clueless teenager dreaming of romance and hoping for a Glee solo and enjoying the fact that for some reason the jocks seemed to have forgotten how to torment him. Now here he was naked in Blaine’s apartment, Blaine who he’d spanked and teased (which had been hotter than he’d ever imagined and made Kurt suspect he’d found his first kink), Blaine who’d made him come like he’d never known it was possible to come, Blaine who was asleep in his bed right now waiting for Kurt to come back and hold him. He was a dom. He was Blaine’s dom. He would be Blaine’s dom for the rest of his life.

2.      “A Fresh Start series” by Picking Violets

Kurt and Blaine create a blended family and continue fostering and adopting. There is a huge heartbreaking moment where they lose some of their family and I still cry thinking about it. This scene takes place when two of their foster kids get returned to the biological father – CUE THE WATERWORKS

This man was taking away his kids.

His kids.

HIS kids.

Kurt stepped away from the car on unsteady legs, holding his hand to his mouth as Tia made her little ‘grabby hands’ motion for him. The doctor reached out a hand, as if hold her small fingers from a distance, but turned it into a shaky wave at the last minute.

The young father glanced around uncertainly after shutting Tia’s door.

Blaine started shaking his head. First slowly, and then almost frantically.


Both Finn and Puck stood at attention, hearing the desperation in his voice.

“No. This isn’t right. You can’t do this.”

Blaine turned to the children’s father.

“Why! Why would you do this? They were happy! They were so happy with us! We love them!”

Finn stepped forward, attempting to place a calming hand on his brother-in-law’s shoulder, but Blaine brushed it off.

“Please don’t do this,” he called out to the man who was backing away slowly, preparing to climb into the driver’s seat… ready to drive off with his children. He paused, looking at Blaine with a pained expression. It was obvious that he wanted to say something, but just had no clue what.

Kurt closed his eyes, looking as if he was going to be sick.

“Honey. We can’t-”

“Please don’t take them,” Blaine gasped. “Please…”

The children’s father swallowed nervously, glancing around at the men surrounding him.

Finn looked off into the distance, knowing it was time for him to intervene.

“You need to go, Mr. Scott. This won’t get any easier. Go, and I’ll check in with you later.”

The young man nodded with a harsh swallow, and ducked into the front seat quickly.

The door slammed shut.

The engine started.

A squealing cry rose from inside the car as Tia realized that the vehicle was leaving, and neither Kurt nor Blaine was with her.

“Tia,” Blaine murmured, stepping forward. Kurt gasped a little sob, wrapping his arms around himself, looking as if he was physically trying to hold himself back from following the car too.

The last glimpse they had- was two pairs of green eyes, gazing at them through the back window, full of tears and confusion. Then the dust started to rise as the car pulled away.

3.      “Too Late” – by Zavocado

This one got to me and I gobbled up each chapter. Blaine is killed in an assault and he comes back as Kurt’s sort of guardian angel? It’s Zane, so you really shouldn’t need to know more. This scene is from the beginning where it sets up Blaine’s death – my favorite quote from the story ruins a big plot point, so this is the second best. Seriously though, you need to read this story!!!

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